Spence unifies IBF and WBC welterweight titles in thriller against Porter

Spence unifies IBF and WBC welterweight titles in thriller against Porter

A unification contest between two champions in their prime doesn’t take place often, when those fights do take place they rarely live up to public expectations. On Saturday night September 28th 2019 when IBF welterweight title holder Errol Spence Jr faced off against WBC welterweight title holder Shawn Porter boxing not only had a fight between prime champions but it lived up to expectations.

It was an action packed bout from the start, as always Shawn Porter set the pace with his high energy and Errol Spence landed the more accurate harder punches especially at a distance. We would see for the first time how Spence reacted when a fighter came right at him and Shawn Porter demonstrate his elusiveness by spinning off the ropes or ducking under Spence punches and land counters.

What we didn’t see is either fighter having total control for any extended stretch of time, there would be so many reversals of momentum neither man was afforded the luxury to strategize except between rounds. It was a testimony of the skillset and determination both men brought into the ring. Only one clear decisive moment took pace and it was in round eleven when Spence caught Porter with a hook that sent him to the canvas.

Once referee Jack Reiss started to administer the count Shawn Porter stood up, dusted his gloves then went right back at Spence with fire. When the final bell sounded as the two fighters raised their hands in celebration of a great contest,fans in attendance live and even some watching on television stood in appreciation.

When final scores were announced judges Rey Danseco and Steve Weisfeld seen it 116-111  for Errol Spence Jr while judge Larry Hazzard jr seen it 115-112 for Shawn Porter.

With the win Errol Spence Jr now the unified IBF and WBC champion improved to 26-0(21) while Shawn Porter now stands at 30-3-1(17).

In the co-feature Anthony Dirrell took on David Benavidez in defense of his WBC Super Middleweight championship. It started slowly with both men trying to gauge the other, action started to pick up in round three as Dirrell boxed well while moving on the outside and Benavidez applied pressure.

There would be a cut suffered by Dirrell in the sixth that allowed Benavidez to take control of the momentum, despite valiant efforts from Dirrell as his vision became impaired he began absorbing the brunt of every punch his challenger threw.

In the ninth bloodied and beaten Anthony Dirrell would finally be saved by his corner before knocked out by Benavidez at the 1:39 mark.  With his second world title win David Benavidez improved to 22-0 (19) while Anthony Dirrell now stands at 31-2-1 (24).

In undercard action

Super Lightweight-Mario Barrios 25-0(16) def. Batyr Akhmedov 7-1(6) via UD 12

Welterweight– Robert Guerrero 36-6-1(20) def. Gerald Thomas 14-2-1(8) via UD 10

Welterweight-Josesito Lopez 37-8(20)  def. John Molina Jr 30-9(24) via TKO 8

Welterweight-Lindolfo Delgado 11-0(11) def. Jesus Zazueta Anaya 6-5-1(4) via KO 6

Welterweight-Fabian Andres Maidana 17-1(13) def. Ramses Agaton 21-11-3(11) via KO 1

Welterweight– Alfonso Olvera 12-6-3(4) def. Amon Rashidi 7-1(5) via UD 8.

Middleweight– Misael Rodriguez 10-1(5) def. Brandon Maddox 7-3-1(5) via KO 3

Featherweight– Juan Antonio Lopez 15-7(6) def. Fernando Garcia 12-2(7) via. UD 8

Middleweight– Leon Lawson III 12-0(5) def. Alan Zavala 15-6(13) via KO 2

Super Featherweight-Jose Valenzuela 5-0(1) def. Charles Clark 2-5-1(1) via. KO 1

 Light Heavyweight– Burley Brooks 4-0(4) def. Fabian Valdez 3-6() via. KO 1

Middleweight-Joey Spencer 9-0(7) def. Travis Gambardella 5-1-2(2) via KO 3.


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Daxx Khan has been a regular member of the Talkin Boxing with Billy C TV & Radio Show since 2011, throughout his over two decades involved with the sport of boxing he has owned his own gym, currently is a Coach with "Newburgh Hook Elite Boxing", has covered over 175 world title fights across the globe, worked for two sanctioning body organizations, written for multiple major sporting news outlets. The first world title fight he covered was in 1991 while still attending NYU when he accompanied boxing media Icon Bert Sugar to the "Terrible" Terry Norris versus "Sugar" Ray Leonard WBC Super Welterweight title fight which Norris won by wide unanimous decision. Daxx is also former USA Boxing Coach and representative for "The World Boxing Federation".

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