Errol Spence Jr versus Shawn Porter welterweight unification Post Fight Show Preview.

Errol Spence Jr versus Shawn Porter welterweight unification Post Fight Show Preview.

Saturday night at the Staples Center, Los Angeles California undefeated IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence jr takes on two time world champion and current WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter. This is one of the most anticipated fights in all of boxing and for legitimate reasons. The first and most obvious being any unification bout between established champions is a plus for boxing, secondly these are two fighters in their primes with looming questions.

In Shawn Porter we have a strong pressure fighter who has faced better opposition by far. His style is rugged and most definitely tests not only the will of his opponents but their cardio. When Porter fights he has one gear and that gear is high, yet even though he can box Porter lets the moment get the better of him at times. It’s a flaw which cost him the win against both Kell Brook and Keith Thurman.

The looming question on Porter Saturday night is “In previous big fights Porter’s best attributes have been his biggest enemy. On Saturday night can he remain “Showtime” Shawn Porter while not becoming overzealous to a point Spence can capitalize on that raw emotion like Brook and Thurman did?”

The looming question on Errol Spence Jr is “Spence so far as a professional has been flawless but he has not faced a caliber of fighter like Shawn Porter. A win over Mikey Garcia who jumped two weight classes was impressive considering the status of Garcia. What happens when Spence is roughed up by a physically strong fighter who doesn’t take a backwards step?”

This is boxing’s most significant fight at least in the United States (The World Boxing Super Series is full of elite names unifying titles globally) who will come out on top Errol “The Truth” Spence or Shawn “Showtime” Porter?

Once the decision for the winner between Errol Spence Jr and Shawn Porter is announced tune into the “Talkin Boxing With Billy C” post-fight show featuring Billy C, Daxx Khan, Alex Pierpaoli and Emily Harney, all giving their thought on the event and what’s next for the fighters. You can watch LIVE on YouTube and share your thoughts with the team.

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Daxx Khan has been a regular member of the Talkin Boxing with Billy C TV & Radio Show since 2011, throughout his over two decades involved with the sport of boxing he has owned his own gym, currently is a Coach with "Newburgh Hook Elite Boxing", has covered over 175 world title fights across the globe, worked for two sanctioning body organizations, written for multiple major sporting news outlets. The first world title fight he covered was in 1991 while still attending NYU when he accompanied boxing media Icon Bert Sugar to the "Terrible" Terry Norris versus "Sugar" Ray Leonard WBC Super Welterweight title fight which Norris won by wide unanimous decision. Daxx is also former USA Boxing Coach and representative for "The World Boxing Federation".

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