Fight Simulation Game Looks At This Weekend

Fight Simulation Game Looks At This Weekend

The Title Bout Championship Boxing Game picks the winners in this weekend’s bouts

By Alex Pierpaoli

We like to use the Title Bout Championship Boxing Game¬†every week in the Blast-From-The-Past by posing fantasy match-ups between today’s stars and yester-years’ greats. Well, of course we can also use the game to propose lots of matches, including a few we’re to see this weekend. Here are the results.

Raymundo Beltran versus Johnathan Maicelo is the first bout to air on HBO at 10:15pm est Saturday night.

The first pairing of these two goes the full 12 and Beltran wins by unanimous decision. In the tenth round we see a rare 9-8 scored frame when Beltran scores a knockdown but is subsequently penalized one point for hitting on the break. Beltran went on to drop Maicelo in the 11th and again in the 12th. Beltran went on to win by scores of 116-110, 117-108 and 116-108.

When these two do battle one hundred times Beltran comes out ahead going 77-16-7 (49). And in those sixteen victories Maicelo was able to score 8 kayos.

Terence Crawford battles Felix Diaz in HBO’s Main Event, and in their first Title Bout contest Bud Crawford kayos Diaz at :39 of round 12. Crawford put Diaz down in the 11th once and down again for good in the 12th.

When these two fight it out one hundred times it is Crawford who dominates, going 74-21-5 (38) and 10 of those 21 wins by Diaz are by kayo.

Gary Russell Jr versus Oscar Escandon is the main event of the Showtime triple-header that begins at 6pm est. In their first encounter Gary Russell Jr scores a tenth round technical knockout at :57. Escandon was on the deck in the first and then stopped on cuts in the 10th.

When they fight 100 times Russell jr dominates at 86-9-5 (17) with 2 of those nine victories for Escandon coming via the knockout.

That’s TBCBG’s take for this weekend. Enjoy the fights!


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