Spence’s Win Over Brook Puts the Handwriting on the Wall!

Spence’s Win Over Brook Puts the Handwriting on the Wall!

By: Coach K                                                                                                                                                            Last night May 27th, at the Bramall Lane Football Ground, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK, Desoto, Texas, 2012, US Olympian, Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. claimed the IBF World Welterweight title with a hard fought eleventh round knockout of Sheffield’s, Kell “Special K” Brook.

Brook showing the spirit of a true world champion returning from his only defeat, a two-division trip up to challenge 160lb monster Gennady “GGG” Golovkin chose to battle the weight obstacle and return to the 147lb division and defend his IBF title.

It would be after travelling nearly 7,500 miles the 27-year-old, unbeaten southpaw, Spence well deserving of the challenge would quietly but emphatically begin to stake his claim.

In the beginning the soft spoken, but hard hitting, quietly confident Spence persevered early on taking all the champion had to offer. Fighting tough he would continually make subtle but telling adjustments until almost on key when prodded by his corner in round nine he would begin to stalk the champion drawing on the fruits of a relentless body attack and pinpoint combination punching breaking down and tearing up the UK’s “Special One” wearing him down and closing his non-surgical left eye, putting the champion on a knee with a barrage of punches in round ten. Showing the killer instinct to match his skills, Spence continued his up and down two-handed assault and again putting the champion on a knee in round eleven, this time for a referee Howard John Foster full count.

While the 31-year-old, Brook suffering just his second defeat slips to 36-2, 25Ko’s, the world caliber title win moves Spence Jr. to 22-0, 19Ko’s. But more importantly it may have also done boxing a major service. What is that you might say! Well it can finally call out and put an end the much-ballyhooed future circus event between self-proclaimed “Best Ever” Floyd Mayweather and UFC’s, Conor McGregor.

See, after the fight the modest newly crowned, first time world champion finally prodded to give an interview called out Clearwater, Florida’s, WBC World Welterweight and WBA Super World Welterweight Champion Keith “One Time” Thurman. It was then I realized here it is, the perfect opportunity for someone to force the outspoken, self-indulging 49-0 Floyd “Money” Mayweather to finally put his money where his mouth is and finally step into a career defining, risk taking fight and face the real “Truth” for the dubious so called #50 record.

Like luck, greatness can be easily defined as the minute accomplishment is finally made when preparation finally meets opportunity. As I see it, for the last two decades the “A” side, my way or the highway, Las Vegas anchored Mayweather has controlled the opportunity. No more perfect example than his record tying #49 fight “opponent” selection of Andre Berto. Not to be a Berto basher but didn’t he already have losses to prior Mayweather division climbing, $$$$ chasing targets Robert Guerrero and non-descript “Vicious” Victor Ortiz. Plus, to set the record straight 49-0 gets its significance in the heavyweight division. The division where even the most casual fan knows it can all end on a single punch. The fact is outside boxing’s most famed division 49-0 has been surpassed several times.

There is Jimmy Wilde going 93-0-1 to start a career that went 132-3-1. Packey McFarland at 70-0-5, Ricardo López 51-0-1 making 21 title defenses, Willie Pep 62-0 finally losing to future Hall of Famer Sammy Angott and Mexican great Julio Cesar Chavez winning his first 87. Oh, and let’s not forget

Carlos Zarate who at 52-0, 51Ko’s like those just mentioned did not even go into a “first” retirement faced unbeaten future Hall of Famer Wilfredo “Bazooka” Gomez for his first defeat in fight #53.

See the handwriting is on the wall. Spence with his win over Brook, just another one of the names on Floyd’s most avoided list could easily put an end to the possible Mayweather/ McGregor, money / phony record grabbing circus event.

Before you attack me. I’m just the messenger. It wasn’t me who said he was better than Muhammad Ali, or would school unbeaten Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. It wasn’t me who just a week ago before the Gervonta Davis / Liam Walsh fight while Shawn Porter, unbeaten champions Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, remain out there in WWE fashion called out the Walsh brothers to fight on one night. It was Floyd “Motor Mouth” Mayweather.

So here is one of those potential career defining moments and Mayweather once again has the “opportunity” to finally challenge himself with a true risk-taking test and put aside the McGregor pro-boxing debut, three ring spectacle and face “The Truth”.  It would be a resolute challenge, win, lose or draw. One that might even ingratiate even the most soured Mayweather, “Naysayer”. It’s time to put up or shut up!

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