“Fight Night at the Capital” Press Conference Quotes

“Fight Night at the Capital” Press Conference Quotes
Press Conference group picture courtesy of Jason Rodriguez - Superelite Boxing
“Fight Night at the Capital”
Press Conference Quotes
June 16 at Xfinity Centre in Hartford, CT

HARTFORD, Conn. (May 31, 2018) – Hartford Boxing Promotions (HBP) hosted a press conference yesterday at the Hartford Boxing Center to promote its first event, “Fight Night at the Capital”, June 16 at Xfinity Centre in Hartford, Connecticut.

Below are quotes from yesterday’s press conference.

HBP’s goal is to bring quality boxing back to Hartford, which has a rich tradition dating back nearly a full century, headlined by International Hall of Famers Willie “Will o’ the Wisp” Pep and Christopher “Battling” Battalino. Other top-area boxers include world champion Marlon “Magic Man” Starling, world title challengers Gaspar “El Indio” Ortega, and Israel “Pito” Cardona, and 1996 USA Olympic Boxing Team captain Lawrence Clay-Bey.

Tony Blanco, Promoter: “I’m really excited to do this in Hartford. There wouldn’t be a show without these guys. We work for them.”
Michael Tran, Promoter: “We’re really excited to feature some of top Connecticut boxers including many pro debuts of some of Connecticut’s best young fighters. Fans will be able to see them all in action on June 16th. We’re bringing boxing back and it’s only right that we have this event in the capital of Connecticut.”
Richard Rivera: “People ask me why I box? I love it, no other reason. As an amateur, I fought for the love of the sport. I’m blessed now because I’m getting paid, but I still love it. We do need to eat and because we have a lot of pro debuts on this card, it means we have a lot of hungry fighters. On June 16th, I’m going to do my thing and, trust me, there are going to be a lot of fireworks. I’ve watched a lot of these guys train. We’re finally fighting in our hometown and we’re going to better all the time.
“Boxing helps save lives. Boxing is a performing art. Kids get off the street in in the gym. This is a movement! We are a forced to be reckoned with and boxing gives everybody a chance.”.
Sharad Collier: “I’d like to thank Tony Blanco and Hartford Boxing Promotions for putting me on this card and my team. It’s going to be a good night. I’m ready to go. I’m going to keep working hard and keep being smart.”
Luis Rivera: “I want to thank Hartford Boxing Promotions and my coach, Papo Colon. Come June 16th, it’s going to be an interesting night.”
Nathan Martinez: “I’m thankful for this opportunity on June 16th. Come June 16th, expect a big fight.”
Jose Maysonet: “Thanks to my team and on June 16th, I will be ready.”
Anuel Rosa: “Thanks to Hartford Boxing Promotions for putting me on this show and to my trainer, Luis Rosa, for my eight weeks of training. I knew this day was coming and I’ll be ready. When people see me fight, you’ll want me on the next card.”
jacob Marrero: I want to thank Tony Blanco for this opportunity to make my pro debut and my team for getting me ready for my fight.”
Jeffrey Torres: “I want to thank my coach, Luis Rosa. I’ll be 100-percent ready on June 16th.”
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