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Porter defeats Formella, Fundora Stops Gallimore at the Microsoft Theater

Saturday night live on Fox TV, PBC presented a card from the Microsoft theater in Las Angeles, headlining would be two time welterweight champion Shawn Porter taking on undefeated Sebastian Formella, the co-feature would be junior middleweights Sebastian Fundora taking on Nathaniel Gallimore.

When Shawn Porter and Sebastian Formella stepped in the ring for their IBF elimination bout, very few if anyone in the US knew how Formella would handle himself. While he was undefeated his opponent list was littered with names fans in the US have never heard of. It was also the first time since Porter lost a split decision to Errol Spence in September of 2019 he had been in the ring. One thing was clear early “Shawn Porter didn’t sit around getting lazy during the Pandemic and Isolation”.

As always Porter who fights a fast come forward style never let up on his aggression, we also seen him add in some added jabs along with footwork in his relentless attack. On occasion Formella would land a counter punch that allowed him to pivot off the ropes, while not effective punches they were enough to make Porter reset himself and halt his momentum momentarily. If not for the lack of power in Formella’s punches it might of been competitive, he is well rounded in every other area. The physical style of Porter is something Formella had never dealt with prior to Saturday. At minimum he deserves credit for never stop trying and at no point in time did he seek a way out.

When it was all over scores read, the three judges seen it 120-108 in favor of Shawn Porter who improved to improved to 31-3-1 (17). Suffering his first career loss Sebastian Formella suffering now stands at 22-1(10).

The junior middleweight co-feature between Sebastian Fundora and Nathaniel Gallimore was a minor surprise, standing six foot five plus the undefeated Fundora had yet to have his chin tested. The hard hitting Gallimore who holds a stoppage win over current division title holder Jeison Rosario and narrowly avoided defeating former title holder Julian Williams was expected to provide an answer on how durable Fundora’s chin is. Instead we seen Fundora push the pace, back Gallimore up and stop him in the sixth round after taking a pounding against the ropes.

With the win Sebastian Fundora improved to 15-0-1(10) while Nathaniel Gallimore drops to 21-5-1(17).

Middleweight prospect Joey Spencer improved to 11-0 (8) after dominating and dropping Shawn West twice before the contest was halted in the fourth.

On the undercard

Junior Middleweight- Justin DeLoach 19-4(10) def. Livan Navarro 11-1(7) via KO 1.

Super Middleweight- Edward Jeramie Ortiz 11-0-2(4) def. Antonio Todd 7-4(4) via SD 8.

Smith Jr Sends Alvarez through the ropes- The Common Man Is Not So Common Anymore

At the MGM Grand Bubble in Las Vegas, Top Rank hosted en event on ESPN+ headlined by former WBO light heavyweight title holder Eleider Alvarez and former title challenger Joe Smith Jr in a WBO elimination bout. The nights co-feature would be between former WBA middleweight belt holder Rob Brant and middleweight “Boxcino” finalist Vitalii Kopylenko.

On paper the main event was intriguing and while most predicted a wide points win for the former title holder. The difference between Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol who completely dominated Smith is, Alvarez normally has a low punch output. That low punch output would surely allow Smith to make it a dogfight.

The only question looming for most was “Can Alvarez avoid that Joe Smith right hand so many other fighters have fallen to including Bernard Hopkins?”

We seen a different version of Joe Smith Jr on Saturday, as with his previous bout against Jesse Hart we seen the newly incorporated stiff jab in Smith’s repertoire. There was also added combination punching to the body and the two along with Smiths power paid dividends.

When Alvarez would get on his toes and attempt to score points from the outside, Smith would cut the ring off and use his own jab followed by a right hand downstairs to slow Alvarez down. As rounds passed anytime Alvarez adjusted his approach in an attempt to frustrate Smith, He found Joe keeping in sync one at all times.

A thunderous right hand in the ninth round followed by a jab that landed flush on Alvarez’s chin would detach him from his senses. While referee Tony Weeks counted Alvarez did attempt to get up and continue but he was clearly out of it forcing Tony Weeks to wave the contest off.

With the win Joe Smith Jr now the WBO mandatory improved to Joe Smith Jr 26-3(21), Eleider Alvarez now stands at 25-2(13).

In 2016 when Joe Smith Jr stopped Bernard Hopkins, sending him through the ropes and into retirement most thought it was a case of “One Fight Too Many” for Hopkins. When Smith suffered two lopsided losses afterwards to Sullivan Barrera and Dmitry Bivol that opinion was reinforced for many. Having two wins in 2020 over superior boxers where Smith brought not only that power he is known for but added  boxing technique.

I think its safe to say while Joe Smith Jr still embraces his “Common Man” persona, he is no longer a common fighter and the light heavyweight division just got that much more exciting because of it.

In the co-feature former WBA middleweight belt holder Rob Brant overwhelmed and defeated Vitalii Kopylenko via RTD 5. With the win Brant imrpoved to 26-2 (18) while Vitalii Kopylenko now stands at 28-3 (16).

On the undercard one of boxing’s busiest fighters, Middleweight Clay Collard in his eighth fight since September of 2019 scored a second round TKO over Maurice Williams. With the win Collard improved to 9-2-3(4) while Maurice Williams drops to 7-2(3).

In Undercard bouts

Super Lightweight-Julian Rodriguez 20-0(12) def. Anthony Laureano 13-1(4) via TKO 1

Super Middleweight- Wendy Toussaint 12-0(5) def. Isiah Jones 9-3(3) via UD 8

Bantamweight- Robert Rodriguez 9-0-1(5) def. Abel Soriano 10-1(7) via TKO 1

Super Lightweight- Israel Mercado 8-0(7) def. Adrian Valdovinos 5-1-1(4) via UD 6

Featherweight- Duke Ragan 1-0(1) def. Luis Alvarado 1-2 via TKO 1

Povetkin Starches Whyte, Taylor outpoints Persoon in the UK

Live from the Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom, Matchroom Boxing broadcast a five fight card on DAZN. The main event would be a heavyweight contest between WBC silver belt holder Dillian Whyte and former WBA title holder Alexander Povetkin. The nights co-feature was a rematch between undisputed female lightweight champion Katie Taylor and former WBC champion Delfine Persoon.

The nights main event was certainly a shocker, when Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin entered the ring most observers were sure Whyte was too young and too big for the fading former WBA champion. As the contest started nothing changed their minds as Povetkin who was smaller tried to outwork Whyte yet none of his punches seemed to have an effect. Whenever Whyte landed a punch Povetkin was driven back and appeared shaken up.

It was a slow pace and as rounds went by Povetkin looked even older than his 40 years of age, in the fourth round he was dropped twice from single blows by Whyte neither appearing overly hard. As the fifth began it seemed as though Whyte only needed to land one more clean punch to end the night. As Whyte walked in on Povetkin looking to land that punch, Povetkin let loose an uppercut that landed and put Whyte on his back out cold.

With the upset win, Alexander Povetkin improved to 36-2-1 (25) while Dillian Whyte drops to 27-3(18). Having claimed the WBC silver and vacant WBC Diamond championships, Alexander Povetkin is now in line to face the winner of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder after their third meeting sometime this fall.

The nights co-feature was a rematch between undisputed female lightweight champion Katie Taylor and former WBC champion Delfine Persoon. This bout was a little bit of unfinished business from their 2019 bout in which Taylor lifted Persoon’s WBC title via a disputed majority decision en-route to becoming the undisputed champion at 135 pounds.

The two fighters started right where they left off, Persoon pushing the pace and Taylor using her superior boxing ability. It was a rugged pace set by Persoon, she would end up with a swollen cheek and bloody nose early but it never slowed her tempo. In the middle rounds Taylor looked a little fatigued but she weathered the storm using her jab and footwork. There would not no time for either fighter to rest as Persoon only had one mode but her accuracy suffered for her volume of work. When the contest was over judges favoring Taylor’s boxing ability and footwork over Persoon’s volume, official scores read  98-93 and 96-94 twice in favor of Katie Taylor who improved to 16-0 (6). This would only be the second loss of Persoon’s career she now stands at 44-3(18).

Welterweights Luther Clay and Chris Kongo faced off for the WBO global title, early on Clay pushed the pace and attacked Kongo but would be slowed down by Kongo’s jabs. As the rounds wore on Clay found himself outside the end of Kongo’s jabs and absorbing body shots that slowed him considerably.

Once Kongo was in control he broke Clay down and dropped him in the ninth round before referee Victor Loughlin stopped the bout at request of Clay’s corner.

With the win Chris Kongo now the WBO global welterweight champion improved to 13-2(5) while Luther Clay drops to 13-2(5).

In other bouts

Super Middleweights Jack Cullen 18-2-1(9) and Zak Chelli 7-1-1 (3) fought to an eight round split draw.

Heavyweight- Alen Babic 4-0(4) def. Shawndell Terell Winters 13-4(12) via TKO 2.


Salita Promotions proudly announces that Brains Bioceutical Corp, a global leader in manufacturing a THC-free cannabidiol (CBD) line of products, has been brought on as a presenting sponsor for the historic “DETROIT BRAWL AT THE LEGENDARY KRONK” event at Detroit’s Kronk Gym on Thursday, August 20, 2020, and livestreamed exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS® (7pm ET/4pm PT).

Brains possess the highly sought after API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) designation under Eudra GMPD, and one of just few in the world certified to produce from a natural, plant-based source, Brains Bioceutical Corp specializes in the production of naturally sourced APIs for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Currently available in the UK and USA, Brains Bioceutical Corp is one of the only CBD wellness companies in the world supplying products to international clinical trials, including a phase 3, double-blind trial using CPB API for treatment of refractory epilepsy. Brains has also launched the ALTIS / Brains Bioceutical Living Lab facility which is a state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary athletics-training facility that explores, experiments, and evaluates the power of CBD API in elite athletes.

“The athletic division of our company has always been particularly important to us because we’ve created one of the world’s purest CBD products that has been tested by a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved laboratory and some of the highest regulators in the world,” said Rick Brar, CEO & Chairman, Brains Bioceutical Corp. “We are happy to be pairing with Salita Promotions on an exciting and yet socially responsible boxing event at the historic Kronk Gym. The therapeutic effects of CBD continue to be explored, but we’re seeing promising results from studies around concussion recovery, and we think that’s especially important in contact sports like boxing and martial arts.”

Brar says that Brains Bioceutical Corp has reached a level of purity with their products where the world’s top athletes can reap the benefits of all-natural CBD without concern for violating WADA restrictions. “We’ve checked all the boxes of the regulations when it comes to the purity of our product. Our sports department has always been of the utmost importance because the athletes have the most to lose when it comes to doping regulations. We stand by our products being THC-free, as well as free of other banned substances, heavy metals and pesticides. We have brought together some of the brightest minds in the pharma and sports industries to achieve this level of purity for both our medicinal and wellness products.

“Brains Bioceutical Corp is on the cutting edge of CBD product manufacturing and research and I’m happy to bring them on as a sponsor of this historic event,” said Salita Promotions President, Dmitriy Salita. “The many benefits of CBD for fighters, other recovering athletes and many other treatments, are just beginning to be discovered.”

In the night’s 10-round super middleweight main event, undefeated Vladimir Shishkin (10-0, 6 KOs) of Detroit via Russia, will take on Mexico’s battle-tested Oscar “El Monstruo” Riojas (21-13-1, 10 KOs). In the eight-round middleweight co-main event, Russian middleweight Timur Kerefov (8-0, 4 KOs) of Detroit via Shalushka, Russia, takes on Kansas City, Missouri veteran Calvin Metcalf (10-4-1, 3 KOs).

In a notable women’s match-up, Houston via Brooklyn light heavyweight Danielle Perkins will make her highly anticipated six-round pro debut against undefeated fellow prospect Monika Harrison (2-0-1, 1 KO), also of Houston.

In a four-round heavyweight battle, Tulsa, Oklahoma, h6’ 4″ 230-lb. heavyweight Jeremiah Milton will make his professional debut against an opponent TBA. Junior middleweight Morris Young Jr. will make his four-round debut against also debuting San Jose, California native Andrea Topping.

Opening up the action will be a middleweight four-rounder featuring Detroit’s Marlon Harrington (1-0, 1 KO) looking to spoil the pro debut of San Antonio’s Ricardo Medina.


Brains Bioceutical Corp is a leader in certified production of naturally sourced active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Brains Bioceutical is one of the only cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers in production today and is involved in academic and clinical trials across the globe. Brains Bioceutical Corp. Senior Management Team is made up of a rare hybrid of pharmaceutical and consumer goods executives-having held C-suite and other senior positions with companies such as GW Pharma, Merck, Seattle Seahawks, Golden State Warriors, Danone, Earthbound Farms, International Herbs, Cascadia Specialties and The Royal British Navy. This experience allows Brains to execute at a hyper-efficient level in the pharma and wellness categories. Brains’ wholly owned subsidiary in the UK, BSPG Laboratories is one of only nine companies that has the commercial capability and EudraGMDP certification to produce natural CBD API. Brains is currently manufacturing a line of phytocannabinoid THC-free CBD API products.

No. 1 rated Mexican welterweight Undefeated Santiago Dominguez Leading Aug. 25th power surge

LAS VEGAS (August 18, 2020) – Mexico’s leading welterweight prospect, undefeated Santiago “Somer” Dominguez (21-0, 16 KOs), leads an expected power surge Tuesday night, August 25headlining the first RJJ Boxing on UFC FIGHT PASS® event since January 30 in Washington.

Roy Jones Jr. (RJJ) Boxing Promotions presents back-to-back events Aug. 25h & 27h in Mexico with two rescheduled cards due to the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming live and exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS®, the world’s leading digital subscription service for combat sports, starting at 10:30 p.m. ET / 7:30 p.m. PT, from Marinaterra Hotel & Spa in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.

The 28-year-old Dominguez, fighting out of Orebreon, Sonora, Mexico, will defend his World Boxing Council (WBC) FECARBOX welterweight title in the 10-round main event against Mexican challenger Jose Rosario Cazarez (20-5-1, 10 KOs).

“We believe Santiago Dominguez has everything needed to be a champion,” RJJ Boxing CEO and co-founder Keith Veltre said. “He’s the highest ranked Mexican welterweight in the world, No. 20 by the World Boxing Council (WBC), and ready to move up to the next level. His opponent, Jose Rosario Cazarez, has won his last seven fights in a row. We’ll learn a lot more about Santiago in this well-matched fight. I think he’s going to be a key part of the future in a loaded welterweight division”

In what has become a standard for RJJ Boxing’s co-features on UFC FIGHT PASS, undefeated Luis “Koreano” Torres (9-0, 8 KOs) and Jose Luis Vasquez (10-1, 3 KOs) square-off in the 10-round co-featured event. Torres’ power and Vasquez’ boxing ability combine for what should be an entertaining stylistic match-up.

Undefeated Phoenix, AZ welterweight Jerome Jones, Jr. (4-0, 4 KOs), who finished off each of his opponents in the opening round, puts his perfect professional record intact against consummate Mexican boxer Mario “Cachalote” Israel Vera (6-1, 0 KOs) in a six-round match. Vera’s lone loss came in his last fight on short notice against 19-1 contender Hector Zepeda by way of a 10-round decision on March14.

Dominguez (16 of 20 – 80%), Torres (8 of 9 – 88.9%) and Jones (4 of 4 – 100%) will provide plenty of power. They are a combined 35-0 (29 KOs) for an 82.9 knockout percentage. Viewers are warned, in advance, to not look away from their televisions or computers, never mind go to the restroom, while these three fights are being conducted for fear some awesome, live knockouts may be missed.

Also scheduled to fight on the RJJ Boxing on UFC FIGHT PASS card is Las Vegas-based Mexican super bantamweight Ezequiel “La Brukena” Borrero (2-0, 1 KOs) versus Jhoan Cano (1-1, 1 KO), of Mexico, in a 4-round bout.

Mexican welterweights, Jesus “Fierro” Lopez (1-0, 1 KO) faces. Bryan Joel Morales (0-3), in a 4-round, off-UFC FIGHT PASS fight.

CasKilla upsets The First Lady to claim female supremacy

Saturday Live on DAZN from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cecilia Braekhus the undisputed female welterweight champion of the world, attempted to make a record  twenty fifth title defense when she faced WBA/WBC junior welterweight title holder Jessica McCaskill. In the co-feature undefeated junior middleweight Israil Madrimov took on Eric Walker in a WBA title eliminator. It was a night of surprise and history being made just not the fighters most predicted.

When the main event between Braekhus and McCaskill started, most assumed we would see a fleet footed Braekhus using her jab to control the tempo yet it was an aggressive McCaskill that placed Braekhus on the defensive. As the middle rounds approached, McCaskill slowed slightly allowing  Braekhus to gain control of the fight by boxing behind her jab and landing combinations. When the championship rounds began McCaskill was able to once again able to gain momentum as she traded blows with Braekhus. In the tenth and final round Braekhus controlled the pace while McCaskill  looked to land a fight ending punch, the tow would throw punches until the final bell.

When scores were read Judges seen it 95-95, 97-93 97-94 with the 97-93 and 97-94 scores in favor of Jessica McCaskill. With the win Jessica McCaskill improved to 9-2 (3) and is now not only the WBA/WBC junior welterweight female champion but new undisputed female welterweight  champion of the world. The first lady Cecilia Braekhus with her first loss now stands at 36-1(9), I am sure we can expect a rematch between these two fighters before the end of 2020.

In the co-feature Junior Middleweight Israil Madrimov improved to 6-0 (5) when he outpointed Eric Walker over twelve rounds. It was a night where Eric Walker brought in as an opponent for the undefeated Madrimov fought the best fight of his career, Walker was out-landing and making Madrimov very uncomfortable for the first half of the contest. In the seventh Madrimov regained control of the bout, he would drop Walker in the  ninth with a left hand that referee Gary Ritter ruled an accidental foul. Its not clear what Ritter was seeing when he declared Madrimov hit
Walker with his shoulder, it was a clear punch that dropped Walker but he was given five minutes to recover and that decision could of cost Madrimov the win.

When Walker was able to continue the break did little to help him regain the fights momentum as Madrimov continued dominating. In the twelfth and final round Madrimov scored another knockdown that was ruled correctly then continued to dominate until the final bell.  With the win Israil Madrimov improved to 6-0(5) while Eric Walker now stands at 20-2(9).

In Undercard action

Super Lightweight- Shakhram Giyasov 10-0(9) def. Wiston Campos 31-8-6(19) via KO 3

Featherweight-Raymond Ford 6-0(2) def. Eric Manriquez 7-11-1(3) via UD 6

Middleweight-Nikita Ababiy 9-0(6) def. Jarvis Williams 8-3-1(5) via UD 6


UNCASVILLE, CONN. – August 12, 2020 – Undefeated WBC Super Middleweight World Champion David Benavídez joined his main event opponent, Alexis Angulo, and the rest of the fighters on this Saturday’s SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING® tripleheader in a virtual press webinar on Wednesday in advance of their respective bouts that will take place live on SHOWTIME (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT) from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. The card is presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

The co-main event features rising lightweight Rolando “Rolly” Romero taking on fellow unbeaten Jackson Maríñez in a 12-round battle for the interim WBA Lightweight Title, while heavyweight contenders Otto Wallin and Travis Kauffman square off in a 10-round showdown.

The event is promoted by TGB Promotions and Sampson Boxing. The Romero vs. Maríñez bout is co-promoted by Mayweather Promotions.



“I feel amazing. Our preparation has been very good and everything has gone smoothly. We had private sessions in our gym, so we had sparring and everything we needed. I’m very close to weight right now and I’m ready to defend my title on Saturday.

“Moving to Seattle was really good for me. I just bought a house out there and it’s a beautiful place. I’m there to figure out what I really want in life and dedicate myself to boxing. I’ve hit a different stage in my life and career and I’m just ready to keep winning.

“I’ve seen Angulo’s style in some of my previous opponents. I’d compare him to ‘Porky’ Medina, but Angulo is a little fresher because he hasn’t been through the wars like Medina. Angulo is very heavy handed and he wants to win. He’s coming off of an upset win and I think that has him motivated to believe he can beat me.

“I’m ready for whatever he brings to the ring. I just have to be patient. I can’t just try to knock him out and leave myself open. I have confidence in my abilities, and if I do everything right, I believe the knockout will come. I’m ready to give a great show to all my fans around the world.

“I’ve just been working on every aspect of my game. My defense, the jab, body shots and keeping the distance especially. I think Angulo is the perfect opponent to display everything I have. This is going to be a rugged and tough fight but that’s what I expect for every fight from now on. As long as I prepare myself correctly, I think I’ll be fine. This is the level I wanted to be at, and now that I’m here, I want to take full advantage of that.

“Angulo is a tough fighter. He hurt Gilberto Ramirez a couple times in their fight. I have to go in there and be alert. Everything has to be perfect. When I get on the inside, I’m going to attack the body and throw combinations.

“I think this is going to be a different fight than my last fight. I don’t think Angulo will utilize the ring like Anthony Dirrell did. I want to start the fight off well, find my rhythm and ultimately break him down.

“I want to fight [IBF Super Middleweight Champion] Caleb Plant next. All the super middleweight champions have to take risks and fight each other. I want those other belts. I want to take the chances now and show everybody, including myself, that I’m the best.

“I feel like this is just the beginning for me. I want to be a unified champion and be known as the best super middleweight of my generation. I have time on my side and I’m hungry and competitive. The sky’s the limit for me.”


“The [COVID shutdown] has helped me tremendously. I’ve been able to prepare better, and not just physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been and this is really the best thing that could have happened to me. I know the coronavirus has affected many people negatively, but for me it’s been the total opposite. It’s just given me a lot more time to train.

“I hear that they are predicting Benavidez will knock me out in the seventh round, but that is just people’s opinion. I’m going to show on Saturday night that the people who are predicting that will be proven wrong.

“When I fought Anthony Sims Jr., he was a good fighter, but Benavidez is on another level in the boxing game. I’m going to show people that I belong on the same level as Benavidez.

“Benavidez is a warrior, but I don’t see him having any big advantages over me. In my only pro loss to Gilberto Ramirez, it was really just the experience factor. The biggest change for me since that fight is more personal, and just my mindset. I’m just stronger now, emotionally too. That’s the biggest change I’ve experienced.

“I know I have to be more aggressive in this fight – just more effective and smarter on Saturday. I don’t have a game plan. I’m going to adjust to the fight as it comes to me. I know I can adjust to anything Benavidez throws at me.

“I don’t know if this is my toughest fight to date. All my fights are difficult, some more than others. I’m prepared, I’m ready and on Saturday you will get to see if this is my toughest fight.”


“This is a big opportunity for me. This is a way for me to show that I belong in there against the top fighters in the division. I’ve sparred with all of them before, but this will show I’m ready to face any of them in a real fight.

“I’m not worried about going 12 rounds for the first time. I’m not trying to let it go 12, but I’m prepared from sparring 15 rounds at a time in camp. It’s not going to be hard to have more left in the tank in the later rounds.

“Floyd Mayweather taking time to work with me in camp says a lot about him. He’s got a lot of other things he could be doing, so it’s already a blessing. He always tells me to work my jab and focus on my boxing ability. We’ve worked a lot together in camp for this fight.

“When I signed with Floyd. I asked him what I should work on and he told me to work on my jab. About four or five fights in I started to really use that advice and it’s the best advice that he could have given me.

“I’ve never relied on just my power. I use my skill set and when I land a punch, the power is what floors them. I’m just a heavy-handed fighter.

“I’ve been asking for tough fights like this and to step up against the better competition. If it turns out it was too soon, then it’s only because I asked for it. But that’s not happening. I’m going to end up on top.

“I don’t think his experience is going to be a problem for me. My boxing ability and power is going to be way too much for him. I don’t think he’ll be able to do anything to me. I think I’m going to win with an early round knockout. It’s going to be a really bad knockout.

“I think I’m the best in the world, but that’s just me. I think I’d stop every single fighter at 135-pounds.

“I’m already defined as a puncher, but I’ve yet to really show my boxing ability. That’s only because I haven’t needed to yet. As I get into tougher and tougher fights I think I’m going to blow through the 135-pound division. When I move up to 140 and 147 pounds, I’ll be ready to show my boxing ability more. I started this sport at 17 and I’m 24 now. I feel like I have nothing but room to grow.”


“I’ve been training with the Garcia team for over a year. I’ve learned so much from them. The Mexican boxing style is very different than the Dominican one – working with Robert and his team has helped me combine them both.

“Romero’s overconfidence and lack of experience will give me the edge on Saturday. I’m clearly the more experienced fighter, and I guarantee you, he’s never been in a ring with a boxer like me. My style is very different to what he’s used to. He’s in for a surprise.

“I give Romero merit for his power, he’s a good athlete, but I’m not intimidated by him. I know I will get the win come Saturday night.

“Every boxer dreams of becoming a world champion from the moment they first try on a pair of gloves. I’m no different. I’ve dreamt of this moment my entire life. Winning this fight will bring countless opportunities and will change my life.

“I believe everything is possible if you work hard enough. I’m a man of a few words, but my hard work will show in the ring on Saturday night.

“My fellow Dominican, [Jeison] ‘Banana’ Rosario has filled the Dominican people with hope. I want to follow his footsteps.”


“Yes, it has been quite different [training during COVID]. In the spring, when New York shut down, we were training a lot in my apartment and in Central Park. I pretty much had to build a gym in my apartment. I bought a bike, a bench press, and some other weights. Then for the last couple of months we had a private gym that we were working out of.

“It is not so much about proving that the Fury fight wasn’t a fluke. It is about me going out there and being myself and taking care of Kauffman. He’s a good fighter, so I have to be alert at all times, but I feel like I am just a better fighter so as long as I go out and preform, no one will be saying it is a fluke and that I am for real.

“Hopefully I will get a title shot soon. I did better against Fury than anybody has, so you can take that and see that I am one of the top guys. I think that I am one of the top guys and I am happy to be fighting again so I can show that. The champions are tied up with themselves, so we will see what happens, but I feel like after the Fury fight people know that I am in that mix. Fury seems to always be calling people out, but he never mentions my name.”

“I would like to fight the champions, of course, and that is Fury and Anthony Joshua. Wilder is a top guy, so that is an option when he comes back, but a Fury rematch or a fight with Joshua is what I really want. It is important for me to take care of Kauffman and stay busy, then get back in the ring quick.

“It feels great that I am finally going to fight. It has almost been a year since my last fight. It is great to train, but I do not want to train all the time, I want to fight. I have been on lockdown in New York, so finally I get some action.”

“When you fight the best, you see what you do well, and you see what you need to work on. I have been watching the Fury fight, and I have been studying it. Being in there with Fury, and trading rounds with the champion like that, there is nothing better. I need the experience, so that was great for me. I am sure I learned a lot that I do not even know of yet. I feel like improved after that fight, but we always need to improve.”


“My life has always been full of challenges. With every fight and every camp there have been challenges. With the passing of Brother Naazim Richardson, who I’ve known since I was nine and who’s trained me for the last six years, it hurt. I didn’t expect him to pass away because he’d already overcome so much. It truly hurt me, but it also motivated me. I was unable to leave training camp, because all I could think about was that Brother Naazim would not have let me leave. He was truly a great mentor to me.

“When we knew Naazim wouldn’t be here, we decided to go back to what I knew best, which was working with my dad Marshall Kauffman. I knew that I should go back to the person who taught me everything I know.

“I turn 35 next Friday so it would be a great birthday present to beat this guy up before that. Every time I go to fight, I don’t get the nerves that people talk about. It’s another day at the office. This is a way to provide for my family. There’s always a lot on the line. If I win, it puts me in position to make life changing money.

“I have everything on the line because I know I have what it takes to beat Wallin. His claim to fame is losing to Tyson Fury. That’s all they know him for. I won’t take anything away from him, but he’s trying to prove that it wasn’t a fluke. It’s my job to stop him and I believe I have what it takes to do that.

“I’ve seen some flaws from Wallin and I’ve seen him do some great things. He’s got youth on his side, but I have the experience. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. I’ve been in there with some of the best heavyweights in the world. I don’t underestimate anybody in the ring. I’m coming here to bang and may the best man win. I believe I’m the better man.

“I always want to make a statement but winning is the number one statement. No matter how I win, I have to win. I don’t want to look good and lose. I can’t lose. I want to win and get another big opportunity.

“The passing of Brother Naazim has been a motivator these last couple of weeks especially. I kept hearing Brother Naazim’s voice in my head and it’s helped push me through the toughest days and made me even more motivated heading into this fight.”

Sugar Boxing promises legal action against anyone interfering with Misael Lopez’s contract

Las Vegas, Nevada – Last year Sugar Boxing signed undefeated super featherweight prospect Misael Lopez to a multi-year managerial contract. As part of the agreement the Denver resident received a signing bonus and was relocated along with his family to Las Vegas, Nevada.

He made his Sugar Boxing debut on a Premier Boxing Champions card in Texas last October. He would end up winning a unanimous decision over Nestor Robledo but the decision was overturned to a no contest when Lopez tested positive for marijuana.

Lopez, who is 24 years old, doesn’t appear to be grateful for the support that he has received and there are rumors that he is trying to breach his contract.

“He is problematic.  We have offered him multiple good fights on PBC cards and he hasn’t taken any of them.  We got him a fight last year and paid for his opponent and then he tested positive for smoking weed so all that money went down the drain,” said a Sugar Boxing representative.

Sugar Boxing wants to make it known that Lopez is under contract and interference will not be tolerated by anyone.  They are hoping to reconcile with the young fighter and get his career back on track.

“We have this kid 100% under contract.  We gave him a signing bonus and moved him out here and have invested several thousands of dollars in him. Now I hear through the grapevine that some other people are talking to him.  Anyone who interferes with our contract will be sued to the full extent of the law,” said the representative.

Sugar Boxing is a leading boxing managerial company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their stable of fighters includes fighters includes Damien Vazquez who fights for the WBA super bantamweight title on September 26th and several other top Latino prospects.

Salita Promotions Names Attorney and Former NYSAC Executive Director David Berlin as General Counsel and Consultant

Salita Promotions proudly announces the promotion of long-time associate and confidante David Berlin to the expanded official role of General Counsel and Consultant.

One of the most respected figures in the sport, Berlin has been a well-known New York City-based lawyer for over thirty years. He served as the Executive Director of the New York State Athletic Commission for two years, has represented a wide range of boxers, trainers, managers and promoters, has written about boxing legal issues for print and online publications and managed several fighters.

In 2016, Berlin was the recipient of the Boxing Writers Association of America’s James A. Farley Award for Honesty and Integrity. Berlin has also served for two decades on the board of The Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, a community service organization founded in 1997 by Teddy Atlas.

“As a boxing fan fortunate enough to have found my livelihood in the sport, I have had the chance to watch Salita Promotions grow over the years – from attending one of their early shows in Brighton Beach, later as the Executive Director of the commission overseeing their club shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and now as part of this great team putting on events that are reaching worldwide audiences,” said David Berlin. “Dmitriy Salita knows boxing, both inside and outside the ring. His proactive thinking, healthy ambition and love for the sport are the ingredients for his success. I am looking forward to working with a man I respect and admire, and to playing my part as Salita Promotions continues its growth worldwide.”

Set to return to putting on live shows this month after a pandemic-induced hiatus, Salita says the scope and depth of Berlin’s experience are invaluable to him in these challenging times.

“David Berlin’s vast experience in different facets of the boxing game is second to none,” said Salita. “He brings to Salita Promotions his unrivaled wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity. Our mission is to provide the best service to our boxers and the highest quality of fights to the boxing public. David will play a pivotal behind-the-scenes role as we prepare for events that are vital to growing our company to new heights.”

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