A message from Jimmy Burchfield Sr.

A message from Jimmy Burchfield Sr.
Classic Entertainment & Sports CEO Jimmy Burchfield Sr.

There’s a certain buzz, a feeling of excitement, that takes over any fan, combatant or promoter during fight week. That feeling of anticipation, knowing you’re only a few days, hours, minutes and seconds away from combat sports in its purest form is difficult to describe, but you know it when you feel it and all of us at CES MMA are in full fight mode tonight as we prepare for yet another exciting event.

“CES MMA 46” is here. The buildup is over and that first bell will ring just a few hours from now as the sport’s top up-and-comers put it all on the line for our loyal fans. While others are preparing to wrap up their 2017, we’re still in the midst of the excitement.

Three weeks from now, we bring you “CES MMA 47” to cap the holiday season and put the finishing touches on what has been another exciting season for the northeast’s No. 1 promotion.

Not to be outdone, our boxing division continues its year-long 25th anniversary celebration with one final event for 2017, scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 7th at Twin River Casino. This will be our official 25th anniversary special and holiday party all rolled into one, so expect not only the best talent in the ring, but some of the best entertainment you’ll find anywhere in New England during this holiday season.

Tonight is a special night in so many ways. This card is stacked from top to bottom, featuring fan-favorites returning to beautiful Twin River Casino for the first time in years, and others joining us for the first time, no doubt the start of a tremendous relationship with the New England MMA and its intuitive fans.

John “Doomsday” Howard, one of many fighters who utilized the CES MMA platform to segue to the UFC, returns for the first time since his reign as our first world champion, plus we welcome the return of longtime fan-favorite Dinis Paiva Jr., a key part of everything we’ve done in mixed martial arts since our inception in 2010.

There’s also budding star Gary Balletto Jr., who continues to get better with each fight, plus the long-awaited debut of John Gotti III, a rising star looking to carve his own legacy in the world’s fastest-growing sport, and the return of Providence, R.I., native Marquis Brewster, an exciting, undefeated prospect who will make you an immediate fan once you see him in action.

The young, up-and-comers like Balletto Jr., Brewster and Gotti III can learn a lot from veterans like Howard and Paiva, both of whom have endured up and downs along the way in pursuit of their dreams. Howard, who grew up in Dorchester, one of the toughest neighborhoods in Massachusetts, has been to the top of the mountain, gotten knocked down and then climbed his way back to the summit again, a genuine tale of perseverance and know-how.

Last year, Howard discovered he was born with clinical autism, which shed new light on his childhood and put him at ease as he continues to chase his dream of winning a world championship. Like any true champion would, Howard keeps on pressing, undeterred by life’s challenges outside of the cage. Instead, the speed bumps motivate him to continue fighting, not only for himself, but his family. His legacy is unmatched and we’re proud to support him on his continued journey to the top.

Paiva, fighting out of East Providence, R.I., is one of CES MMA’s founding fathers, a CES MMA lifer making his 16th appearance with our promotion as a pro and one of the sport’s true gentlemen. Paiva has seen and done it all. He’s suffered through losing streaks and enjoyed the ride during rewarding stretches of unprecedented success, yet he’s never quit despite the ups and downs.

Paiva fought for us an amateur and even boxed for us long before he became a household name. He began his career with us and he’ll be with us for life, win or lose. This remarkable fighter, husband and family man is an inspiration to anyone who dares to chase his or her dreams in combat sports.

Every fighter has a story, and some are still writing theirs. Tonight can be that next chapter for everyone who steps through that cage door. The sacrifices, trials and tribulations are worth it once that bell rings and your hand is raised in victory.

We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy tonight’s show, and remember: “CES MMA 47” and our boxing season finale are both just weeks away, so the excitement continues right through the holiday season. Don’t miss out!

 Much respect,


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Daxx Khan has been a regular member of the Talkin Boxing with Billy C TV & Radio Show since 2011, throughout his over two decades involved with the sport of boxing he has owned his own gym, currently is a Coach with "Newburgh Hook Elite Boxing", has covered over 175 world title fights across the globe, worked for two sanctioning body organizations, written for multiple major sporting news outlets. The first world title fight he covered was in 1991 while still attending NYU when he accompanied boxing media Icon Bert Sugar to the "Terrible" Terry Norris versus "Sugar" Ray Leonard WBC Super Welterweight title fight which Norris won by wide unanimous decision. Daxx is also former USA Boxing Coach and representative for "The World Boxing Federation".

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