The WBA Launches Future WBA Champions Program

The WBA Launches Future WBA Champions Program
WBA Press Release Nov 19th 2019

In its determination to support the integration of boxing, promote future boxing stars and make boxing a much safer sport, the World Boxing Association will host the first edition of its Future WBA Champions program on November 30 in South Florida, USA.

With the participation of new talents from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and the United States, the WBA will launch its amateur boxing program, that will serve as a preparatory platform for the fighters participating in their Olympic trails.

The first edition of the Future WBA Champions will be held at Hialeah Gardens High School in South Florida.

The delegations are formed by men and women, who will face each other in three-round of three-minutes with one minute rest.

The event is part of the WBA’s “One Boxing” proposal, promoted by Gilberto Jesús Mendoza, president of the organization. The project is expected to provide an important point of support for boxers on their way to achieving their sporting goals.

The WBA continues a long way in supporting amateur boxing, to make adaptation easier and put a grain of sand before the imminent union of both branches, said the president of the entity Gilberto Jesús Mendoza.

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