GERVONTA DAVIS STOPS WALSH IN 3- What’s Next for the 22yr old Champion?

GERVONTA DAVIS STOPS WALSH IN 3- What’s Next for the 22yr old Champion?

Saturday night at the Copper Box Arena, London England, 22yr old Gervonta Davis defended his IBF World super featherweight title for the first time, against undefeated Liam Walsh. It was the opinion of many, this would be the toughest bout of Davis career, more so than his title win over Jose Pedraza last January. That opinion, was not in reference to the talent difference between Pedraza and Walsh but atmosphere, we have seen, established champions and veterans fold in the UK atmosphere, let alone a 22yr old in his first title defense.

The undefeated Walsh, started out well avoiding Davis big shots in the opening round, giving his home town supporters hope. The relentless pressure, composure and determination of Davis proved too much. A hook that stunned Walsh in round three, sent him to the ropes.

As Walsh tried to avoid the continuous attack of Davis, a right hook landed that shook his legs, encouraging referee Michael Alexander to halt the contest at 2:11 seconds of round three. With the win and first title defense behind him, Gervonta Davis improved to 18-0 (17), Liam Walsh now stands at 21-1 (14).

This and Pedraza fight showed, just a glimpse of Davis potential, he appears to have a very bright future ahead of him. Its a division stacked with grizzled veterans, world champions who rather wage “War” than box, plus an offensive and defensive “Pound for Pound” genius. The difficulty now is, which fights to make without having him too deep, yet not having him take a step back.

In Undercard action-

Featherweight- Ryan Walsh 22-2-1 (11) def. Marco McCullough 14-4 (10) via TKO 11.

Light Heavyweight- Anthony Yarde 11-0 (10) def. Chris Hobbs 6-2-1 via TKO 4.

Super Welterweight- Joe Pigford 13-0 def. Aarron Morgan 12-1 via KO 5.

Light Heavyweight-  Lerrone Richards 7-0 def. Bosko Misic 11-5 via UD 6.

Lightweight- Archie Sharp 8-0 def. Tamas Laska 19-15-1 via TKO 3.

Super Welterweight- Sammy McNess 7-0  def. Zaurs Sadihovs 4-18 via  UD 6.

Super Lightweight- Mitchell Smith 15-1 def. Lee Connelly 6-25-2 via  UD 6.

Super Featherweight- Boy Jones 12-1-1 def. Norbert Kalucza 14-10 via  UD 6.

Heavyweight- Daniel Dubois 4-0 def.  David Howe 13-7 via KO 1.

Super Lightweight- Sanjeev Sahota 7-0 def. Steven Backhouse 1-6-1 via  TKO 3.

Super Lightweight-  Ben Smith 5-0 def. Youssef Al Hamidi 14-108-3 via UD 4.

Super Flyweight–  Sunny Edwards 4-0 def. Gyula Dodu 12-4-1 via TKO 1.


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