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GOLOVKIN VS JACOBS FINAL THOUGHTS- A Quality fight that viewers KO’d!

By: Daxx Khan - April 20, 2017

On Saturday night, prior to Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs stepping into the ring, the outcome was already solidified in fans minds “Someone was getting knocked out and in sensational fashion”. The reasons on, who and why when asked, always returned the same responses. Those who chose GGG stated “Jacobs has been stopped before, Pirog stopped him, GGG has twice the power and skill. He was down against light punching Sergio Mora, no way he last twelve round against Golovkin”.

The Jacobs supporters stated “GGG looked beatable against Kell Brook, if a blown-up welterweight had success, Jacobs combination of power, size and age advantage will be too much for GGG. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a declining champion”.  

Instead of a brutal KO win for either fighter, we were given a closely contested, high quality bout. One where both fighters used their minds and physical skillset. In doing so, it seems the majority, who didn’t witness the knockout they craved are disappointed.

Instead of GGG absorbing punches willingly, a strategy he has implored in past bouts, one that opens his opponent up for counter shots. The shots that when he lands, usually ends fights. He rolled with punches, used a high guard, made sure he didn’t risk over extending himself.

He did this because, he knew Jacobs was bigger, allowing him to absorb punches better than other opponents. He knew the longer reach of Jacobs, would make it difficult to get in close and work the body without paying a heavy price. Instead he chose to pick his shots, not become over anxious, risk being countered himself. He waited to deliver his power shots when he knew the target was in range.

As for Jacobs, he knew GGG was not Peter Quillin, trying to jump all over him, meant risk being countered. One is all a guy like GGG needs to end the night. A knockdown in round four, reminded him just how quick it could end. He knew GGG had issues with guys who move in the past, his reach and footwork was key.
The predictions and expectations prior to fight time were credible. Considering the history of each fighter, in terms of finishing opponents in dynamic fashion. We were not in the ring, we were not taking the punches and despite what was said during the buildup, both fighters also knew something else. They knew the counter points of those predictions.

It’s true, GGG looked slow against Brook. With Brook, having naturally faster hands and feet, GGG at any time in his career would have looked slower. The size difference was also exaggerated, Brook a very large welterweight, fought nine times as a junior middleweight and high as middleweight prior to the GGG bout. Also, GGG, had prepared for another opponent, Brook was a replacement opponent.

It’s also true, Daniel Jacobs was stopped by Dmitry Pirog. He was also winning, on all three scorecards when stoppage occurred. That was in 2010, this is 2017, a whole lifetime in boxing years. Since Jacobs, continuously raised his level of competition in each bout, stopping everyone in his path. A KO loss, doesn’t always mean a fighter has a suspect chin. If it did, Henry Armstrong, who lost his pro debut by stoppage, would have never went 180 more bouts, losing just one more by stoppage. Claiming world titles, in three divisions at the same time, when there were only eight divisions and one title in each.

Team Jacobs and team Golovkin took those into consideration going in. Each fighter knew what the public expected, a war with someone looking up towards the lights when it ended. The fact, each fighter did what was needed, to avoid that ending, without sacrificing their integrity inside the ring as a fighter. Is something only, the absolute elite are capable of.

If anyone who watched, cannot understand, more importantly appreciate what, Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs did Saturday night, regardless of who won is not a boxing fan. They are a “Fight Fan”, fight fans are good for business, they strip boxing of its integrity while keeping the sport in business. They do it simply because all they understand are knockouts and their rationalization on who should win comes from the internet. This continued trend will soon leave promoters and fighters with little choice, if money is to be made. Give the masses their basic entertainment, let them gorge in subpar quality. Just keep them happy, it’s not as if they know the difference nor do they care about quality.

There have been empires, who collapsed for those same reasons, instead of pleasing the social media trolls now for PPV buys, someone should Google how that ended. Since the UFC stealing boxings thunder daily isn’t enough.   


LEMIEUX STOPS STEVENS COLD! Gamboa lowers his stock on HBO

By: Daxx Khan - March 12, 2017

Saturday night at the Turning Stone Casino, former IBF middleweight title holder David Lemieux took on former world title challenger Curtis Stevens in the headliner of an HBO broadcast. This was an important fight for both men, for Stevens it would decide if he stays a relevant name or becomes an “Opponent” caliber fighter. The career of Stevens has always been a rough road, whenever he has momentum, he falls short in that step-up fight which could bring his career to the next level. While Stevens gives it his all in every fight, when he loses, he loses big. In the case of Lemieux, he was dominated by Gennady Golovkin to such an extent, fans have almost forgotten he is a former world champion, capable of stepping in with just about anyone from 160-168lbs in boxing today.

In the first round, Lemieux hurt Stevens early keeping him on the backfoot. In the second Lemieux slowed a bit, Stevens landed some hard shots of his own and seemed to hurt Lemieux to the body towards rounds end.

When back in the corners, Lemieux’s trainer Marc Ramsey stated “Relax and wait for the opening”, he did just that and stopped Curtis Stevens cold at 1:59 of the third round. It was the best KO of the last year without question in my opinion. They would take Curtis Stevens out of the ring by stretcher and to a local hospital.
In his post-fight interview, David Lemieux was polite, wished Stevens well and stated he would like to fight Billy Joe Saunders next if possible. Unlike Yuriorkis Gamboa, David Lemieux is without question still a relevant fighter in his division, in fact outside of Gennady Golovkin and Danny Jacobs he might be the best middleweight in boxing today.

The co-feature between former two division champion Yuriorkis Gamboa and rugged Nicaraguan Rene Alvarado had a similar scenario, at least for Gamboa. A once “Pound for Pound” prospect, Gamboa has looked ordinary at best since being stopped by Terence Crawford in 2014. The fact, he has faced B level opponents, struggling against one, Hylon Williams Jr in the same venue just over a year ago, has done nothing to help erase a growing “Over rated” stigma that has become attached since loss against Crawford.

It was questionable on how Gamboa, would perform even before the fight began, rehydrating 14lbs in 24 hours. He weighed officially 131lbs yet entered at 145lbs virtually a welterweight. His performance showed it, he looked mediocre, his pace was slow, he threw single punches and was dropped in the final round for an eight count. As for Rene Alvarado, he was fighting a welterweight and gave his best. In the end judges seen it 97-93 and 97-92 twice for Yuriorkis Gamboa who improved to 26-1 (17). In the loss, Rene Alvarado now stands at 24-8 (16).

In my opinion it’s safe to say Yuriorkis Gamboa is done as a top-rated fighter, he will continue to be in these type bouts, doing just enough to get by. Contrary to what the HBO announce team said he will not drop down in weight and be a threat to Vasyl Lomachenko.

In Undercard action-
Super Lightweight- Yves Ulysse Jr 12-0 (8)     Zachary Ochoa 16-0 (7)
vacant NABF Junior super lightweight title
Featherweight- Diego De La Hoya 17-0 (9) def. Roberto Pucheta 10-10-1 (6) UD 8.
Super Middleweight- D'Mitrius Ballard 16-0 (12) def. Zoltan Sera 28-12(19) via TKO 4.
Light Heavyweight- Todd Unthank May 10-0-1 (4) draw. Quinton Rankin 12-3-2 (9) D6.
Lightweight- Damon Allen 11-0-1 (5) def. Adam Mate 24-11 (17) via TKO 2.
Super Welterweight- Alex Rincon 1-0 (1) def. Shaun Lee Henson 2-4 (2) via TKO 2.




Boxing Loses a Legend -Hall of Fame Trainer and Manager Lou Duva passes at age 94

By: Daxx Khan - March 9, 2017

It was with deep sorrow to hear another one of boxing's greats, Hall of Famer Lou Duva passed away March 8th at age 94. Starting in 1963, after Joey Giardiello his first champion defeated Dick Tiger for the middleweight title, Duva worked almost four decades, guiding not only some of the modern eras but boxings all-time greats.

As a trainer, Lou worked with world champions and title challengers, Pernell Whitaker, Evander Holyfield, Mark Breland, Vinny Pazienza, Meldrick Taylor, Jose Luis Lopez, Michael Moorer, Alex Arthur, Tyrell Biggs and Andrew Golota. As a Manager, Duva guided Johnny Bumphus, Rocky Lockridge, Shaun George and multi-division title holder Zab Judah towards success.

He was more than one of boxing's most successful trainers and managers, he was one of its larger than life figures. I believe Lou Duva, might be the only manager and trainer whose own memorable moments, equal that of his fighters.

Who could ever forget the time, Lou went at it with Roger Mayweather after his win over Vinny Pazienza?  The referee might have turned a blind eye to Mayweather hitting Pazienza late, that didn't mean Lou was letting it go.  It might have temporarily cost him his manager’s license and $750 dollars but he put boxing on notice. “Lou Duva doesn’t take guff from anyone”.

It wasn’t just his fighter’s opponents, promoters, trainers and referees were also confronted if they crossed Duva or his fighters. When Mike Tyson stopped Lou’s fighter Tyrell Biggs, Tysons promoter Don King mocked Biggs and Duva from ringside. His comments infuriated Lou, he went after King, looking to dish out his own punishment, security guards would stop him just feet before King was in reach.

The most famous or perhaps infamous public moment, involving Duva came on July 11th 1996, that was the night Andrew Golota and Riddick Bowe met for the first time. When Golota was disqualified for low blows, a mini-riot ensued. The commotion caused his defibrillator to go off, he was taken from the ring on a stretcher, in what could be best described as a “Micky Goldmill” moment. It was a real life Rocky 3 situation.  

Those were just a few of many, Lou Duva moments. Was he a bit extreme? At times, yes, no debating that fact, one thing was for certain though. If you were with Lou Duva, he had your back, even if it meant taking on all comers.

While he was a larger than life figure, he was also that guy we seen a little of ourselves in, Duva had that “Fella from the Neighborhood” persona we could relate to. The fact we seen him down, yet refuse to stay down on multiple occasions, made him all the more likable. Even during his worst moments.

In his 94 years, Lou Duva lived a long full life. During his years in the sport, we watched Lou call it as he seen it. There were many times, when Lou should have thought things through before reacting. Yet he was the type guy who, always did what he felt was right “Now” and always with the best interest of his fighters. Whatever consequences might follow, could be dealt with later. That’s what separated him from everyone else in the business. It’s what made Lou Duva one of boxings greats.

In an era, where people seem more worried about “Consequences” then what’s right, we could use a few dozen more, Lou Duva types in boxing today. If anything, just to point fingers when the “Powers that be” fail at doing their job. Let’s hope now, he can sit with other past greats of the sport, look down and say “They are doing it right”. He did his part in helping lay the foundation, it’s up to the new generation to capitalize and do him proud.



War Hollywood Style- Berchelt stops Vargas, Miura halts Roman in Indio

By: Daxx Khan - January 29, 2017

We were treated to a rare night of boxing this past Saturday, the two powerhouse networks, Showtime and HBO went head to head with quality, relevant cards. While Showtime entertained fans with their card in Las Vegas, In Indio California on HBO, Francisco Vargas, Miguel Berchelt, Takashi Miura and Miguel Roman paid tribute to Hollywood by delivering wars only seen on the big screen.

What took place on HBO, between the four fighters left some fans in awe, others wondering “Why would they subject themselves to such punishment”? They were the type bouts, we look back upon in a decade and say “How did they stay on their feet"?

In the main event, perhaps boxings most exciting fighter Francisco Vargas, looked to defend his WBC super featherweight title against unknown challenger Miguel Berchelt. With little being known about Berchelt, other than an opponent list based entirely in Mexico and he had some power as his 27 stoppage wins indicated. Many felt he might have early success, before the experience of Vargas, would take Berchelt deep, wear him down and move onto bigger things. The challenger had different plans for the night.

The champion started fast, using combinations to confuse Berchelt who did land some hard shots with little effect. In the second, third and fourth rounds, Vargas stunned Berchelt who in return instead of taking steps backwards, answered back, opening cuts on Vargas nose and over his left eye.

They went to war from the fifth round on, combination punches from Vargas paused Berchelt who in return, would pin Vargas on the ropes and punish him. As the second half of the fight started, Berchelt never having fought such a ferocious battle seemed to begin tiring. The champion Vargas began swelling to a grotesque degree.

The punches of Vargas to landed clean, yet lacked power to hold off a younger larger Berchelt who pushed forward and threw every punch with authority. A bloody Vargas continued his volume pace, hoping Miguel would eventually slow down.

The size, power and youth of Berchelt, would overcome Vargas experience and will. In the eleventh round, bloody abused and looking for a miracle comeback, Vargas would suffer his first career loss when Raul Caiz Jr rescued him from further punishment. At the 2:19 mark of the round, after a great performance by both men, Miguel Berchelt claimed his first world title and spot among the sports top tier improving to 31-1 (28). In his first loss Francisco Vargas now stands at 23-1-2 (17).

The co-feature between Takashi Miura and Miguel Roman, was an even more brutal battle of wills and attrition. It was pressure against accuracy, just as one fighter seemed to have the edge, his opponent would rally and take control. The cleaner shots of Miura, would be stifled by Roman who pressed his way inside and let loose combinations.

At the mid-way point, Takashi Miura swollen and battle worn, was asked by his corner “Can You win are you OK?”, undeterred Miura responded by shaking his head “Yes”. When the bell rang, he would let loose all he had in his arsenal. The barrage hurt Roman, who then unleashed a body shot, taking momentum away from Miura, knocking his mouth piece out.

A strong ninth round for Miura, ended with Roman landing five-punch unanswered punches. At the start of round ten, Miura changed his game plan. With the clean, flush head shots, landing on Roman not having their desired result, Miura turned his focused to the body with an immediate pay off.

A straight right hand in the tenth, delivered to the center of Roman’s mid-section, dropped and sent him reeling on the canvas. He amazingly made it to his feet and continued not only fighting but applied pressure to Miura. It would happen again in the eleventh round, a body shot landed flush by Takashi, dropping Roman who beat the count and went right into the danger zone.

When the final round started, both Miura and Roman looked as though they had reenacted a Hollywood movie. They circled slowly, hematomas were over both eyes of Miura, Roman tried to protect his midsection. A final flurry from Miura, caught Roman clean, sending him down a third time at the forty-three second mark. With the look in his eyes saying “Get up”, his body saying “Stay Down”, that bout would end officially at the 53 second mark.

After a jaw dropping war, one that could rival any in the last two decades, Takashi Miura with his stoppage of Miguel Roman improves to 31-3-2 (24). With nothing to hold his head down about, Miguel Roman now stands at 56-12 (43).   

In Undercard action-
Super Welterweight-Sadam Ali 24-1 (14) def.  Jorge Silva 22-13-2 (18) via TKO 3.
Super Featherweight- Lamont Roach 13-0 def. Alejandro Valdez 26-9-2 via KO 1.
Bantamweight- Cesar Diaz 4-0 def. Joel Castro 0-2 via KO 2.
Super Lightweight- Vicente Portillo 6-0 def.  Mike Melikyan 1-2 via MD 4.
Super Lightweight-Vergil Ortiz 4-0 def. Israel Villela 5-4 via. TKO 1.
Featherweight- Luis Coria 3-0 def. Gerardo Molina 1-4 via TKO 1.






James DeGale and Badou Jack deliver in Brooklyn

By: Daxx Khan - January 15, 2017

Saturday night in Brooklyn, the first major card of 2017 took place on Showtime, with three action packed world title bouts, headlined by a 168lb unification bout between, IBF title holder James DeGale and WBC champion Badou Jack.

With four common opponents, winning their titles, a month apart in 2015, each against a Dirrell brother, Jack and DeGale were on an unavoidable collision course. When they met Saturday, fans hoped, this bout would decide “Who is the best Super Middleweight in Boxing”. The champions, did their best to provide that answer, neither gave into the moment and put on their best career performance to date.

They would trade knockdowns, Jack went down in the first and DeGale the twelfth. The footwork of DeGale, kept Jack at a distance, using crisp clean left hands to snap Jack’s head back. When he closed the distance, Jack and his trademark body work punished DeGale, draining his energy. Even referee Arthur Mercante Jr, took punishment when an accidental hook from Jack, rocked him at the closing of round five.  

With a steady eleven rounds behind them, both men exhausted looking to edge out the win, they closed the twelfth with non-stop action, bringing those in attendance at the Barclay’s center on their feet. It was a rare fight, where you wanted neither man to lose, because neither deserved a loss after their efforts.

When the scores were read, two of the three judges agree with that opinion. Judges Julie Lederman and Steve Weisfeld scored it 113-113, Glenn Feldman scored it 114-112, in favor of James DeGale making it a Majority Draw. With each man retaining his title, Badou Jack now stands at 20-1-3 (12), James DeGale 23-1-1 (14).

In the co-feature, IBF World super featherweight title holder Jose Pedraza, took on unbeaten Gervonta Davis. It was a dominating performance for the 22yr old challenger, while Pedraza managed to put Davis out of his comfort zone, he was never able to sustain momentum. The power and speed of Davis, caught up with Pedraza in the seventh round, when he was dropped in the corner. After barely beating the count, Pedraza would be pinned on the ropes and needed saving by referee Ricky Gonzalez moments later.

In his first loss Jose Pedraza now stands at 22-1 (12), Gervonta Davis along with his first world title improves to 17-0 (16).

When undefeated middleweights, Levgen Khytrov and Immanuwel Aleem stepped between the ropes, fans were treated to another war. It started and ended in dramatic fashion, Aleem almost closed the show in round one, battering Khytrov all over the ring. He would be on the receiving end in round two, after punching himself out, Khytrov would batter him non-stop. The momentum swayed back and forth for the duration, Aleem hurting Khytrov, punching himself out then absorbing every bit of what he dished out.

The affair would end in round six, after Aleem landed a huge blow that Khytrov was unable to recover from. Immanuwel Aleem improved to 17-0-1 (10) and claimed the vacant WBC Silver middleweight title, Khytrov in his first loss stands at 14-1 (12).

In her first WBO female super bantamweight title defense, Amanda Serrano took on former two division title holder Yazmin Rivas. It was an all action bout, with neither lady taking a moments rest. While Rivas was game, she could not overcome the size and power advantage of Amanda. After nine rounds of non-stop action, they finished by trading for two entire minutes, proving once again the females can deliver in terms of action.

The final scores read 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93 all in favor of Serrano who improves to 31-1-1 (23), Yazmin Rivas now stands at 35-10-1 (10).  

Make sure to listen to our Post-Fight show by visiting our YouTube Channel, hear what everyone from the TalkinBoxing with Billy C show and fans had to say. https://www.youtube.com/user/talkinboxing

In Undercard action-
Heavyweight- Adam Kownacki 15-0 (12) def. Joshua Tufte 19-2 (9) via TKO2.

Welterweight- Thomas Dulorme 24-2 (16) def. Brian Jones 13-7 (7) TKO6.

Welterweight- Noel Murphy 8-0 (2) def. Maxito Sainvil 4-1-1 (2) via UD.

Welterweight- Kenny Robles 1-0 def. Latorie Woodberry 1-3-1 via UD.





Boxing at the Barclay’s- Will the Standard for 2017 be Set?

By: Daxx Khan - January 9, 2017

At the end of 2016, NYSAC with their newly implemented insurance requirements, had boxing in New York at a standstill. That didn’t stop the UFC, boxing’s biggest competitor in terms of popularity. The organization, not only met NYSAC’s insurance requirements, they sold out Madison Square Garden, in record time. On January 14th at the Barclays Center, Mayweather promotions and DiBella Entertainment, join forces for the first major card of 2017. If all goes well, the event could not only reboot boxing in New York, it will set the bar, in terms of standards for 2017.

The main event between, WBC title holder Badou Jack and IBF champion James DeGale, could be the divisions most significant showdown, since boxing’s “Super Six” tournament. They are similar in age, Jack at thirty-three years and DeGale thirty, each has a slight physical advantage over the other, yet neither is enough to tip the scales in either fighter’s favor.  DeGale an inch in reach and Jack an inch in height. As both seek their third world title defense, the path that brought them here is similar.

They possess four common opponents, George Groves, Lucian Bute, Marco Antonio Periban and Rogelio Medina with mixed results. The duo even won their titles, a month apart, in the same year and against a Dirrell brother. In May of 2015 James DeGale defeated Andre for the vacant IBF title, in April 2015 Badou Jack defeated Anthony for the WBC belt.

Having two world class champions, taking part in a fight of this caliber, minus an extended build-up, delays due to contract negotiations, tune ups and postponements, speaks volumes on the efforts of both promoters. The other two world title fights scheduled, hold just as much and possibly even more fan appeal.

The nights co-feature, an IBF super featherweight title showdown, between undefeated champion Jose Pedraza and undefeated challenger Gervonta Davis, is the type of bout that’s virtually unheard of these days. While the title at stake obviously holds value, what follows for both fighters win or lose, so long as they produce a quality bout, will be the real reward. As of right now, despite one holding a title belt and both being undefeated, neither fighter is a mainstream attraction. There are two other men at the weight, Vasyl Lomachenko and Francisco Vargas, who are not only mainstream names, they will be seeking opponents sooner than later. One is arguably boxing’s best fighter pound for pound, the other its most exciting. Should either Pedraza or Davis, be mentioned as possible opponents either, their careers will automatically reach new heights. Even if a fight against Lomachenko or Vargas never takes place.

Last summer at the Barclays center, Heather Hardy and Shelly Vincent, gave fans a new appreciation for female boxing. On Saturday two other ladies will step into the ring, looking to duplicate or surpass of Hardy and Vincent’s performance. In a female “Puerto Rico vs Mexico” rivalry, Amanda Serrano defends her WBO female super bantamweight title against, multi-division world champion Yazmin Rivas. These two fighters are examples, of the best in female boxing, neither have delivered a disappointing performance before and I highly doubt this weekend will be any different.

In the spring, Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs will meet in a middleweight unification bout, Saturdays showdown between, Levgen Khytrov and Immanuwel Aleem, should interest them both. They are two hard hitting undefeated middleweights, looking to claim the vacant WBC Silver middleweight title. Whoever wins between these two, is in position to face whoever comes out on top between Jacobs and Golovkin. While they might not be well known, I can assure you neither should be taken lightly.

Throw in the return, of a very popular Thomas Dulorme, a heavyweight showdown and three undefeated upstarts, next Saturday is a stacked card from top to bottom. Exactly how much quality is involved? The best way to determine, is going behind the numbers and looking a bit deeper at the eighteen fighters. In total, there are five, current or former world champions, one former world title challenger and eight of the eighteen fighters are undefeated. Their combined resumes, total 264-23-8, with 149 of those wins coming by knockout.  

In 2016 boxing took a beating, with Pay-Per-View sales to enforce the opinion, next week’s card in Brooklyn could be the beginning of a bounce back year. It might even happen without Pay-Per-View.





Aaron Pryor passes away at age 61- Hawk Time will always be His Time!

By: Daxx Khan - October 10, 2016

What kids like on Monday, is ancient history by Wednesday and until becoming a teenager, I was that way with my favorite fighters. In 1981 my favorite fighter was Ray Mancini, after losing to Alexis Arguello, 1982 started with Arguello as my number one guy. When talks of Arguello versus Pryor began to circulate, I was sure my number one guy would prevail. That was until I had actually seen footage of Pryor, his bout against Akio Kameda in particular. The way Pryor attacked without caution, after being knocked down, he didn’t even bother for the ref to count before attacking Kameda. They showed clips of him screaming “What time is it?”, then answering his own question yelling “Hawk Time”. At minimum, I was intrigued by this little man who spoke and attacked opponents like a vicious heavyweight.

After the defeat over Arguello, unlike in the past Pryor did not become my favorite fighter. Even after dominating the rematch, would Pryor become my number one guy. It had nothing to do with Arguello losing, I wasn’t old enough to understand the whole “Black Bottle” scandal for it to deter my opinion. The truth is “Aaron Pryor Scared Me”!

His scowl right into the camera, walking into press conferences demanding fights. He was a showman without trying to put on a show, Aaron Pryor was SERIOUS! He not only won his bouts, he won impressively against the best willing to face him.  Eventually Pryor became my favorite fighter, not because of who he beat but simply for the fact he was Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor. How much of a Pryor fan had I become by my teenage years? When he lost to Bobby Joe Young in 1987, I was sure for some reason Pryor wasn’t able to fully prepare for the fight. How else could he have been beaten by a “B” level fighter named “Bobby Joe Young”? Later I learned, Pryor didn’t fully prepare, something was wrong. He had started using drugs, training lightly and his hunger had faded.  

With a career full of highlights, my two most memorable Aaron Pryor moments, took place away from a boxing ring. It was long after his career had ended, on two separate days in Canastota NY at the yearly “Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend”. The first was June 14th 1997, that day I had spoken with Willie Pep, Kid Gavilan, Gene Fullmer, Wilfred Benitez, Archie Moore and Marvin Hagler. I was getting ready to go back to the hotel, when noticing someone sitting quietly, waving to people, occasionally smiling widely. I headed over out of curiosity to discover, that person was Aaron Pryor. He was soft spoken, his “Hawk” persona long gone, his eyes were the only telling feature remaining. I would walk away after our conversation, hardly believing, it was the same guy I watched knock out opponent after opponent growing up.

The second, most memorable Aaron Pryor moment for me came on June 2nd 2010, opening day of the years “Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend”. I was walking with my five-year-old son, it was his first time at the event and crowds had not gathered yet. Just like in 1997 Pryor sat quietly, smiling and the only feature unmistakable were his eyes. I brought my son over to where he sat, before saying a word, both Pryor senior and Junior, took photos with him then signed his shirt. I would notice the once fierce warriors voice, had grown even softer than it was in 1997. He rubbed my son's head before we walked away, I looked back to see him quietly smiling, waving as people passed by.

My son asked as we drank a soda, “Dad who is that man? Was he a fighter? Was he any good? Did he win a world belt?” Later back at the hotel after dinner, I played some YouTube footage of Pryor. As he watched, that same look I used to get as a kid spread across his face. It’s a look any new fight fan gets, watching Pryor in action for the first time.

I was saddened by the news of Aaron Pryor passing away Sunday morning, he was unquestionably one of boxing’s most memorable characters and tenacious sluggers to ever lace on gloves. After the news I sat thinking for a few moments and it occurred to me, all my childhood heroes are quickly fading away. The only thing to look back on is their legacy, Pryor certainly left one. He did it by making every time, the camera focused on him Hawk Time.




Looking back on the “Schoolboy” Bobby Chacon- 1951-2016

By: Daxx Khan - September 8, 2016

One thing I know for certain is “No other sport keeps fans emotionally invested as boxing”, growing up in my neighborhood we all watched football, baseball and basketball but nothing kept our attention like boxing. It was not the actual fighting but backstory of the fighter that decided if we would or would not invest our time following their career. When you rooted for and invested time in following a fighter’s career, when that fighter lost you lost, when he won you won.

It takes a special kind of fighter to carry that dedicated attention from fans into retirement. In order to do so the fighter had to be the type that left no doubt in people’s minds “They left a portion of themselves behind in the ring each and every time win or lose”. There is no question in my mind that is exactly what former featherweight and super featherweight champion, Bobby “Schoolboy” Chacon did all sixty-seven times he laced on the gloves.

The appearance of a young Chacon would never give the impression he was a fighter, that along with fact he attended Cal State Northridge early in his career is how the name “Schoolboy” was earned. Inside the ring Chacon was a fierce warrior, his no retreat style made him a legend. When Chacon whose career spanned from 1972-1988 faced fellow greats of the era, he either won big or lost big there was no in-between for Bobby.

If a younger fan who had never seen Chacon fight and wanted a recent comparison, fellow writer and boxing historian Jim Amato put is best describing Chacon as “Arturo Gatti before Arturo Gatti”.

In 1974 after handing fellow action packed warrior Danny “Lil Red” Lopez his first loss, Chacon would go on to face such greats as Ruben Olivares, Rafael Limon (who together brought the sport one of its most memorable rivalrieshe), Alexis Arguello, Cornelius Boza-Edwards (twice), Freddie Roach and in his last title bid Ray Mancini.

Those were all memorable fights where Bobby won some and he lost some, yet even in defeat gained the respect of not only fans but opponents. When Chacon retired anytime he was spotted in public fans greeted him as though he still sat on top of the world.

Outside the ring Chacon suffered as many heartaches and he absorbed punches. In the early 1980’s his first wife Valerie pleaded with Chacon to retire and move with her to Hawaii. When Valerie found out Chacon signed to face Salvador Ugalde on March 16th 1982, she flew back from Hawaii urging him not to follow through. Unable to convince Chacon she committed suicide the night prior to the bout. Even though he was distraught Chacon went on with the fight that next day winning by third round knockout.

In December that same year, Chacon would meet Rafael Limon for the third and final time, climb off the deck twice to win not only his final world title but “Fight of the year” honors.

A few years later Chacon would remarry, in 1991 while walking with his son at a California mall he was shot. His injuries were minor but his son Bobby Chacon Jr who had been involved with local gang activity died on site. The life of Chacon afterwards spiraled further downhill as he developed “Pugilistic dementia” and by the year 2000 all his career earnings were depleted.

His final years up until passing away Wednesday September 7th, were spent living in a Hospice run facility. When hearing of Chacon passing WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman had this to say.

"With profound sadness, I have learned that our dear champion Bobby Chacon passed away this morning, may God have him now."

Knowing Chacon was destitute, Sulaiman wanting to give the former champion a proper burial is going to pay all funeral expenses.

There is no question Bobby “Schoolboy” Chacon was one of those special fighters, the kind that that retained dedicated attention from fans throughout his retirement. He always delivered all anyone could ask for and more inside the ring, outside he struggled with life, in both cases his fans could relate to Chacon. When he won we won and when he lost we lost, right up until that final moment. This time the loss will stick with us longer than those in the past. Its fighters like Chacon that always have and always will keep fans emotionally invested in boxing like no other sport.

Every now and then I will throw in a DVD watch one of his fights, knowing even though I’d seen it before I won’t be disappointed by his performance. I don’t think anyone who ever saw Chacon fight was.




Hardy and Vincent steal the show in Coney Island- Spence shows why he is “The Truth”

By: Daxx Khan - August 22, 2016

Sunday afternoon at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island, New York, DiBella Entertainment provided fans an exciting edition of PBC on NBC. The card was headlined by an IBF welterweight title eliminator between undefeated welterweight Errol Spence and veteran Leonard Bundu.

Early on Bundu using a combination of awkwardness and movement, had success with his left troubling Spence slightly. Whether it was a lack of power behind the punches of Bundu or sheer determination by Spence, the success was short lived.

Once Spence found his range, Bundu became target practice for Errol’s jab and could not escape its accuracy. In the sixth Spence landed a short crisp hook to the body that put Bundu on the mat, incorrectly called a slip by referee Johnny Callas. The incorrect call mattered none as Spence jumped on Bundu immediately closing the show at 2:06 of the round.

In his post-fight interview when asked about his potential match up against IBF title holder Kell Brook, Spence replied.

"I want to fight for a title next. I would want to fight Kell Brook, but if he doesn't go down in weight, he vacates or is stripped, I don't care, I just want to fight for the belt."

In only his second career defeat Leonard Bundu drops to 33-2-2 (12), Errol Spence now stands at 21-0 (18).

In an exciting back and forth grudge match Heather Hardy and Shelly Vincent met for the vacant WBC International female featherweight title. It was a fight two years in the making and worth the wait as neither lady gave an inch nor was there a single lull in the action.

The crowd on hand and on TV were treated to a genuinely entertaining encounter as both fighters brought their “A Game”, mixing it up in a variety of ways. We saw infighting, counters, defense, footwork, volume and most of all what every fight fan wants to see.

Heart and desire to win convincingly leaving no question they gave it their all!

If there was an advantage for either it was Heathers jab, when not trading inside with Vincent, it allowed her to score points on the outside. Shelly despite continuous pressure abandoned her jab when working her way in close, using head movement instead to avoid the offense of Hardy. That tactic even when effective was costly on the judges’ scorecards. According to official punch stats Vincent did not land a single jab in rounds two, four, six or eight, despite landing meaningful combinations in close.

At the end of the night Heather Hardy based off her jab, was able to impress two of the three officials enough to earn a majority decision. The official scores read 99-91, 97-93 and 95-95.

If Vincent had worked the jab more might have created a different outcome, it was a close fight where neither clearly dominated at any point. I scored the bout 96-94 in favor of Heather Hardy based off the jab connect difference, the 99-91 score was completely biased and cannot be justified.

Heather Hardy with the hard fought win improved to 18-0 (4), Shelly Vincent in her first defeat now stands at 18-1 (1).

In their post-fight interviews this is what both had to say:

Heather Hardy- "It was a great fight, I don’t understand Shelly but I have respect for her, without her this fight could not have happened. There is a sea of female talent out there more than just Heather Hardy and Shelly Vincent, I hope they get their opportunity."

Shelly Vincent- "The scores were all over the place, I landed the harder shots and was pushing her backwards. We are in NY, people warned me let’s do it again in Providence."

In Undercard action-
Featherweight Claudio Marrero improved to 21-1 (15) after stopping an out gunned Luis Hinojosa at 2:55 seconds of the fourth round. Luis Hinojosa now stands at 28-10 (17).

Welterweight Julian Sosa improved his record to 6-0-1 (2) after outpointing Rene Marquez by scores of 59-55 twice and 58-55, Rene Marquez drops to 5-3 (2).

Cruiserweight Joseph Williams out of Queens NY, improved to 10-0 (7) after giving Kansas hopeful Chris Harris a one-sided boxing lesson, scores read 60-54 across the board. Chris Harris in his first loss now has a record of 2-1-2 (2).

Super Welterweight Chordale Booker improved to 3-0 (2) shutting out a game Brandon Philips Black 1-2 (0) with scores of 40-35 on all three judge’s cards.

In an unexpectedly entertaining fight, unknown lightweights Abraham Nova and Wilfredo Garriga provided six rounds of nonstop action. They would trade knockdowns with Nova going down in the second and Garriga the third.

At any point when would land a solid punch the other returned fire with equal or greater intensity. The final scores read 56-56 and 57-55 twice in favor of Nova who won by Majority decision.

Abraham Nova improved to 2-0 (1), Wilfredo Garriga now stands at 3-3-1 (2).





Ward versus Brand goes as expected- Will the winner of Kovalev and Ward really be pound for pound number one?

By: Daxx Khan - August 8, 2016

When Andre Ward and his supposed “Tune Up” against Alexander Brand was over Saturday night my mind had one thought “Why did I bother?"

I don’t think anyone even Alexander Brand was surprised Ward won every round, it was not even competitive in spurts. I will give Brand credit for trying but he had never been in against anyone near the caliber of Andre Ward. Up until Saturday night Brand had been in against one world caliber opponent Badou Jack and it was not even a fully developed Badou Jack, it was another fight Brand managed to go the distance losing by split decision. This fight was such a mismatch HBO’s ringside commentary team seemed confused on how to not only call the bout but legitimize it being signed and broadcast. In order to do so while making Brand seem a worthy tune up for Ward versus Kovalev this fall comments often contradicted themselves.

They would compare the bout to Sergey Kovalev and Isaac Chilemba as being safe, totally ignoring the fact Chilemba is a universally ranked top ten light heavyweight, Brand not in the top twenty-five. That comment would be followed up with “Brand was chosen for this fight because he was the best available guy willing to take the money and not upset the apple cart.”

At moment they ran out of legitimate commentary pertaining to the actual bout HBO would turn their attention towards upcoming events. When they did even those comments were often absurdly put. When mentioning the upcoming GGG and Kell Brook middleweight bout, Max Kellerman or Jim Lampley I forget which stated.

“Kell Brook is a more talented and dangerous opponent than David Lemieux”, Really more dangerous than a genuine middleweight title holder who at the time had an 85% knockout ratio stopping seven of his prior nine opponents?

Only Bernard Hopkins would bring moments of truth to the broadcast. As Alexander Brand was visibly bothered by Ward’s body punches and everyone else on the commentary team acted surprised a 37yr old journeyman would react poorly to having his midsection abused, Hopkins honestly stated.

“Andre should have closed the show 2 or 3 rounds ago, in boxing when the opportunity is there you close the show” Instead of agreeing with Hopkins who was correct with his statement they would mention Floyd Mayweather, citing he was the reason why Ward wasn’t pushing for the stoppage.

“Andre is following the Mayweather blueprint, don't take punishment while attempting to score knockouts and risk being hit, you can have a long career”

Why not just call it how it was? Andre Ward was happy cruising to a win, he was cut and in no way wanted to risk his fall date with Kovalev. I am certain Floyd Mayweather had no influence on Ward and his game plan for Brand. Then they would again look for a way to make excuses for the knockout that was there to be had by suddenly crediting Brand.

“Alexander Brand is an awkward fighter who does not give many opportunities to score a knockout” That might be true and I agree to a certain extent but it’s one or the other, call it how you see things have the integrity to stand by your statement.

If the fight was meant to help entice more fans into wanting to see Kovalev and ward in November, I can safely state it failed. In Oakland the place where time and again they state Andre ward fights because he is a big draw, there were nearly 11,000 empty seats. That alone tells the story of how meaningful an opponent Alexander Brand was. If Kovalev had fought Chilemba in that same arena I can guarantee, there would not have been 11,000 empty seats.

At the fights conclusion Sergey Kovalev entered the ring and they officially announced the fight, of course we already knew it was taking place but HBO felt formalities were needed.

Andre Ward when asked about Kovalev rightfully and respectfully stated “Sergey Kovalev deserves more respect than he gets, he has had no easy touches, the winner of this is pound for pound best in my opinion.” The two fighters would shake hands and Kovalev agreed with the statement.

When Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward step in the ring, I expect a great fight, the winner might be number two best in the world I disagree with number one and that’s no knock on either fighter. While they fight for the unified WBA Super, IBF and WBO light heavyweight titles a few months earlier another fighter will be on HBO. The man currently ranked number one in boxing Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez.

When Roman Gonzalez faces Carlos Cuadras on September 10th for the WBC World super flyweight title he will be looking to earn his fourth world title in as many divisions. The duo is a combined 80-0-1 with 65 of those coming by stoppage, they will be in their 22nd combined world title fight in six years. Neither has had a “Tune Up” fight during that time, conquering his fourth weight class in my book would have Gonzalez still on top of Ward should he win and win a title in his second weight class. It would be a bigger accomplishment than Kovalev making another defense of his titles in a division he has spent his entire career in, even if that defense is against Andre Ward.

If Carlos Cuadras should defeat Gonzalez and retain his title does the “Golden Rule” in boxing not apply? After beating “The Man” you are “The Man”? I guess we will know that answer as HBO is calling the fight and what they feel like spouting out at that moment.



Hardy (L) accepts Challenge from Vincent - Photo by Team Hardy


Hardy versus Vincent- Risking more than an undefeated record
By: Daxx Kahn - August 6, 2016

Heather Hardy and Shelly Vincent, have slowly worked their way into becoming recognizable names on the east coast among even casual fans. With little assistance from their promoters, they have done so not only by performing inside the ring but investing time outside the ring networking, making public appearances and being accessible to fans. If not for their dedication more than likely neither would be any more known than they were February 12th 2014. That was the date they saved DiBella Entertainment’s “The Last dance” at the Roseland Ballroom from being nothing more than senior night at the old folk’s home.

If the legendary venues doors weren’t soon closing for good chances are, I wouldn’t have trekked into Manhattan that cold Wednesday afternoon. With the event being televised, 50 Cent not only co-promoting but appearing in person I figured everyone fighting would have brought their “A Game”. Yet midway through “The Last dance” had been nothing but a slow dance.

With no coffee available and my mood somewhere around three notches below mediocre, I turned my attentions towards social media to express my lack of enthusiasm. That’s when I heard a familiar voice say “So you’re not driving back out for the fights on a Wednesday again?” I look up to see Devon Cormack trainer of Heather Hardy standing there with his trademark smile. Knowing both Devon and Heather through Gleason’s “Give A Kid a Dream Foundation”, I would follow him into the back where Heather was waiting to be called for her fight and wish her luck.

Entering the room, I would see Heather sitting alone focusing on her hand wraps, anticipating her ring walk. After wishing her luck I headed back to my seat, watched a few more drawn out bouts and contemplated the drive home until Heather made her way to the ring. Her opponent the always game Christina Fuentes.

There was finally some excitement in the ring as Christina moved like a buzz saw troubling Heather with volume and angles. When Heather closed the distance they traded combinations for a minute and forty-five seconds of every round. I was actually glad neither were big punchers or the action would have ended quickly and night a total bust in terms of entertainment.

As the bouts decision was being announced, I could see Shelly Vincent the action packed brawler from Providence, Rhode Island make her way towards the ring. Shelly surprised everyone especially Heather when she demanded they sign a contract to face off.

When I spoke to Shelly and her manager at the time Mary Del Pino later that evening my initial question was “What brought that on?”. Shelly replied plain and simple “She is undefeated, I’m undefeated we’re in the same weight class so why shouldn’t two undefeated fighters in the same division fight?”.

On the drive home I was certain without Heather, Christina and Shelly “The Last dance” would not have been worth toll money across the GWB. It also gave me something to think about.

Would the ladies’ promoters DiBella Entertainment and CES Boxing be willing to work together and make this fight happen? If so does it get main billing or get buried on an undercard of no hope prospects?”

Since then over two years have passed, both have done well in terms of accomplishment and increased drawing power. Shelly has won two world titles, saved a few CES promoted events from being total bust by packing the house, often overshadowing male fighters on the same card.

As for Heather she won and defended the WBC International female super bantamweight title, racked up ten straight wins, appeared in several commercials, secured a role on the YES channels “Boxing 30” and remains undefeated.

With both ladies now under the DiBella Entertainment banner, they will meet August 21st at Coney Islands Ford Amphitheater. When you consider the momentum and drawing power each currently possess, some might wonder why either would want to jeopardize that coveted “0” boxing seems to cherish by taking a bout neither are clearly favored to win.

I think Shelly answered that question best in 2014 when stating “She is undefeated, I’m undefeated we are in the same weight class so why shouldn’t two undefeated fighters in the same division fight?”

It’s an answer, more often than not higher paid male fighters of the sport will provide if asked that same question. Yet few will actively pursue a bout where there is a high risk of a losing that cherished “0”.

Heather Hardy and Shelly Vincent are fighters, it’s they in their blood, On August 21st I expect non-stop action from beginning to end and absolute best version we have seen of either thus far. At the conclusion no matter who wins, I guarantee everyone in attendance will be on their feet. They won’t be cheering for two female fighters, they will be cheering two warriors who gave it their all.

When two undefeated champions face off it’s always good for boxing, yet I don’t credit the promoter or matchmaker for making this fight happen. I Credit Shelly Vincent and Heather Hardy for insisting the contract was drawn up and signed, for each there is something more important at stake than winning, even more important than settling their rivalry. It’s proving those critics who doubt two women fighters can create this much pre-fight buzz among fans and then actually deliver wrong. Once that feat is accomplished look for business among the ladies to pick up, that’s when the male fighters will have to start delivering more inside the ring and talking less outside. 




Frampton defeats Santa Cruz in thriller, Serrano dominates at the Barclay’s Center

By: Daxx Khan - July 31, 2016

Saturday night in Brooklyn NY at the Barclays center, undefeated three division world champion Leo Santa Cruz took on former unified super bantamweight champion Carl Frampton, at stake was Santa Cruz WBA Super World featherweight title.

There were no feeling out rounds, from opening bell Santa Cruz pressed the action while Frampton leaped in with flurries then circled out of reach to avoid return fire.

When Frampton stood in the pocket he matched Santa Cruz in terms of volume, landing the more meaningful punches, buckling the knees of Santa Cruz in the second. As the fight wore on Santa Cruz added a variety of punches to his arsenal and began catching Frampton with clean shots as the smaller Irish fighter would leap in to let loose combinations.

When the fighters traded shots inside it was with furious intensity, on occasions Santa Cruz pinned Frampton against the ropes letting loose combinations. To his credit Frampton handled the moments well catching many of the punches on his gloves.

As the championship rounds began Frampton looked a fresher fighter, answering questions on his suspect stamina. The final round ended with intense back and forth action, both men giving it their all until the final bell sounded.

I scored the fight for 116-112 for Carl Frampton, the judges seen it officially 116-112, 117-111 and 114-114 all for Carl Frampton the new WBA Featherweight champion and the only two division champion in Irelands history of professional boxing.

It was a great performance by both fighters that warrants a rematch, possibly in Belfast Ireland sometime next year.

In the first female world title fight at the Barclays center, Amanda Serrano dominated challenger Calixta Silgado. It took just a minute and forty-one seconds for Serrano to drop Silgado twice then let loose a barrage so vicious referee Benjy Esteves Jr had no choice but to save her from punishment. Amanda Serrano while retaining her WBO World female featherweight title improved to 29-1-1 (22), Calixta Silgado now stands at 14-7-3 (9).

Former featherweight superstar Mikey Garcia made his long awaited return to the ring as a Super Lightweight, his opponent was former WBC featherweight champion Elio Rojas. After losing the first Garcia was able to impose his will and superior skillset, dropping Rojas twice in rounds four and five, scoring a fifth round TKO win.

It was good to see Garcia back in the ring after being off for two plus years, I won’t gauge his future by this performance considering Rojas himself is a career featherweight who had also been off for two years.

Mikey Garcia improved to 35-0 (29), Elio Rojas now stands at 24-3 (14). After the fight Garcia expressed his future plans to fight at lightweight and target the current champions there. Elio Rojas should he return to the ring should compete at 130lbs where he would be a force.

In possibly the last fight of his professional career former two division world champion and Showtime broadcast announcer Paul Malignaggi faced off against Gabriel Bracero at welterweight. The two fighters at the tail end of their career gave a spirited effort for ten rounds.

As has always been his trademark, Malignaggi moved and used his jab to score points, Bracero attempted to apply pressure landing occasional combinations that brought fans alive. It was a repetitive bout with the same tempo throughout, all in all both men gave a good showing considering the stage of their careers.  The final scores read 96-94 twice and 98-92 in favor of Malignaggi who improved to 36-7 (7), Gabriel Bracero now stands at 24-3 (5). Paulie would actually make it to the announce table to do his job as a blow by blow commentator before the main card started.

Super Welterweight Tony Harrison improved his record to 24-1 (20) after stopping Sergey Rabchenko in the ninth round of a supposed title eliminator.

Up until the stoppage it was a lackluster affair, Harrison spent the fight moving backwards throwing lazy jabs, Rabchenko plodded forward without urgency or throwing more than an occasional punch. In his second career loss Sergey Rabchenko now stands at 27-2 (20).   

Lightweight Tevin Farmer improved to 22-4-1 (5) after dominating Ivan Redkach and making himself a legitimate contender at 135lbs. Soon as the bell sounded Farmer proved to be faster, slicker and confused Redkach for the duration.

The fight would get rough at times as both men were deducted points, Farmer in round eight for low blows and Redkach in the ninth for head-butting. As the bout ended Redkach was swinging wild, Farmer moving smoothly avoiding damage. The final scores read 99-89 and 98-90 twice putting an exclamation point on Farmer’s dominate performance, with the loss Ivan Redkach drops his record to 19-2-1 (15).
In Undercard action off air-
Super Lightweight Min Wook Kim shell shocked Louis Cruz with a non-stop assault, scoring a TKO at the two minute and thirty-three second mark of round one. Min Wook Kim improves to 16-1 (12), Louis Cruz now stands at 11-2 (5).

Super Middleweight’s Conrad Cummings and Dante Moore fought an exciting eight rounds. With back and forth action fans from Ireland flooded social media with enthusiasm as they watched both men have a give and take affair. Cumming would pull ahead in the middle rounds and win a unanimous decision brining his record to 10-0-1 (4), Dante Moore now stands at 9-2-2 (4).

Featherweight Jose Gomez blew through Josh Crespo to remain undefeated. There would be little from Crespo in terms of resistance to discourage Gomez from scoring a TKO at 2:31 of the first round.  Jose Gomez improves to 8-0 (3) while Josh Crespo declines to 6-4-3 (2).

Welterweight Josh Taylor overwhelmed and stopped an overmatched Evincii Dixon in under two rounds. The twenty-five-year-old puncher from Edinburgh, Scotland using sheer strength imposed his will and halted the Lancaster, Pennsylvania fighter with little resistance.
Josh Taylor improved to 6-0 (6), Evincii Dixon now stands at 7-15-1 (2).





Crawford dominates Postol to become unified 140lb King!

By: Daxx Khan - July 24, 2016

The 140lb unification bout fight fans have been looking forward to between Terence Crawford and Viktor Postol took place Saturday night at the MGM Grand on HBO PPV. With the divisions WBO and WBC belts on the line and house full of fans who traveled from Omaha Nebraska, there was electricity in the air.

It would be a slow start as both men looked to find an opening, neither wanting to make the first mistake. Once the two found their rhythm or should I say once Crawford found his rhythm it became a one-sided affair.

Viktor Postol could not manage any sort of sustained offense, his jab was not pumping and Crawford countered easily from the southpaw stance. After Postol went down twice in the fifth round from lightning fast Crawford left hands he became gun shy, only throwing and connecting with an occasional counter.

Having success five seconds of every other round was not going to win the fight or even make it close, when all was over it appeared nothing more than a sparring session for Crawford who won by wide margins on all three score cards.

Judges Guido Cavalleri and Don Trella scored it 118-107, while a more generous Dave Moretti scored the bout 117-108.

Terence Crawford the new unified WBO and WBC super lightweight champion improved to 29-0 (20), Viktor Postol now stands at 28-1 (12).

The last time two undefeated 140lb champions faced off for the WBO and WBC titles was in January of 2011, when Timothy Bradley took on Devon Alexander. That bout was stopped in round ten due to a cut suffered by Alexander in the third. Much like Postol who went down twice in round five and became gun-shy, Alexander did the same and allowed Bradley to dominate the bouts remainder.

Afterwards Timothy Bradley went on to become a top five pound for pound rated fighter, Alexander remained a top ten fighter but always fell short in his biggest bouts. It will be interesting to see if Terence Crawford and Viktor Postol follow the same paths from here out.

In the nights co-feature a bout in which two other undefeated fighters met for a world title, Oscar Valdez blasted out Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda for the vacant WBO World featherweight title. It was a short and impressive performance for Oscar Valdez who needed less than two rounds to claim the vacant title.

The new champion Oscar Valdez improved to 20-0 (18), Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda now stands at 26-1 (23).

When welterweights Jose Benavidez and Francisco Santana stepped in the ring I expected a competitive and close fight, it was both. In the early going and until the midway point I actually had Santana up on my cards and saying to myself “Benavidez record is a product of careful matchmaking”.

That’s when Benavidez would switch to southpaw and start imposing himself, up until then he laid on the ropes more often than not as if he was tired. He began landing cleaner and crisper shots causing Santana to seek a brawl.

When the fight had ended Santana in my opinion won the early rounds, Benavidez the later rounds. At the bouts conclusion, my scorecard read unofficially 96-64 for Santana, the judges seen it totally different and were all over the place with their scores.

One Judge Kermit Bayless seen it 96-94 for Benavidez a score which I have no complaints, but Glen Feldman’s 98-92 and Adalaide Byrd with her score of 100-90 in favor of Benavidez were totally unacceptable. Those scores were completely off target and single moment that added a blemish to what up until that point had been a quality event. Jose Benavidez improves to 25-0 (16), Francisco Santana drops to 24-5-1 (12).

In what would be his second pay per view appearance in under four months, light heavyweight Oleksandr Gvozdyk stopped former world title challenger Tommy Karpency at 2:21 of round six.

Gvozdyk in his first pay per view appearance last April on the undercard of Pacquiao vs Bradley three, took just two rounds to halt former world title challenger Nadjib Mohammedi. In that fight he won the then vacant NABF light heavyweight title which he defended against Karpency.

Against Karpency despite the win, Gvozdyk appeared very vulnerable. He was dropped in the first round and appeared on his way to being upset, to his credit Gvozdyk would weather the storm and stop Karpency at 2:21 of round six.

In an important note, Karpency later stated his vision was blurred from a punch so he could not see well enough to continue the fight, this was certainly not a case where Karpency gave up due to lack of willingness. If not for the impaired vision we quite possibly would have seen a different outcome.  Oleksandr Gvozdyk improves to 11-0 (9), Tommy Karpency now stands at 26-6-1 (15).

In Undercard action prior to the PPV start.
Super Middleweight - Ryota Murata 11-0 (8) def. George Tahdooahnippah 34-3-3 (24) via TKO 1. After Murata dropped Tahdooahnippah with a body shot that appeared might end the fight, George got on his feet and was met with a barrage of punches that forced the referee to halt the action.

Welterweight- Leonardo Zappavigna 35-2 (25) def. IK Yang 19-2 (14) via TKO 6. It was a close start with Yang showing to be the more technical fighter until Zappavigna started pumping the jab with authority. Slowly as the rounds passed Zappavigna would close the distance, find a home for his left hand and finally catch Yang at 43 seconds into the 6th.

Middleweight- Stanyslav Skorokhod 11-1 def. Hakim Bryant 6-1 via UD 6. In the first Skorokhod would drop Bryant but to Hakim’s credit he rose, applied pressure throughout even scoring some impressive shots of his own.

In the end though Skorokhod was just too technical and prevailed winning by scores of 59-53 and 60-52 twice. With some adjustments at the gym I would like to see Bryant back in the ring, he showed a huge heart and potential despite a one sided points loss.

Light Heavyweight- Stephen Nelson 3-0 def. Tim Meeks 5-3-1 via TKO 4. After getting up from a first round knockdown Meeks offered no resistance throughout.

Prior to the fourth referee Vic Drakulich and Meeks corner were in agreement that should Meeks not offer any sort of resistance after the first thirty seconds it would be stopped.

As Meeks absorbed punishment and because officially no one but the referee was able to call an end to the fight, a member of the Las Vegas commission entered the ring and instructed Drakulich to halt the bout. That was a situation I personally cannot remember seeing before, a commission member entering the ring because the referee did not follow through on his agreement with the corner of a fighter taking abuse.





Tugstsogt Nyambayar- A King seeking a throne

By: Daxx Khan - July 16, 2016

Undefeated featherweight Tugstsogt Nyambayar is the type of fighter boxing loves, he has dynamite in both hands and technical ability to go along with it. As an amateur he perfected his fundamental’s and created a name for himself over sea’s winning a bronze medal in 2009 at the Asian championships then a silver at the world amateur championships. In 2010 he claimed gold at the FISU world university championship’s helping him qualify for the 2012 Olympic games where he won a silver for his home country of Mongolia.

The wins would make him a minor celebrity of sorts at home and in India where articles were released on him semi-regularly. Eventually Tugstsogt found his way overseas to the United States landing in Carson California where he hooked up with trainer Buddy McGirt. Since his 2015 pro debut Nyambayar has scored six straight stoppages in a total of twelve combined rounds.

While none of his opponents have been of any note he has faced some tough veteran journeyman such as 28 bout veteran Pedro Melo, former NABF title holder Juan Ruiz then this past Saturday he dismantled tough Rafael Vazquez in under a round.

Tugstsogt Nyambayar and Rafael Vazquez were supposed to be the co-feature for an ESPN broadcast PBC card from Tunica, Mississippi headlined by red hot Kazakhstan super lightweight prospect Sergey Lipinets who faced veteran Walter Castillo. While the Lipinets and Castillo fight was an entertaining affair with back and forth action, Nyambayar and his literal destruction of Vazquez stole the fans attention.

The 24yr old who has been dubbed “King Tug” is on a name to keep an eye on, if he can take a punch half with the ability as he can deliver, look of him to be headlining cards soon. I already after six pro fights all won by stoppage predict he surpasses fellow hard hitting countryman and former WBA Featherweight champion Lakva Sim.




Shane Mosely- What’s in his future for 2021?

By: Daxx Khan - May 31, 2016

January 24th 2009 Shane Mosley entered the ring to face a man most thought he had no chance of winning against Antonio Margarito. At the time Margarito possessed what seemed an impenetrable and had literally decimated Miguel Cotto just nine months earlier, a fighter who defeated Mosley two fights prior. In the 9th round Mosley battered and stopped Margarito and claimed the WBA Super World welterweight title. It was his last great performance in a boxing ring.

On May 1st 2010 Shane Mosley faced then pound for pound King Floyd Mayweather Jr, in the second round he wobbled Mayweather, who appeared ready to go if Mosley could have had a slight rally afterwards. It was his last memorable moment in a boxing ring, It would also be his only competitive moment of the fight.     

Since the Mayweather fight and up until last Saturday, Mosley’s ring record is 3-3-1, those three wins came against Pablo Cesar Cano, Ricardo Mayorga and Patrick Lopez. The judges were generous by giving him a victory against Cano, Lopez is a B- level fighter at best and against Mayorga who should not even be allowed to fight Mosley came in as a middleweight.

Those three losses came against Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Mundine and Manny Pacquiao, Mosley was even less competitive in those bouts than against Mayweather. He even suffered his lone knockout loss at the hands of Mudline, who even at his best would not have gone the distance against Mosley let alone have stopped him.

Shane Mosley for whatever reason despite his previous seven bouts was granted an interim WBA welterweight title bout against David Avanesyan. When the bout took place Saturday night there were moments where Mosely appeared a still very capable fighter. Shane would finish the bout strong and even win a few rounds, if you didn’t know better or formed an opinion based off how CBS Sports announcers called the action, one might easily have been convinced Mosley is still a factor to be reckoned with.

In reality Mosley looked and performed like a 44yr old ex-champion, he had trouble pulling the trigger, lacked defense, and was even stunned a few times by punches that at one time would not have even made him blink.

If someone asked me to give my view of what took place against Avanesyan it would be simple and direct.

“He had a few moments against a fighter who lacks experience against world class competition, a fighter who because of that lack of experience gave Mosley more respect than he needed to and it allowed Mosley to finish standing upright.”

What disturbs me about last Saturday is not the fact Mosley was given the interim title shot despite his recent ring record. I predicted he would lose when breaking down the bout on “The Billy C Morning Show” in this era titles mean little. The disturbing part is should Mosley have won he would have been in line to face the winner of Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman. A victory would have also convinced Mosley he had a shot at defeating whoever wins their upcoming showdown. A bout against either would be disastrous for Mosley, in fact any top five active welterweight would severely punish Mosely in the ring, yet the WBA has no conscience when it comes to allowing fighters to be sacrificial lambs.

As a true admirer of the sport who has a  genuine appreciation of what fighters go through searching for glory, it pains me to see once great fighters a mere shell of themselves literally decline in front of us.  

Without question Shane Mosley is a genuine warrior, while capturing world titles in three divisions during his 23yr career he never once sought the easy route. There’s no doubt in my mind Mosley is a first ballot hall of famer, yet he delays that induction by continuing to step in the ring, tarnishing his legacy a little bit in each outing.

I hope Mosley who escaped his bout against Avanesyan with little more than hurt pride, thinks hard and decides to call it a day. There is nothing left got him to prove, he gave us his all and cemented his legacy long ago. His wins over Jesse James Leija, Oscar De La Hoya, John Molina, John Brown and even Fernando Vargas cemented his legacy.

The only thing left for him are fights against subpar opponents where both perform horribly or ones where he is used as a “Name” on the resume of an upcoming prospect. We have seen it happen countless times, we will see it happen many more. Once great champions not knowing when to say “No more”, if he stops now the future won’t remember him as one of those champions.

In the class of 2021 we will see Mosley inducted into the International Boxing Hall of fame, bearings intact flashing his million dollar smile, a trademark all great fighters who have the “Sugar” moniker attached to their names.

We can only hope he calls it a day, or at the class of 2021 in-between events we will be sitting around talking about fighters who damaged their legacy not knowing enough to say “Enough” and Mosley’s name might be the first one mentioned.




Photo By: Tom Hogan-ROC Nations Sports


Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 03-28-2016

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights scheduled for this upcoming weekend....look for some underdogs from Mr. Khan this week! Daxx also gives his thoughts on Andre Ward's victory over Sullivan Barerra this past Saturday during his segment on The Billy C Morning Show on 03-28-2016.








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Daxx Khan's Fight of The Week - 02-29-2016

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 02-29-2016.







Frampton and Quigg disappoint in anticipated showdown

By: Daxx Khan - February 28, 2016

Saturday night at the Manchester Arena undefeated super bantamweight champions, Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg met in a highly anticipated showdown to unify the divisions IBF and WBA Super world titles.

This was a bout boxing had been waiting for since both men became champions. On one side Carl Frampton was looking to validate himself as the bigger star, Scott Quigg wanted to show why his name should be first and foremost at Super Bantamweight. It had been so anticipated, tickets for the event sold out in ten minutes.

When the bell sounded all in attendance and watching on ShoBox Extreme were almost certain virtual fireworks would be seen in the ring, unfortunately neither man produced.

It started with a slow cautious first round, seeming as though Quigg and Frampton were looking to establish a game plan while looking for openings. Once round one was over, the next seven rounds observers wondered.

“When will Quigg actually throw a punch? Is his strategy really to plod forward while catching punches on his arms and gloves?”

While Carl Frampton was slightly more active, he left observers wondering “When will he actually land a significant punch not on Quigg’s arms or gloves?”

It would not be until the eighth round did they start producing action. Once Quigg let his hands go, he appeared to get stronger with every passing round punishing Frampton’s body. When the eleventh ended, Quigg appeared in control, Frampton hurt and fading.

The last round was similar to the first, as both circled looking for an opening yet neither taking initiative to take control and win the round outright.  

When the final scores were read, Judges Dave Parris and Carlos Sucre had it 116-112 in favor of Frampton, while Levi Martinez 115-113 for Quigg.

Carl Frampton now the unified IBF and WBA Super world champion improves to 22-0 (14), Scott Quigg suffering his first career loss stands at 31-1-2 (22).

The facts are Carl Frampton while not landing anything significant, won this fight simply by being slightly more active early putting rounds in the bank.

Quigg seemingly entered with a bad strategy, hoping Frampton would fade late so he could impose his will and score a stoppage.

Since neither really answered the question on who was better, a rematch is in order and I think it would produce the expected fireworks.

In Undercard action:
Super Bantamweight- Gavin McDonnell 15-0-2 (4) def. Jorge Sanchez 15-1 (9) via UD 12, wins vacant WBC Silver super bantamweight title.

Featherweight- Isaac Lowe 12-0-1 (5) def. Marco McCullough 14-3-0 (9) via TKO 8, wins vacant Commonwealth (British Empire) featherweight title.

Light Heavyweight- Hosea Burton 15-0 (6) def. Miles Shinkwin 12-1 (6) via TKO 6, wins vacant BBBofC British light heavyweight title.

Bantamweight- Ryan Burnett 13-0 (9) def. Anthony Settoul 21-5 (8), via UD 10, wins vacant WBC International bantamweight title.

Flyweight- Charlie Edwards 7-0 (3) def. Luke Wilton 16-5-1 via UD 10, wins vacant WBC International Silver flyweight title.

Super Lightweight- Josh Taylor 4-0 (4) def. Lyes Chaibi 14-10-2 via KO 2.

Middleweight- Conrad Cummings 8-0-1 (3) def. Victor Garcia 8-7-3 via UD 6.

Super Middleweight- Marcus Morrison 9-0 (6) def. Istvan Kiss 23-24 via TKO 1.

Super welterweight- Scott Fitzgerald 1-0 def. Ben Heap 0-2 via TKO 3.





Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 02-22-2016

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Floyd Mayweather Jr “The Pied Fighter”

By: Daxx Khan - February 22, 2016

When Floyd Mayweather Jr made his pro debut he was called “Pretty Boy”, after his split with Top Rank a few changes to his personality took place and “Money Mayweather” emerged. It doesn’t matter which version of Floyd you preferred if you are a true fan of boxing one thing is for certain, “You have to respect the man’s skillset in the ring”, even if you didn’t always agree with how he went about his business.

When Floyd retired for the second time last September after shutting out Andre Berto, I don’t think anyone with common sense thought it would be for good. Then again I have noticed lately there are not too many people watching the sport with common sense, or should I say that phrase so many hate “The Casuals”.

Let’s be honest here Floyd Mayweather is a man with an ego, that’s not a bad thing but he knows in order to solidify his “The Best Ever” claim something more needs done. At least if he wants it to stick in history books with future fans who have not followed him blindly. There is no way fans 10, 20 or 50 years from now will look back see his last opponent, the fact his most significant bouts that were at a Catchweight and buy into “TBE”. That’s why he needs to comeback, he needs to do it sooner than later because no matter how good you are Father Time in undefeated. He is an even tougher opponent when hungry young fighters looking to create a legacy of their own stand next to him, willing to do battle.

One man who can make fans forget the “Mayweather Era” quickly is Andre Ward, remember for a fair amount of time many believed Ward was better than Floyd pound for pound. Since Ward is now active again, should he defeat his upcoming opponent Sullivan Barrera then face and defeat Sergey Kovalev, Mayweather stock as this era’s best will drop quickly. If we go about sixty four pounds south of Ward we have another fighter quickly creating his own legacy, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez.

At 28 years old and not yet to peak, Gonzalez is just as and in certain aspects better than both Ward and Mayweather, he has a quickly rising fan base and a majority of boxing experts already have dubbed number one pound for pound.

The undefeated record of Mayweather is important to him, Ward and Gonzalez are both undefeated, Gonzalez is closing in on that 49-0 quickly and his fights are more exciting. Inside two years the currently 44-0 (38) Gonzalez can surpass Mayweather before hitting his prime. Andre Ward has quite a few less fights at 28-0 (15) currently but his resume is littered with Herculean opponents.

At the moment Mayweather is setting up his return. We all thought a Manny Pacquiao rematch would be almost definite. The constant excuses for his poor showing against Mayweather, and recent anti-gay comments lowered his public appeal. Since Mayweather is about making the most money possible, he wouldn’t risk pay per view sales not going as planned so that’s most likely off the table. Instead Mayweather is sending out feelers to the public, he is looking to see exactly how much money can be made for a return bout.

Recently Mayweather has taken part in television broadcast at the announce table and made himself very visible at live events. In those moments he poorly ducks questions asked about a possible return. Then of course are his comments be it for the better or worse about upcoming popular fighters and champions in or around his weight class. Some of those are meant to build up the fighter as a viable challenger, other are meant to make critics wish he returns to face in hopes someone steals away Floyds “0”.

This is all to help set up his return against a very obvious opponent, boxing’s current lineal 155lb middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.

Even though Floyd already beat Canelo soundly in 2013, Canelo has shown improvement just not enough to beat Mayweather. A win over Canelo gives him another lineal championship in yet another division and could place Mayweather in that coveted spot as boxing’s all-time best pound for pound. Well not the best but still closer to Sugar Ray Robinson than he sits right now.

There is a reason why Canelo who comes in as a light heavyweight on fight night insist on defending his middleweight title at a Catchweight. There are actually two reasons, one is to avoid facing unified WBA Super, IBO and IBF middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. The other is to make the fight against Mayweather credible, after all it would not be fair for Mayweather to fight a full-fledged middleweight.

Since Gennady Golovkins name was already mentioned above that brings up another point, recently Mayweather has stated how easy he would beat Golovkin. The moment a Canelo vs Mayweather rematch is officially announced, rumors of Mayweather versus Golovkin being next will circulate immediately.

That notion alone would boost sales for a Canelo rematch three fold, his fans to hopefully see him dispatch the “GGG” myth and his critics to see him starched cold.

He has been called “Pretty Boy”, “Money” and even “A Cherry Picker”, me I refer to him as “The Pied Fighter” because he leads fans right where he wants them just by whistling the right tune. When he does they all follow along and in the end the only one who benefits is Floyd, everyone else wonder afterwards “What happened to fight we were promised and why did we get suckered into spending those pay per view dollars”.





Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 02-08-2016

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Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 02-01-2016

Due to the light boxing schedule this week, Daxx Khan breaks down and gives his thoughts on the World Light Heavyweight Championship rematch between Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal, which took place this past Saturday in Canada, during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio program on 02-01-2016.








Kovalev stops Pascal in seven, Mikhaylenko dominates Mayfield

By: Daxx Khan - January 31, 2016

In March of last year when former lineal light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal entered the ring to challenge Sergey Kovalev for his unified World light heavyweight titles, he oozed confidence. After some early success Pascal would be both knocked down and stopped for the first time in his career. He felt the stoppage was premature and pushed for a rematch. Once the rematch was signed Pascal sought out a new trainer in Freddie Roach, reviewed what went wrong in the first fight and worked with Roach to correct those mistakes so not to repeat them.

On Saturday when the rematch took place Pascal stepped in the ring to not only redeem his loss but beat respect into Kovalev for pre-fight comments Pascal deemed racist. He in fact felt so strongly about comments Kovalev made, he had openly called Sergey a racist. That of course did not sit well with the champion who promised to punish Pascal for the insinuation.

When the bell rang to begin round one both fighters looked to feel each other out, Pascal circled the ring trying to find his distance while Kovalev jabbed the body. Once the second round began Kovalev opened up his arsenal and seemingly left an impact on Pascal with every punch he landed.

As round three started it was clear Kovalev had decided to fulfill his promise and punish Pascal. The champion let his hands go with calculated combinations putting Pascal in full retreat mode. There was a small rally from Pascal towards the end of the round but nothing he could sustain into the fourth, in fact Pascal would only land two punches the entire round. At the start of round five Pascal’s legs were visibly weakening, fatigue setting in and Kovalev’s punches even more effective.

There was concern from Freddie Roach and referee Michael Griffin after the sixth ended, they both pleaded with Pascal to call it a night, Pascal made a case himself and was allowed one more round. It was a brave attempt from Pascal who hoped he would somehow rally back but Kovalev slowly stalked and landed at will, while Pascal looked like a broken fighter trying to hang on simply out of pride. After the seventh ended Freddie Roach called a stop to Pascal’s abuse, it was perhaps a few rounds overdue though this time Pascal did not even attempt to argue.

In his post-fight interview Kovalev admitted he purposely punished Pascal and could have ended the fight at any time. He wanted the fight to continue so he could punish Pascal further, even stating Pascal owed him $50,000 for a bet made between them pertaining to the fights outcome. When asked if he cared that openly stating he purposely punished Pascal might not be something fans want to hear and could cost him fan support, Kovalev stated he didn’t care as a dangerous even somewhat evil smile came across his face.

The names Andre Ward and Adonis Stevenson were mentioned as future opponents, Kovalev agreed he wanted to face both and openly expressed his dislike for Stevenson who had entered the ring with some cronies.

After Kovalev’s comment directed towards Stevenson, the WBC champion used a school yard bully tactic, acting as though he needed to be restrained by his cronies in order not to attack Kovalev on site. At ringside Bernard Hopkins stated it was a ruse by Stevenson pretending to want the fight he has been avoiding.

Jean Pascal for his part was classy in defeat, crediting Kovalev for being the better man in the ring Saturday, showing no hard feelings for anything that took place leading up to the event including comments he had felt were racist.

Sergey Kovalev improved to 29-0-1 (26), Jean Pascal now stands at 30-4-1 (17).

In the night’s televised opener undefeated welterweight Dmitry Mikhaylenko took on Karim Mayfield. Early in the fight Mayfield started strong looking to establish dominance but Mikhaylenko quickly took over using volume and pressure.

Since Mayfield was a late replacement opponent for Ray Robinson who withdrew due to a car accident, he did not have a full training camp. Karim’s biggest obstacle seemed to be stamina and inability to keep up with Dmitry’s pace, at no time was he hurt in the bout just simply outworked. In the end after a valiant effort by Mayfield he lost a wide unanimous decision. Final scores read 100-90 twice and 99-91 all in favor of Dmitry Mikhaylenko who improved to 21-0 (9). Karim Mayfield now stands at 19-3-1 (11).

In off-air Undercard action
Welterweight- Sebastien Bouchard 12-1 (4) def. Damian Mielewczyk 9-2 (7) via UD 6.
Middleweight- Francis Lafreniere 11-5-2 (6) def. Renan St Juste 26-5-1 (18) via UD 10.   
Super Welterweight- Steven Butler 14-0-1 (11) def. Antonio Hoffmann 13-1 (9) via UD 8.
Middleweight- Virgilijus Stapulionis 26-3-1 (19) def. Laszlo Fazekas 28-24-1 (18) via TKO 2.
Super Lightweight- David Theroux 9-1 (6) def. Juan Armando Garcia 13-3-2 (6) via TKO 3.
Heavyweight- Cassius Chaney 6-0 (4) def. Zoltan Csala 9-5 (7) via TKO 3.
Super Bantamweight- Vislan Dalkhaev 5-0 (1) def. Alan Salazar 5-2 (2) via UD 4.
Super Featherweight- Joel Diaz Jr 21-0 (17) def. Abraham Gomez 22-12-1 (11) via TKO 2.





Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 01-28-2016

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio program on 01-28-2016.









Wilder Stops Szpilka Cold! Martin goes home with bogus strap

By: Daxx Khan - January 18, 2016

Saturday night on Showtime at the Barclays Center, Deontay Wilder made the third defense of his WBC heavyweight title with an impressive knockout over Artur Szpilka. In the co-feature Charles Martin claimed the vacant IBF belt after a bizarre ending against Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov.

Sitting ringside observing with interest were both lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and WBC mandatory challenger Alexander Povetkin. After the main event Tyson Fury, would enter the ring to make it publicly known “The Lineal” heavyweight champion was not hard to find, should any of the nights winners care to unify.
Wilder versus Szpilka was competitive contest for the most part as Szpilka used head movement and feints to frustrated Wilder, making him lunge and swing wildly. It was not until the fourth did Wilder begin finding a home for his right hand. He looked very comfortable entering the fifth winning rounds but not dominating them by any means.

Wilder a bit over anxious in the eighth, going down from his own momentum after seeking a homerun right. Deontay would finally land the showstopper at 2:24 of the ninth when Szpilka attempted a left hook, a straight right from Wilder landed first stopping him cold.

Deontay Wilder was pure class during post-fight moments, showing concern for the condition and well-being of Szpilka.

“We are here to do a job but I don’t want to see anyone seriously hurt, people call fighters bums but need to understand we risk our lives every time in here. He might be OK right now but later on there could be issues that develop, I say two prayers before every fight, one for my team and a victory, one for everyone to come out safely win or lose”.

That’s when lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury entered the ring for a WWE moment, they began jawing back and forth until officials separated them, directing Fury out of the ring.

Deontay Wilder with his third title defense improves to 36-0 (35), Artur Szpilka now stands at 20-2 (15).

The Vacant IBF heavyweight title fight between Glazkov and Martin was nothing short of a sham. In the first two rounds neither fighter looked to take control of the bout and establish dominance. Glazkov would slip on the ring advertisement during round three and injure his ankle. Less than a minute later while avoiding a punch attempted by Martin, slip again then state to referee Albert Earl Brown he was unable to continue. The official end was called at 2:24 of the round. Afterwards early reports stated Glazkov suffered a torn right ACL.

Charles Martin who claimed the vacant IBF heavyweight belt via TKO based off an injury, seemed a bit unsure how to respond to Jim Grey’s post-fight questions. When asked his thoughts on the stoppage Martin replied.

“I hurt guys no matter where I hit them”, afterwards Grey states “You missed the punch you threw and he went down”. That’s when a comment from Martin provided a comment even more odd than the fights ending.

“Yeah that’s right no matter where I hit they go down”. It was without question an awkward moment for all.

Charles Martin in claiming the IBF heavyweight belt improves to 23-0-1 (21). Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov now stands at 21-1-1 (13).

 Undercard action-
Heavyweight- Adam Kownacki 13-0 def. Danny Kelly 11-2-1. Via UD 8.
Super Middleweight- Maciej Sulecki 22-0 def. Derrick Findley 22-17-1 via TKO 7.
Light Heavyweight- Mike Lee 16-0 def. Joe Gardner 11-9-1 via TKO 4.
Welterweight- Ivan Golub 10-0 def. Juan Rodriguez Jr 12-4 via TKO 1.
Light Heavyweight- Carlos Gongora 4-0 def. Derrick Adkins 1-1-1 via TKO 4.
Super Middleweight- Botirsher Obidov 4-0-1 def. Ramil Gadzhiev 1-1 via UD 4.
Welterweight- Julian Sosa 4-0-1 def. Bryan Timmons 3-7 via TKO 2.





Pascal confident heading into Kovalev rematch- If smart he fires Roach win or lose

By: Daxx Kahn - January 15, 2016

We are sixteen days away from the unified World light heavyweight championship rematch between Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal. After a disappointing stoppage loss in their first meeting, Pascal removes the corner of Marc Ramsay and Roy Jones Jr, in comes Freddie Roach.

At yesterday’s media workout, Pascal indicated a full understanding on what went wrong during the first bout and confidence of redemption in the rematch.

“A few things went wrong but they were very minor. Right now we have corrected those mistakes so I can be victorious on Jan. 30. My mental [attitude] is very strong. I am physically strong. I am very confident. I am well-prepared physically and mentally.”


He also seems happy with how things have been going with Roach thus far.

 “I like Freddie. He is a great boxing coach. One thing that I like about Freddie is he is a coach who likes to listen. He is going to try to see my point of view. He is going to explain to me his point of view. I am my own boss. I need a partner. Freddie is the right partner right now. I became world champion. I am about to become two-time world champion in a few weeks. I need more like a partner to evolve than a boss.”

If I judge Pascal’s chances of victory in the rematch based off those comments and how he looked in footage of yesterday’s workout, I am starting to believe this will be a competitive bout. I do question Freddie Roach and his intentions going into the fight, based off some of his comments yesterday. While he was 100% accurate on the first fight itself, “I thought he fought a poor fight. I thought he was looking for a knockout too much and he can’t do that. You go out there and box. Use your boxing ability. Beat this guy every round at a time. If a knockout comes that’s a bonus.”

He appeared more concerned with how Pascal will make him look as a trainer, than Pascal the fighter.

 “I told him if you go out there and start swinging for the fences and get real wild like you can do at times when you get back to the corner I won’t be there. I’m going to go home. I said, ‘Don’t embarrass me like that.” You are a professional fighter. You know how to box. Go out there and outbox this guy.”

I can totally understand the fact Roach is trying to get Pascal’s head in the right place. What you say privately and state to the public are two different things. When factoring in the recent run of bad luck Roach has had with his top fighters an open comment of “Don’t embarrass me like that.” Makes me believe Freddie Roach’s number one priority is Freddie Roach.

The man who was inducted into the 2012 International Boxing Hall of Fame and won the BWAA 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 & 2014 trainer of the year awards, is tired of being embarrassed. It’s not his fighter’s losses that create the embarrassment, the embarrassment stems from Roach’s big mouth.

Has Roach given it any thought on the fashion in which he predicts knockout wins for all of his fighters? He does more talking than his fighters in the “Prefight” build up and makes the excuses for them if a loss takes place.

If Roach did not so boldly predict Pacquiao will knock Mayweather out leading to their May 2nd bout, he would not have been embarrassed after Pacquiao was shut out by margins of up to ten and twelve points on the judges’ cards. If he did not claim Cotto was going to knock out Canelo in their November 21st middleweight bout, then go on rants afterwards about the judges scoring he would not have been embarrassed.

If Freddie Roach would just shut up and state his fighter will do the best they can and are confident in victory because they trained hard, the embarrassment would not be there. Has Freddie Roach ever heard the old saying “Open mouth insert foot”? I am guessing he either has not or does not understand its meaning.

I hope for the sake of Jean Pascal, win or lose he publicly fires Freddie Roach. This is a fighter working hard to resurrect his career, one brimming with confidence about his upcoming performance. A fighter who knows his past mistakes and wants to avoid making those mistakes again.

In return he gets a trainer who is already trying to shift any blame that might possibly be directed towards him before the bell even rings.

Jean Pascal might be able to win this fight with the help of Freddie Roach, but he can do badly all by himself. At least then he only has himself to blame and not worry about what his trainer will be blaming him for as well.

We hear Roach state “We won” on a regular basis when his fighters are successful, when was the last time you heard Freddie Roach say “We lost”? I think before Roach starts taking credit for wins and blaming others for losses he should remember.

Win or lose he didn’t take a single punch those nights.





Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 01-11-2016

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Daxx Khan - 01-04-2016

Daxx Khan gives his thoughts during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 01-04-2016.







2015 Boxing Humbug and Happy Holidays

By: Daxx Khan - December 28, 2015

Well here it is again “Christmas” the time of year to appreciate life’s little things, count our blessings, concentrate more on giving than receiving, remember that so long as we have family and our health everything else is only material. Seriously with all that hooey? OK now that I opened up with the plot of a poorly scripted made for TV holiday movie, let’s get down to business. Should I actually be into all that overly commercial holiday spirit, looking back on the three biggest fights of 2015 mine would be more like Scrooge and full of “Humbug”.

While boxing fans did ask for these fights and got them, none really ended with the result we had hoped to see because one way or another they were stained by controversy.  

Here are my “Bah Humbug” events of 2015.

Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao- After years and years of build up with an anticipated crowd in attendance and record breaking pay per view sales, the fight finally took place on May second. Instead of a mega fight we ended up with a mega event.

Since the wait was so long and build up so high, the fight itself could not possibly have lived up to expectations. Floyd did what he was supposed to and always has, box smart, stay out of danger and scored a unanimous decision victory.

Manny Pacquiao on the other hand for whatever reason forgot to show up, appearing just happy to be there and then blamed it on a bad shoulder. It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not point is “How you can be one half of the highest grossing fight in history then make an excuse for losing?”

The loss was acceptable, his excuse was not. There is no way to blame Floyd for what took place he performed in usual fashion, blame here is all on Pacquiao. I do blame both for ruining the term “Mega Fight”, because neither went above and beyond to put on a show for fans who funded their earned fortunes.  

Wladamir Klitschko versus Tyson Fury. It was a long time since we had seen a genuine undisputed heavyweight title fight between a dominate champion and capable young hungry contender.

This too went much as expected, Klitschko fought cautiously, Fury used size and youth to his advantage and gained the win. Tyson Fury in victory was pure class by thanking all involved including Klitschko, apologizing for any pre-fight antics that might have insulted anyone stating it was all “Tongue in cheek” to sell the fight.

Then before he had a chance to enjoy his victory almost without notice the IBF strips him of their title. How can you not allow a new champion who just ended a dominate era, the chance to even polish his belt? Yes we all know the reasons given but seriously less than two weeks?

The IBF managed to literally show exactly why boxing has more to do with politics than anything that happens between the ropes. On January 16th Vyacheslav Glazkov and Charles Martin are scheduled to fight for the vacant title. If the winner does not insist on facing Fury next far as I am concerned they are in possession of stolen property.

Miguel Cotto versus Canelo Alvarez for the lineal middleweight title. A majority of fans were hoping Cotto would face his mandatory Gennady Golovkin and see a legitimate unification fight but since Cotto seemed unwilling this would do. Add the “Puerto Rico versus Mexico” rivalry it made the event even more desirable.

Meanwhile Golovkin collected the IBF title by blowing out a very dangerous David Lemieux. Since the WBC ordered the winner of Cotto and Canelo enter negotiations with Golovkin within fifteen days afterwards, this seemed a precursor for an even more anticipated showdown.  

What ends up happening? The bout takes place at a Catchweight, the WBC strips Cotto of the title weeks before the fight making it available for Canelo only, he wins then they give an extension on the fifteen days on the negotiation deadline.

 If that was not enough of a slap in everyone’s face Canelo states he will only fight Golovkin at a Catchweight of 155lbs. Once again another major fight and moment in the sport was ruined by ego, failure to enforce rules and politics.

On a positive note, we did see young undefeated heavyweight prospects Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte faceoff. Al Haymon good bad or indifferent provided fans with free boxing on network TV through his PBC series. He even brought in top caliber fighters American fans have only heard about from overseas.

Teddy Atlas gave one of the most memorable speeches from a corner we have ever heard, when he and Timothy Bradley worked together for the first time. It will be for a long time that when I am watching a fight that is boring me to sleep, my mind thinks “We are FIREMAN” and I suddenly wake up with no need for coffee.

We will have to see what 2016 brings, with all the potential matchup’s already in the works there should be no reason why next year there will be any reason for “Boxing Humbug”




Questions and Answers- The Turning Stone Casino closes out 2015 with a quality card

By: Daxx Khan - December 21, 2015

Saturday night at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona NY, Golden Boy Promotions along with Top Rank put on a quality card to close out 2015. As I sat in press row with Billy C, here are questions on some of the featured fighters that were answered and new ones that came to light on others by time the night was over.

On Luis Ortiz the questions prior to his interim title defense against Bryant Jennings surrounded his history of PEDS and level of competition to this point. I don’t know of anyone who disagreed that Jennings was to be Ortiz toughest challenge to date as a professional. Since both fighters tested clean according to VADA some wondered “Will Ortiz power still exist and if not can he succeed on this level?”

Those questions were answered with a capital YES punctuated by an exclamation point. Ortiz broke Jennings down and dominated the action over six rounds, dropped him with a huge uppercut during the 7th then shortly later let loose a barrage of shots that forced referee Dick Pakozdi to halt things at 2:41 of the round.

Luis Ortiz who improved to 24-0 (21) is a threat to any fighter in the heavyweight division including Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. Bryant Jennings drops to 19-2 (10).

As for Bryant Jennings, the beating he took was very reminiscent of what Wladamir Klitschko did to Chris Byrd in their second meeting. The speed and athletic advantage belonged to Byrd much like Jennings against Ortiz but once Klitschko landed those big power shots, his legs were gone.

Just like Byrd against Klitschko, Jennings was unable to hurt the bigger stronger champion no matter how hard he tried. Yet every punch he absorbed had a lasting effect, making it near impossible to mount a sustained offense. That fight too ended in the seventh by TKO.

Chris Byrd afterwards was never the same fighter or won a significant bout, question on Jennings is will he be able to bounce back?  

The Co-feature was between former WBA featherweight title holder Nicolas Walters and Jason Sosa. In June Walters lost his title on the scales, this would be his first official bout as a Super Featherweight. The question here was “How many rounds will it take for the Axe Man to chop down another tree?”

When you consider the difference in quality of opposition and most expected a dominate performance for the ex-champion. Instead he struggled from the start, Sosa had an answer for anything Walters offered. At times it appeared Walters was frustrated by the fact he could not bully Sosa like he has past opponents, especially once Sosa smothered Walters taking away his distance needed to generate power.

In the end Walters was lucky to get a majority draw, Don Ackerman and Wynn Kintz scored it even at 95-95, Tom Schreck had Sosa up by two seeing it 96-94. The result brought up another question “Can Walters succeed in a division where he will not always have a power advantage?” Nicholas Walters now stands at 26-0-1 (21), Jason Sosa 18-1-4 (14).

After a yearlong layoff Yuriorkis Gamboa returned to the ring to face little known Hylon Williams Jr, a slick fighter with virtually no power.
The question was “Would we see a vintage Gamboa performance or a comeback fight to shake off ring rust?”

The last time Hylon Williams Jr faced world class competition was in 2012 against another Cuban fighter Rances Barthelemy and in that fight he was virtually shut out, Barthelemy has nowhere near the speed of Gamboa making the consensus this would be a vintage Gamboa performance.

Instead Gamboa looked sloppy, swinging wild at times, Hylon Williams Jr often beat Gamboa to the punch making him look average. In the end judges Glenn Feldman and John McKaie scored it 98-92 for Gamboa while Don Ackerman had it a bit closer at 96-94 for Gamboa. Yuriorkis Gamboa improved to 25-1 (17), Hylon Williams Jr now stands at 16-2-1 (3).

I personally scored it 100-70 in favor of Gamboa, of course that’s because every time those two obnoxious friends of Williams standing behind press row screamed profanity and then yelled in their absolute worst Ricky Ricardo voices.

“Cubano can’t take your power champ” I deducted another point, otherwise I seen it the same as Don Ackerman. The question remaining now on Gamboa is “Will these long layoffs continue, it’s evident they are effecting him in the ring?” If they continue he will soon become a fighter who “Wasted his best years with inactivity?”

This was a solid year of action at the Turning Stone let’s hope it continues in 2016, they have the potential to the hottest fight venue in the north east outside of New York City.

In other action
Middleweight- Gabriel Rosado 22-9 (13) def. Joshua Clottey 39-5 (22) via UD 10.
Super Welterweight- Steve Martinez 16-2 (13) def. Jorge Melendez 29-5-1 (27) via TKO 2.
Super Middleweight- D'Mitrius Ballard 11-0 (7) def. Fabiano Pena 14-4 (10) via UD 6.
Light Heavyweight- Vyacheslav Shabranskyy 15-0 (10) def. Yunieski Gonzalez 16-2 (12).





Daxx Khan's Fights Of The Week - 12-14-2015

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Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 12-07-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts three important Heavyweight Fights scheduled for this week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 12-07-2015.








THE BATTLE FOR BROOKLYN- Jacobs stuns Quillin in one

By: Daxx Khan - December 6, 2015

After a two year build up and open desire by both fighters to make this fight happen, Peter Quillin and Daniel Jacobs finally faced off Saturday night at the Barclays Center to see who really “The Boss of Brooklyn” is. On the line was Jacobs WBA regular middleweight title but bragging rights is what both fighters wanted more than the meaningless strap.

The fight started with Quillin looking to establish himself but Jacobs caught him with a big shot that stunned him, Jacobs let loose a nonstop flurry that had Quillin in trouble and forced referee Harvey Dock to halt the action at 1:25 of the first round. Daniel Jacobs improves to 31-1 (28), Peter Quillin now stands at 32-1-1 (23).

In usual post-fight fashion the announce team started calling for Jacobs versus Golovkin, when Jim Grey asked Jacobs about fighting Golovkin he would reply “That’s up to my management”, a safe answer to a dangerous question.

A WBA featherweight world title fight between champion Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar and Jonathan Oquendo co-featured the evening. It was an easy fight to score as Cuellar pushed the action backing Oquendo up, while Oquendo looked to try and box and is the better boxer of the two he was not active enough.

It would not be until the late rounds did Oquendo decide to let his hands go freely, by then it was too late to make an impact on the cards. When final scores were read the judges seen it in favor of Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar 116-112 twice and 120-107. I had the fight scored 117-110 in favor of Cuellar who improved to 28-1 (21), Oquendo now stands at 26-5 (16).

Coming off back to back losses in his two biggest career bouts former WBO light welterweight title holder Chris Algieri took on the always tough Erick Bone. It was a nonstop all action fight from start to finish with Algieri controlling the fight inside and Bone when at a distance.  

In round seven with the fight virtually even, the fighter’s feet became tangled as Algieri landed a body shot causing Bone to go down, while not hurt or genuinely knocked down it was costly on the cards.

The fight closed with both men were trading punches as if would be the deciding round. When final scores were read judges seen it officially 95-94 and 97-92 twice in favor of Algieri. I personally had it a bit closer at 96-93 in favor of Algieri with the knockdown being the extra difference. Chris Algieri improved to 21-2 (8), Erick Bone now stands at 16-3 (8).

The night’s first televised card undefeated light heavyweight Marcus Browne took on Francisco Sierra. The bout was all Browne from the start, cutting Sierra over the left eye, landing with precision and power. It was not due to a lack of effort by Sierra who tried but his speed and power were no match for Browne. It was halted at 2:01 of the fourth round due to the cut. Marcus Browne improved to 16-0 (12), Francisco Sierra now stands at 27-10-1.

In Undercard action-    
Light Heavyweight- Joe Smith Jr 20-1 def. Will Rosinsky 19-3 via UD 10.
Super Bantamweight- Heather Hardy 15-0 def.  Noemi Bosques 10-4-2 via UD 8.
Super Welterweight- Yuri Foreman 33-2 def. Lenwood Dozier 9-10-1 via UD 8.
Cruiserweight- Luis Garcia 13-0 def. Willie Williams 14-11-2 via TKO 1.
Super Featherweight- Titus Williams 4-0 def. Emmanuel Castro 2-2 via UD 6.
Super Lightweight- John Hernandez 6-1 def. Jack Grady 0-3-1 via UD 4.





Sergiy Derevyanchenko


Jarrett Hurd shocks Galarza; Derevyanchenko demonstrates why he's called “The Technician”

By: Daxx Khan - November 15, 2015
Saturday night on ShoBox at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas undefeated Super Welterweights Frank Galarza and Jarrett Hurd headlined a night of action that also featured undefeated prospects David Benavidez and Super Middleweight Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

As expected Galarza and Hurd traded nonstop from the opening bell, Galarza would apply the pressure looking to fight inside but Hurd unexpectedly got the better of the exchanges, Galarza would go down for the first time in his career during the fourth.

As the fourth closed Hurd threw his hands up as if he had already won the fight because of the knockdown scored, he failed to follow up on Galarza who was still on wobbly legs when round five started. The entire fifth round would be spent with Galarza moving around looking to regain his legs under him and Hurd following.

It mattered none that Hurd failed to capitalize on a hurt Galarza in the 5th because he would gain the stoppage at 0:59 of the sixth. Jarrett Hurd improved to 17-0 (11) while Galarza drops to 17-1-2 (11).

This was a good win for Jarrett Hurd who from judging on his performance is only a few fights away from top ten status in the 154lb division.
In the night’s opener highly thought of 18yr old light heavyweight prospect David Benavidez made short work of veteran Felipe Romero. It would take just two minutes for Benavidez to get his job done by attacking Romero with a barrage of power shots dropping him three times before referee Robert Byrd waved the contest off.

We might not have gotten any answers on exactly how good Benavidez really is because the contest was so short and Felipe Romero was his best opponent to date, it was an impressive looking showcase if anything. The win improves Benavidez record to 11-0 (10), Romero now stands at 19-10-1 (13).

In a Super Middleweight contest Russian prospect Sergiy Derevyanchenko also made short work of his opponent veteran Jessie Nicklow. It was a master performance by Derevyanchenko who broke Nicklow down with relentless pressure and combination punching. While Nicklow was a willing opponent he did not have the goods to offer any resistance and was halted at 2:18 of the third. Sergiy Derevyanchenko improved to 7-0 (5), Jessie Nicklow now stands at 25-8-3 (8).

In Undercard action-
Heavyweight- Bermane Stiverne 25-2-1 (21) def. Derric Rossy 30-11 (14) via UD 10.
Welterweight- Charvis Holifield 4-1-1 (3) MD 6. Dwain Victorian 5-3-1 (3).
Welterweight- Sanjarbek Rakhmanov 3-0 (2) def. Somner Martin 4-1 (2) via TKO 2.
Super Lightweight- Trakwon Pettis 2-0 (1) def. Marquis Hawthorne 1-1 via UD 4.




Rodriguez survives scare

By: Daxx Khan - November 15, 2015 

Friday night on Spike TV, Premier Boxing Champions broadcast from the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, The headliner was a light heavyweight bout between Edwin Rodriguez and undefeated Michael Seals.

It was all action from the opening bell. In the first round Rodriguez would drop Seals early then hit the canvas twice himself going back to his corner on shaky legs. He would come back, drop Seals in both rounds two and three closing the show at: 24 seconds of the third round.

Hopefully for Rodriguez the knockdowns were a matter of being a bit rusty, getting careless while trying to make a statement and gets some more ring time sooner than later before stepping up to seek a title fight, against a higher caliber opponent he would not have made it to the second round. Rodriguez improved to 28-1 (19), Seals now stands at 19-1 (14).


Undercard action
Light Heavyweight- Thomas Williams Jr 19-1 (13) def. Umberto Savigne 12-3 (9) via TKO 2.
Welterweight- Bryant Perrella 12-0 (11) def. Chaquib Fadli 13-6 (7) via TKO 1.
Cruiserweight- Radivoje Kalajdzic 21-0 (14) def. Fabio Garrido 28-5-1 (23) via KO 1.
Middleweight- Fernando Guerrero 28-3 (20) def. Daniel Souza Santos 14-9 (11) via TKO 7.
Super Lightweight- Darwin Price 9-0 (5) def. Alvaro Ortiz 7-6-1 (5) via UD 8.
Middleweight- Alantez Fox 18-0-1 (7) def. Todd Manuel 10-10-1 (1) via RTD 4.
Super Lightweight- Nicholas Givhan 15-0-1 def. Juan Santiago 15-15-2 via MD 6.





Guerfi and Barrios victorious in Texas

By: Daxx Khan - November 11, 2015

Tuesday night PBC broadcast on Fox Sports 1 from the Music Hall in Austin, Texas headlined by a super bantamweight showdown between former world title challengers Alejandro Gonzalez Jr and Karim Guerfi.

The first round would be Gonzalez shining moment as immediately went on the attack against Guerfi who despite his high guard was dropped by a hook to the body, Guerfi would get up and fight his way through the round showing he was not there to be an “Opponent”.

After a successful first Gonzalez would continue pressuring Guerfi but never gain control of the action. The counters and flurries coming from a very relaxed Guerfi, disrupted and frustrated Gonzalez for the contest remainder.  It was discovered that Gonzalez hurt his hand during the first round possibly making it hard to manage any sustained attack that could have turned the fight in his favor.

The Judges scored it 97-92, 96-93 and 95-94 all in favor of Karim Guerfi who improved to 23-3 (6), Gonzalez now stands at 25-3-2 (15).

Opening the card was undefeated Super Featherweight Miguel Flores taking on hard hitting hard hitting Alfred Tetteh. It was a brief affair dominated by Flores who stopped Tetteh at 1:10 of the second round. Miguel Flores improved to 18-0 (9), Alfred Tetteh now stands at 23-5-1 (20).

An eight round contest between undefeated six foot tall Super Featherweight prospect Mario Barrios and Enrique Tinoco was the night’s most entertaining affair. While Barrios was the prospect it was the Tinoco who entered with two defeats looking to make a statement.

As Barrios tried to use his height and box from the outside Tinoco applied pressure, timing Barrios and beating him to the punch during the early rounds. A body shot landed by Barrios in the third slowed down Tinoco slightly and allowed him to regain some control of the contest. At no time did Tinoco back step even after the body shot, continuing to give Barrios all he could ask for and more.

In the end all three judges scored it 78-74 for Barrios who improved to 13-0 (7) while Enrique Tinoco drops to 15-3-2 (11). I personally had it a bit closer scoring the contest 78-76 in favor of Barrios.




Historic titles of Zale and Basilio stolen from IBHOF- Police looking for leads

By: Daxx Khan - November 10, 2015

I was shocked at hearing the news that Canastota’s International Boxing Hall of Fame was burglarized last Thursday morning between the hours of 2-3am. According to reports early November 5th six world title belts were removed from the premises. The belts belonged to former two division world champion Carmen Basilio and former middleweight champion Tony Zale.

The missing collection includes Basilio’s middleweight world championship won from “Sugar” Ray Robinson on September 23rd 1957 at Yankee stadium, his 1956 welterweight title won against Johnny Saxton, 1955 welterweight title belt from his win over Tony DeMarco and 1953 title belt from his twelve round decision over Billy Graham.

The 1957 bout against Robinson and 1956 bout against Saxton were both named “Fights of the year” by Ring Magazine.

The titles once belonging to Tony Zale stolen were his 1941 unified middleweight championship and his June 6th 1948 middleweight title won from Rocky Graziano.

The 1941 title was unified by Zale when he defeated Georgie Abrams, at the time of their meeting Zale heled the divisions NBA version and Abrams the NYSAC version. The 1948 title won from Graziano was the final bout of their brutal three fight series. It was also Zale’s last world title bout and last victory inside the ring.

On September 21st 1948 three months after his victory over Graziano, Zale would lose his title to Marcel Cerdan when he failed to answer the bell for the 12th round, then retire from boxing.

Why would anyone steal these pieces of boxing history? While the titles are certainly a prestigious collector’s item any boxing fan would give their right arm to own, it’s not as if they could be sold for any sort of financial gain.

When considering the fact it’s known worldwide they were enshrined at the IBHOF and never placed for sale even the greediest of collectors would shy away from purchasing them at any price.

The title belts could not be shown off, resold or even be seen because someone surely would call authorities. If they were discovered as someone tried leaving the country there would not only be theft but smuggling charges, increasing the punishment ten times.

The police chief of Canastota James Zophy stated himself to the media “I believe the monetary value of the belts is not there, it is the prestige of having them”.

I am personally a bit baffled how an alarm system did not go off when the thief made his way into the hall of fame through a window that was broken to gain access. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. There is a good chance that this is something local police might need some assistance in regaining.

The Canastota Chief of police James Zophy has asked that anyone with any information to contact the department at 315-697-2240.
In 25 years this is the first time something like this has happened at the International Boxing Hall of fame, let’s hope it’s the last. It would be a shame to lose these important parts of our sports history.   






Bradley and Lomachenko win impressively- With a little help from careful matchmaking

By: Daxx Khan - November 08, 2015

Saturday night on HBO from the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Top Rank featured a WBO world title double header. The night’s headliner was between current WBO welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley and former lightweight title holder Brandon Rios, co-featured by WBO featherweight title holder Vasyl Lomachenko defending his belt against Romulo Koasicha.

The talk leading up to Saturday’s card surrounded one question “Will having Teddy Atlas in Bradley’s corner benefit him in any way?” While Bradley has already established himself as a “Pound for pound” ranked fighter it was done so by being a pure “Boxer”. In recent fights Bradley has somewhat abandoned that style for whatever reason and is easily drawn into brawls. It was stated several times by Atlas he knew what changes needed to be made so Bradley could return to his former self. There were skeptical observers on fight night who could only think about how ineffective Atlas was in the corner for former heavyweight title holder Alexander Povetkin.

The bout started with Bradley moving well and boxing behind his jab, anytime Rios would close the distance Bradley held, at times that was beneficial for Rios whose best work has always been on the inside. As the bout wore on Bradley scored points using combinations and volume, on occasion Rios would land a solid shot and upset Bradley’s rhythm, afterwards Bradley held waiting for referee Toney Weeks to create distance between them.

It would only take four rounds before Brandon Rios who spent much of his camp just trying to lose weight instead of getting into fighting shape started fading. The work rate of Timothy Bradley was too much for an out of shape Rios to handle, absorbing five punches for every one he threw let alone landed.

It would finally be too much for Rios to handle, after going down twice in the ninth from body punches referee Tony Weeks halted the action. With his win Timothy Bradley improved to 33-1-1 (13), Brandon Rios now stands at 33-3-1 (24).

When you look at Bradley’s history and the fact he was able to stop and iron chinned Rios with body shots left us with no answers on how Atlas impacted Bradley either way. As they say in the gym “Everyone looks like a beast banging a heavy bag”, the out of shape Rios who even when in shape is never hard to hit, Saturday night out of shape Rios played the role of “Heavybag”.

It was a night where the right opponent was picked at the right time to make the team of Timothy Bradley and Teddy Atlas look more successful than it might actually be. I personally would need to see Bradley against a less ring worn and more skilled opponent than a one dimensional Brandon Rios who has made a career out of being able to absorb punishment.

Brandon Rios stated in his post-fight interview he was “Done with boxing”, this more than likely was a decision made before the fight ever started.

The first televised championship bout would be between Lomachenko and Koasicha, while Koasicha was game he certainly should not have been in against Vasyl. It would be a showcase performance for Lomachenko who only needed his fundamentals to dominate his opponent. As the rounds went by slowly Koasicha (whose biggest fight to date prior was a one sided loss against Lee Selby) was broken down, he did not have the speed or power to deter Lomachenko and suffered his first career stoppage at 2:35 of the tenth round.

Lomachenko improved to 5-1 (3), Koasicha now stands at 25-5 (15). In truth I am not even sure how this was made into legitimate title defense or how it helped better Lomachenko’s professional career in any way.

Vasyl Lomachenko with all his natural ability struggled against and lost to Orlando Salido, he was placed in a dirty war, something not encountered as an amateur. As a professional chances are it will happen again, if not placed into situations of adversity how is he expected to deal with that same situation next time unless he encounters fighters of similar styles to Salido’s?

Lomachenko had issues against the slick punching Gary Russell Jr who he defeated by majority decision and claimed the vacant WBO featherweight title. How is Lomachenko going to deal with an opponent who has a similar style to Russell Jr that possesses a little more sting behind his punches? The only way is to place him in against similar styled opponents that are winnable fights but also make him work for the win.

Romulo Koasicha despite being game is not the type fighter who possessed the skillset that could have helped Lomachenko improve on dealing with either of those styles.  

In Undercard action
Middleweight- Ryota Murata 8-0 (5) def. Gunnar Jackson 22-7-3 (8) via UD 10.
Super Featherweight- Miguel Marriaga 21-1 (18) def. Guillermo Avila 15-5 (12) UD 8.
Welterweight- Mike Reed 17-0 (10) def. Rondale Hubbert 10-4-1 (6) via TKO 7.
Welterweight- Egidijus Kavaliauskas 10-0 (9) def. Jake Giuriceo 17-5-1 (4) via TKO 1.



Sergey Lipinets


Scott tops Thompson, Lipinets abuses Rhodes

By: Daxx Khan - October 31, 2015 

Friday Night from the UCF Venue in Orlando Florida, Premier Boxing Champions presented an edition of “The Next Round” broadcast on Bounce TV.  Headlining would be heavyweight’s Tony “The Tiger” Thompson and Malik Scott, co-featured by unbeaten Super Lightweights Haskell Rhodes and Sergey Lipinets.

The main event began with Scott circling the ring and turning Thompson who was looking to close some distance. Thompson looked like an aging fighter, always one step behind the more active and younger Scott who was able “Pot Shot” at times without fear of return from Thompson. There would be some success for Thompson when he was able to pin Scott on the ropes, his key moment of the fight came in round nine when he dropped Scott with a shot to the temple.

The knockdown helped narrow the gap in scoring a little bit, unfortunately for Thompson it happened too late, Judge’s scored it 98-91, 96-93 and 95-94 for Malik Scott who improved to 38-2-1 (13), Thompson now stands at 40-6 (27).

The Co-feature between Haskell Rhodes and Sergey Lipinets was a highly anticipated bout among fans. All those watching were curious if Rhodes speed and footwork would be enough to keep him safe from Lipinets huge power shots.

Rhodes started off making sure he kept his distance, scoring points with his jab, Lipinets was having trouble cutting off the ring and showed some frustration by Rhodes movement. At the midway point Lipinets landed a big shot that changed the bouts tempo.

Once feeling the power of Lipinets, Rhodes went into full retreat mode. The punishment Lipinets inflicted on Rhodes body, had him desperate to remain upright, so desperate he was deducted a point in the tenth for excessive ten for holding. The body language of Rhodes had you wondering why referee James Warring was not checking on the condition of Rhodes instead of worrying about a point deduction.

When final scores were announced judges scored it 96-93 and 98-91 all for Sergey Lipinets who improved to 8-0 (6), Rhodes in his first loss now stands at 23-1-1 (11).

An eight round super welterweight contest between Javontae Starks and Samuel Figueroa opened the broadcast portion of the card. With hardly a single clinch between them they would keep an active pace from start to finish.

Starks boxed well on the outside using his reach and height, Figueroa landed the harder counters, both invested in body work something we don’t often see by young prospects.

The bout ended with Starks and Figueroa trading back and forth each hoping to keep their undefeated records. When final punch stats were displayed, Starks threw more but punches but was out landed by Figueroa and that would be the deciding factor on all three Judges’ cards. When scores were announced they read 78-74 and 77-75 twice in favor of Figueroa who improved to 10-0 (4), Starks in his first loss now stands at 13-1 (7).

In off air action
Lightweight- Gervonta Davis 13-0 (12) def. Cristobal Cruz 40-19-4 (24) via TKO 3.
Super Welterweight- Miguel Cruz 11-0 def. Anthony Abbruzzese 4-4 via TKO 1.
Cruiserweight- Mercio Figueroa 2-0 def. Kevin Miller 0-2 via TKO 2.





Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 10-29-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 10-29-2015.








Crawford Dominates Jean, Ruiz Punishes Love on HBO

By: Daxx Khan - October 25, 2015

Saturday night at the CenturyLink Center Omaha, Nebraska on HBO undefeated Terence Crawford made the first defense of his WBO Super Lightweight title against former title challenger Dierry Jean.

It would be Crawford’s fifth world title fight in under two years and first defense at 140lbs. This was Jean’s second attempt at claiming a world title, his first attempt was January 25th of 2014 when he lost a unanimous decision to IBF champion Lamont Peterson.

The first starts with Crawford looking to figure out the timing and angles of Jean, once Jean landed his first clean blow Crawford switched to “Southpaw” and dropped Jean at the rounds end.

Round two started much the way round one did with Crawford looking to time Jean and stunned him to close the round, he was in total control during the third out landing Jean three to one. In the southpaw stance anytime Jean did land a right hand, Crawford had his right up high catching it on the gloves. In the fourth Jean has his best round up to that point but anytime he landed and solid blow Crawford unleased a flurry that put Jean in retreat mode.

The fifth and sixth remained the same, Crawford controlled the distance with his jab, landing flurries while Jean was shut down to single shots. Dierry Jean was a game and showed heart but could not get past Crawford’s superior boxing ability, punch stats at the start of round six showed Crawford out landing Jean almost six to one.

The eighth and ninth rounds we watched Jean have some success with his right hand catching Crawford’s attention. As the two fighters started mixing it up towards the end of round eight a ten second warning went off, Tony Weeks mistaking it for the rounds end stepped in-between the excitement.  In round nine Crawford caught Jean with a punch behind the ear as Jean bent over sending him to the canvas, while unintentional and partially Jean’s fault it was counted as an official knockdown.

It was all a matter of accumulation in round ten and superior boxing skills that finally convinced Tony Weeks to halt the action midway through. Dierry Jean brave and trying his best just could not mount enough offense or a good enough defense to make a case for the bouts continuation. Terrence Crawford improved to 27-0 (19), Jean drops to 29-2 (20).

Crawford’s performance enforced his status as a legitimate top ten pound for pound fighter, he has made a habit of making quality fighters look ordinary especially when fighting southpaw. At this stage the only two opponents I can see making Crawford work hard for a win is WBC champion Viktor Postol or upcoming undefeated prospect Amir Imam. One a master craftsman the other has lightning fast hands and power to go with it.

In his post-fight interview Crawford expressed his feelings on comments made by Jeans manager at the weigh-ins who stated “We are taking your title back to Canada”. Crawford was vocal stating “I felt disrespected I don’t appreciate being dis-respected”.



The nights co-feature was between undefeated heavyweight Andy Ruiz Jr and Raphael Zumbano Love. Ruiz fighting for the second time in less than a month looked in great shape, catching Love in the first round with a short powerful hook almost dropping him, only the bell would give Love a break from the onslaught. That might not have been a good thing because he remained on the receiving end until the final bell.

The remainder of the fight would be Ruiz applying constant pressure while throwing an impressive amount of punches, Love might have stayed upright but you almost wished someone would have stopped it for his sake.  

Final scores read 80-72 twice and 80-70 once all in favor of Ruiz who improved to 26-0 (17), Love now stands at 37-12-1 (30).

In Undercard action
Super Welterweight- Mikael Zewski 27-1 (21) def. Ayi Bruce 23-12 (15) via TKO 5.                
Super Featherweight- Evgeny Gradovich 20-1-1 (9) def. Aldimar Silva Santos 19-9 (12) via UD 8.
Welterweight- Julian Rodriguez 11-0 (9) def. Alvaro Ortiz 7-5-1 (5) via UD 4.
Welterweight- Alex Saucedo 20-0 (14) def. Angel Martinez 14-8-1 (10) via UD 6.
Welterweight- Alfredo Martinez 5-0 (2) def.  Darin Hampton 1-2 (1) via UD 4.
Super Welterweight- Zsolt Daranyi Jr 5-0 (5) def. Sean Rawley Wilson 5-16-1 (1) via TKO 2.





Should Referee Joseph Cooper Be Held Accountable For Prichard Colon's Situation?

Daxx Khan breaks down the Colon-Williams fight from start to finish during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 10-22-2015.








Mansour cheated out of a win in draw against Washington

By: Daxx Khan - October 14, 2015

Tuesday night at the Little Creek Casino Resort in Shelton, Washington on FOX Sports 1, Heavyweights headlined as undefeated 6’6” Gerald Washington took on the hard hitting Amir Mansour.

Gerald Washington controlled the first portion of the fight with his reach, Mansour’s low left hand made him an easy target for Washington’s straight right. Though the punches he landed had little effect on Mansour in terms of damage inflicted, other than a small amount of blood from the mouth.

When the fifth round started Mansour sensing he was behind on the cards, began pressuring Washington. Throwing punches with authority and using effective aggression Mansour forced Washington into retreat mode. Once Washington started moving backwards he would remain on the defensive failing to rally a meaningful offensive moment. The few occasions Washington did attempt an offensive outburst he appeared afraid to commit or risk getting countered by Mansour, pulling back on his punches before fully extended.

In the final two rounds Washington obviously exhausted from Mansours body attack continued backing up, seemingly happy with just remaining upright. Mansour relentlessly pursuing while letting his hands go might have been missing more shots than he connected, but those he landed were still more than Washington was throwing.

Outside the first four rounds where Mansour had trouble closing the gap, I scored every round easily in his favor, my final scores read 96-94 for Mansour. Two of the three judge’s seen it differently.

Adalaide Byrd with her usual lopsided scorecards that always manage to teeter the wrong way had it 97-93 for Washington, Pat Russell whose skills as a judge are declining faster than his skill as a referee scored the contest 95-95 even. Steve Morrow appeared to be the only judge who watched the fight scoring the contest 96-94 for Mansour as did a majority of unofficial scorecards, including those online from the fans watching at home.

A deluded Washington in his post-fight interview claimed he was robbed and when asked about a possible rematch stated “Why I see no reason for it”, that of course is boxing talk for “I was promised an easier fight, I was supposed to look good, no one said anything about being lucky to escape on my feet with a draw”.

Mansour’s post-fight comments were more accurate with what actually took place “I pushed the action, I made it exciting. This is boxing not running, the way he fought was a poor way to get a win or even a draw.”

Mansour most importantly said something no fighter on the wrong end of a PBC scorecard seems willing “I Knew on an Al Haymon card I wasn’t going to get a decision.”

While Amir Mansour may have been cheated on the cards his statement proves they could not rob him of his integrity.

In televised Undercard action
Cruiserweight- Michael Hunter 10-0 def. Jason Douglas 11-6 via TKO 4.
Light Heavyweight- Ahmed Elbiali 13-0 def. Mariano Hilario 12-4 via UD 8.





Flanagan stuns Magdaleno while Smith stops Thompson in Manchester

By: Daxx Khan - October 11, 2015

Saturday night at the Manchester Arena Diego Magdaleno and John Thompson were stunned in their attempts at winning world titles. Liam Smith and Thompson would meet for the vacant WBO World super welterweight title, Thompson who had been on a tremendous winning streak since his 2014 loss against Frank Galarza found himself unable to deal with the relentless pressure Smith applied. While Thompson never stopped trying he ended up face down in the 7th. In his loss Thompson drops to 17-2 (6), Liam Smith along with the WBO title advances to 20-0-1 (11).

In the main event undefeated Terry Flanagan making the first defense of his WBO World lightweight title shockingly dominated Diego Magdaleno from opening bell. It is usually Magdaleno who is the relentless pressure fighter but Saturday night was not the case, instead he found himself trying to cope with relentless pressure. Just like Thompson, Magdaleno never stopped trying even after going down three times in the second, referee Terry O'Connor noticing Magdaleno was beaten and trying purely on instinct halted the contest at 2:38 of the second round.

Liam Smith and Terry Flanagan did their homework, putting on the best performances of their career. Each man stepped up their game and scored wins fighting uncharacteristically and it paid off much to my surprise.  Prior to Saturday night Flanagan’s two best wins came over a well past his prime Nate Campbell who retired in the 4th with a hand injury, against Jose Zepeda who he faced to win the vacant title, Zepeda retired in the second due to a dislocated shoulder.

Flanagan improved to 29-0 (12), Magdaleno now stands at 28-2 (12).

In Undercard action
Super Middleweight- Luke Blackledge 20-2-2 def. Lee Markham 14-3-1 via UD 12. Commonwealth (British Empire) super middleweight title bout.
Lightweight- Thomas Stalker 10-1-2 and Craig Evans 14-1-1 draw 10. Vacant WBO European lightweight title remains vacant.
Super Lightweight- Jack Catterall 13-0 def. Jarkko Putkonen 12-1 UD 10. WBO Inter-Continental super lightweight title contest.
Lightweight- Adrian Gonzalez 12-1 def. Jon Kays 21-5-1 via TKO 4. Vacant WBO Inter-Continental lightweight title.
Bantamweight- Ryan Burnett 11-0 def. Robert Kanalas 10-5 via TKO 2. Vacant WBO European bantamweight title
Middleweight- Jack Flattley 1-0 def. Lewis van Poetsch 4-27 via UD 4.
Middleweight- Vijender Singh 1-0 def. Sonny Whiting 2-2 via TKO 3.
Super Middleweight- Dale Coyne 2-0 def. Luke Allon 4-5-1 via UD 4.


Bracero makes it 2-0 against O'Connor with 41 second stoppage

By: Daxx Khan - October 11, 2015

Saturday night on NBC Sports at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium DiBella Entertainment and Murphy’s Boxing would host an edition of Premier Boxing Champions. The night’s main event was a welterweight rematch between Danny O'Connor and Gabriel Bracero, who first met in 2011. That bout took place in Texas and was broadcast on Showtime, Gabriel Bracero won an eight round unanimous decision in neutral territory this time they met in O’Connor’s backyard.

The fight was over before it started, O’Connor entered the ring looking dry and Bracero in just forty seconds found an opening let loose a straight right hand that ended O’Connor’s chances at evening the score.

Gabriel Bracero improved to 24-2 (5), O’Connor now stands at 26-3 (10).

The night’s opener was a ten round Featherweight contest between Ryan Kielczewski and Rafael Vazquez. It was a better fight than anticipated, Kielczewski would win rounds with movement and volume while Vazquez power punching. When the fight ended they threw over 1000 combined punches, Vazquez was tired, Kielczewski cut and the fans on their feet.

Judge’s favored the volume of Kielczewski scoring it 96-94 and 97-93 twice in his favor, with his win he improved to 24-1 (7), Vazquez now stands at 16-2 (13).

The second bout between Super Bantamweight power puncher Jonathan Guzman and Danny Aquino was nonstop action. Two big lefts would drop Aquino in the second and surprisingly enough Aquino started round three looking fresh. Guzman showed he was more than just a power puncher as the fight wore on demonstrating patience and accuracy with his counters.

Danny Aquino even though he was not the harder puncher is the one who applied the pressure and looked to walk Guzman down. When he came in Guzman countered and got his best work done winning by stoppage in the 10th. 

In Undercard action
Super Featherweight- Patrick Hyland 31-1 (15) def. David Martinez 18-7-1 (3) via TKO 8.
Light Heavyweight- Gary O'Sullivan 22-1 (15) def. David Toribio 21-16 (14) via KO 2.
Super Lightweight- Stephen Ormond 19-2 (10) def. Michael Clark 44-14-1 (18)
Heavyweight- Adam Kownacki 12-0 (10) def. Rodney Hernandez 8-3-1 (1) via UD 9, Kownacki throws almost 1000 punches.     
Lightweight- Fernando David Saucedo 57-6-3 (9) def. Carlos Fulgencio 19-17-1 (12) via TKO 2.       
Lightweight- Titus Williams 3-0 (2) def. Arthur Parker 1-14-2 (1) via TKO 2.     






Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 10-08-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 10-08-2015.







Postol dominates Matthysse- claims WBC 140lb title with a 10th round KO

By: Daxx Khan - October 4, 2015

At the StubHub Center, Carson, California Saturday night Lucas Matthysse and undefeated Ukrainian Viktor Postol faced off for the vacant WBC World super lightweight title. This was a highly anticipated matchup that many felt would decide who the best 140lb fighter in boxing was currently.

The fight opened with both fighters looking to establish their game plan, Postol from the outside and Matthysse in close. There was some clinching and referee Jack Reiss spoke to both fighters about being active with their hands not wrestling. When they failed to engage Reiss actually said “Are you two avoiding each other?”

Matthysse would edge out the first round slightly but once Postol began to use his jab and work from a distance he slowly started breaking Matthysse down. Even in the inside where the stronger Matthysse should have been in control. When the midway point started Matthysse was being out jabbed three to one, looks of discouragement became evident on the face of Matthysse.

As the seventh round started down five rounds to one, Matthysse was purely headhunting looking for a single KO punch. Lucas had some success with that method buckling the legs of Postol a few times, once stunned Postol began exchanging. It was the last round that went in favor of Matthysse.

Victor Postol would dominate Matthysse during the 8th round, landing at will keep Matthysse at a two punch connect rate. As the 9th started Matthysse made an attempt at regaining some control but Postol would not be denied, continuing to dominate on both the outside and inside. As the bell for the tenth started Matthysse looked discouraged and defeated fighter. Postol landed a flurry late in the round that knocked Matthysse down and without an attempt to rise off his knees he was counted out at 2:58 of the round.

Victor Postol along with claiming the vacant WBC 140lb title improved to 28-0 (12), Matthysse drops to 37-4 (34).

In his post-fight interview Matthysse with a swollen eye stated about not attempting to get up during the count “My eye was damaged I thought it would be better to protect my eye from further damage.”

Postol during his post-fight interview was gracious and humble giving Matthysse all the credit he possibly could. When asked about a possible unification bout with the divisions WBO champion Terence Crawford, Postol would state simply “I welcome the challenge”.

In a junior welterweight Co-Feature undefeated Antonio Orozco took on former two division world champion Humberto Soto. The first five rounds were close and hard fought, neither man held the momentum for an extended period of time. When the 6th ended both men had landed an almost identical amount of punches, though Orozco changed the momentum slightly after two solid body shots that seemed to hurt Soto. The remainder of the fight would continue the same tempo, Orozco getting the slightly better part of the exchanges and out boxing Soto.

Soto would fade slightly down the stretch, the younger fighter Orozco managed to capitalize on the situation and score a unanimous decision.
Final scores read slightly wider than they should at 98-91 and 97-92 twice, Orozco improved to 23-0 (15), Soto now stands at 65-9-2 (35).

In Undercard action-
Lightweight- Mercito Gesta 29-1-2 def. Miguel Angel Mendoza 22-7-2 via UD 10.
Featherweight- Julian Ramirez 15-0 def. Hugo Partida 21-6-2 via UD 10.
Super Lightweight- Marcelino Nicolas Lopez 32-1-1 def. David Rodela 17-12-3 via TKO 3.
Super Middleweight- D'Mitrius Ballard 10-0 def. Juan Carlos Rojas 11-12-1 via UD 6.
Super Featherweight- Alejandro Ochoa 7-10-2 def. Kevin Rivers Jr 13-1 via UD 6.
Featherweight- Nicolas Arce 5-0 def.  Juan Hernandez 3-1 via TKO 4.

Broner stops Allakhverdiev, Pedraza tested in first defense

By: Daxx Khan - October 4, 2015

Saturday night on Showtime at Cincinnati, Ohio’s U.S. Bank Arena former three division world champion Adrien Broner faced former 140lb belt holder Khabib Allakhverdiev for the vacant WBA World super lightweight title.

Allakhverdiev who lost his WBA super lightweight title to Jessie Vargas in April of 2014 was almost unknown to a majority of fans entering the bout. Broner with a lack of presence leading up to the bout made people question if he was taking things seriously. The fight started with Broner looking to find his distance and timing, once he did it would be a showcase performance for him. Allakhverdiev despite giving it his all was constantly beat to the punch and out worked.

Sharper and more accurate Broner inflicted enough damage to halt Allakhverdiev who if anything showed tremendous heart. The time of the stoppage was 2:23 of round 12.

Adrien Broner with his 4th world title improved to 31-2 (23), Khabib Allakhverdiev now stands at 19-2 (9).

In the post-fight interview it took no time at all for Broner “The Clown” to reemerge as he was arrogant and foul mouthed. Calling out Floyd Mayweather’s fighter Ashley Theophane stating “I will bring out the inner girl in him”.

The nights co-feature would be between undefeated IBF super featherweight title holder Jose Pedraza and former two time world title challenger Edner Cherry.

Cherry entering the bout was on a seven year win streak, last losing a title bid to Tim Bradley in 2008. It was also the last time Cherry faced an opponent of note giving many the opinion this fight was a “Gimme” title defense, for Pedraza.

The first three rounds were very competitive with momentum switching back and forth, Cherry was more active upstairs while Pedraza invested in body work, neither man established themselves. Cherry would control the action rounds four through seven, forcing Pedraza to fight inside where he was out landed and out worked.

The remaining five rounds were close and both men had their moments, Pedraza found some success on the outside though he was sloppy in doing so.

Pedraza when getting his best work done but he was not the same effective fighter we have seen in the past, even rounds he won were not dominate or clearcut. The final round was nonstop action and close to call, though Pedraza was a little bit more accurate with his punches. When the bout was over I had scored 114-114 a draw.

Judge Larry Hazzard Jr had it. 116-112 for Cherry, George Hill and Scott Maddox once again showed increased incompetence from Judges in boxing when they scored it 117-111 for Pedraza.

Jose Pedraza improved to 21-0 (12) while Edner Cherry now stands at 34-7-2 (19). Afterwards when asked if he would like to rematch Cherry, Pedraza stated.

“Sure but he has to wait for me I am the champion”. That usually means “No he was more than I asked for and I am glad to have escaped with my title”.
Edner Cherry in his post-fight was gracious and stated “I know how scorecards can be and since I did not knock Pedraza out this type scoring was always a strong possibility. Cherry certainly proved he was no “Gimme” as many expected.

In Undercard action-
Lightweight- Robert Easter 16-0 def. Juan Ramon Solis 25-10 via TKO 3.
Lightweight- Jamel Herring 14-0 def. Yakubu Amidu 21-8-2 via UD 10.
Super Welterweight- Jamontay Clark 8-0 def. Joe Wilson Jr 3-3 via TKO 2.
Heavyweight- Danny Calhoun 6-1 def. Jamal Woods 7-22-3 via UD 6.
Featherweight- Luis Rosario 7-0-1 def. Aaron Hollis 3-1 via TKO 4.    




November 21st or 28th being proposed as new date for Klitschko vs. Fury

By: Daxx Khan - October 1, 2015

There was a wave of disappointment not only from Tyson Fury but all boxing fans when it was reported last week that heavyweight champion Wladamir Klitschko had to withdraw from their upcoming October 24th bout due to an injury. According to sources the fight might take place sooner than many expected.

Klitschko has had several postponements over the last few years when title fights were nearing, Kidney stones postponed his bout against Jean Marc Mormeck, a torn abdominal muscle cancelled his 2011 bout against Dereck Chisora and a torn bicep postponed his title 2014 defense with Kubrat Pulev.  The Chisora fight never materialized, the Mormeck fight was delayed four months and the Pulev bout slightly over a year.

Surprisingly enough Tyson Fury took the news better than expected, in a video released by team Fury, the 6’9” contender would state “I am of course disappointed but I am more disappointed for the fans who were looking forward to the fight, ones who scheduled time off from work, made reservations and purchased flight tickets that are not refundable. They spent money they might not get back and that’s not fair to the fans”.

A big question now is “Will the delay benefit or hurt either fighter?”

Often when a big fight is postponed and one fighter who was ready just could not maintain their conditioning for whatever reason or they mentally lost focus. On the other side we have seen an injured fighter enter the fight too soon. In both situations the loser usually blames the postponement for their poor performance. That’s when not only the fighters involved but fans lose out because the bout is stained with controversy, leaving an asterisk next to the outcome since there is no way to prove for sure unless a rematch takes place if the excuse is legitimate or otherwise.

Neither Tyson Fury nor Wladamir Klitschko have been fighters known for making excuses so I would not expect any in this bout no matter which man comes out victorious. In fact I expect both men to step up their game when they finally do meet since there was a postponement. Klitschko will more than likely want to erase any doubt on his injury being genuine and fight more aggressive than usual. I expect Fury to put on his best career performance to date knowing that if this bout is unsuccessful, chances of another title shot be it against Klitschko or any other belt holder may not come for a very long time, no matter how good of a showing he makes. Even if he racks up a string of wins afterwards over top contenders with boxing politics today winning is not always enough.

As of right now the proposed dates for Klitschko vs Fury are either November 21st or 28th at the original venue ESPRIT arena, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen as all tickets already sold are still valid.




Former Lightweight Contender & Trainer Juan “Golo” Gomez-Passes away at age 41

By: Daxx Khan - September 30, 2015

It’s sad news to report that former lightweight contender and boxing trainer Juan “Golo” Gomez who had been battling health issues the last several years, suffered a massive heart attack Wednesday morning and was pronounced dead at a local hospital near his home in Puerto Rico.

Gomez the cousin of former world champion and hall of famer Felix “Tito” Trinidad, win or lose was always an exciting fighter in the ring and held several minor titles, when he retired in 2005 had an overall record of 23-5 (16).

When his boxing career was over Gomez had success as a trainer and devoted his time to working with kids. As part of the WBO’s “Kids Drug Free” program that took place in Puerto Rico he worked alongside former world champions John “John” Molina and Angel “Cholo” Espada as a mentor for local youth.

Their goal was to pass along their boxing knowledge, teach kids how to be positive members of the community, stay away from drugs no matter what and make sure they never neglected their education in school.

Everyone that's part of the BillyCBoxing Network and the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio show would like to offer their condolences to the family, friends and all those mentored by Gomez. Rest In Peace "Golo".



Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 09-24-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio program on 09-24-2015.








Klitschko Injured- Will Fury go from Batman to Incredible Hulk

By: Daxx Khan - September 25, 2015

According to reports from Germany, heavyweight champion Wladamir Klitschko suffered an injury to his left calf while training Thursday September 24th and his upcoming title defense against Tyson Fury will be postponed.

This not the first time Klitschko or one of his opponents have been injured or dealt with medical issues so close to a fight.

In 2011 Klitschko would tear an abdominal muscle prior to a scheduled fight against Dereck Chisora. That fight would never materialize and Chisora would go on to face Klitschko’s older brother Vitaly for the WBC title.

One of Klitschko’s biggest rivals David Haye would pull out of several proposed bouts against Wladamir due to injuries. In 2009 Haye suffered a hand injury causing the first postponement. The duo would not meet in the ring until July of 2011, even then injuries were involved. After the bout Haye would reveal a swollen toe during his post-fight interview.   

Later in 2011 Klitschko was scheduled to face Jean Marc Mormeck but kidney stones postponed the original date. Klitschko would undergo surgery for Kidney stones and the Mormeck bout would not take place until March of 2012.

In 2014 two weeks prior to his scheduled September 6th IBF heavyweight title defense against Kubrat Pulev, Klitschko suffered a torn bicep. He would need the injury surgically repaired and they would not faceoff until November 15th.

After the postponements of those bouts when they did happen Klitschko would win in dominant fashion. After stopping Pulev last year Klitschko would face undefeated Bryant Jennings at Madison Square garden on April 25th of this year.

He won a unanimous decision but also looked like a champion nearing the end of his reign, Jennings was able to keep Klitschko turning and at times confused by using movement. It was the first time since his 2004 TKO loss to Lamon Brewster that Klitschko appeared beatable. Klitschko vs Fury has just become that much more interesting.

Could it be age and nagging injuries are beginning to catch up with Klitschko who turns 40 this March? Is this a sure sign of what’s to come when he and the younger, larger Tyson Fury finally step into the ring? In the past Klitschko has bounced back from injuries and won his bouts convincingly, but we have seen fighters on every level grow old overnight.

This news could quite possibly send Tyson Fury into an “Incredible Hulk” type rage. “You wouldn’t like to see Tyson Fury when he is angry, don’t make him angry”.

We can only hope he remains calm as David Banner. I shudder at the thought of Tyson Fury running in slow motion with green man breast flopping around while he causes havoc. It would scar those who witness it live forever and once burned into the mind will cause nightmares for their remaining years. Seeing him in tights dressed like Batman is a vision I am still trying to forget.

According to reports from Klitschko’s promoters when the fight does take place it will be in the same proposed Venue ESPRIT arena, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen as all tickets sold are still valid.





Tyson Fury- destined to make a mockery of the heavyweight division

By: Daxx Khan - September 24, 2015

Wladamir Klitschko and Tyson Fury’s October 24th showdown for the undisputed heavyweight championship is the exact type fight that can rejuvenate heavyweight boxing. On one side is an aging champion nearing the end of his career, the other a larger, younger hungry challenger looking start his own legacy. This bout has all the makings of a heavyweight classic!

UMMMM OK Maybe not so much but it is an interesting matchup to say the least.

Fury is twelve years younger with a three inch height and four inch reach advantage. Surprisingly enough at 6’9” he is fast on his feet. While his power is certainly not what I would call devastating in anyway, it’s enough to make Klitschko respect him.  

Klitschko’s last defeat was in 2004 when he was TKO’d by Lamon Brewster, afterwards his trainer the late Emmanuel Steward would make some adjustments to Klitschko’s style and since he has hardly lost a round let alone come close to losing a bout.

Tyson Fury while undefeated has faced limited competition, his biggest win is the much smaller Steve Cunningham whose peak was at cruiserweight. Cunningham standing six inches shorter and fifty pounds lighter never known for his power even at cruiserweight, dropped Fury in the second round with a shot to the forehead, raising questions on Fury’s ability to take a big punch.

In a very dull heavyweight division filled with subpar challengers and belt holders, Klitschko and Fury facing one another is the best matchup to be made. The lead up though will more likely be better than the actual fight.

Tyson Fury never at a loss for words is guaranteed to provide entertainment with his pre-fight antics, even if he fails to entertain in the ring. Wladamir Klitschko on the other hand is a man of few words, when he does speak its usually brief and professional. Even when David Haye and Shannon Briggs have chased him across Europe for public altercation’s Klitschko maintained his cool.

In Wednesday’s press conference for their upcoming bout Fury would bring his act to a whole new high and low even for him. Fury entered dressed as “Batman” pretending to have just came back from a crime fighting spree, before things got underway, Hughie Fury would enter dressed as “The Joker”. Tyson would jump a table and attack Hughie as if to banish the “Joker”, a character obviously meant to represent Klitschko. When the slapstick skit ended he proceeded to insult Klitschko and degrade his entire career.

Fury referred to Klitschko as an old man shouting “You’re not even a real heavyweight”.  In reference to the champions performances in the ring and caliber of competition the masked moron would say “You’re “s***house” who has only fought “peasants”. Fury would even took jabs at Klitschko’s suit “It’s cheap and doesn’t even fit you”, though Klitschko was dressed as a champion of his caliber should be in and in perfect style.

Wladamir for the first time though would offer remarks back, when he did his tone was none too friendly. Considering the mindset of Fury I don’t think he even understood that some of Klitschko’s comments were insults.

“I have good friends in the circus who will find a new job for you, buddy. They can give you a job as a clown. It’s tough to make people laugh, but there’s a subtle difference between being funny and acting stupid.”

In reference to the Tyson Fury Batman act he would state “This bipolarity will be well-treated – just let me start the therapy for him by finishing his boxing career. I’ll find him a good doctor.”

 That comment of course just encouraged Fury to retort and offer Klitschko a job as his “Therapist” after promising to knock Klitschko out.
Fury ranted about David Haye, the two fights between them that never materialized and how Haye with an infested tow still brought Klitschko the distance. Wladamir calmly responded “David Haye would have knocked you out”. That again sent Fury into more rants about the proposed fights between Haye and himself.

After babbling something in reference to possibly making Germany his home base and taking over Klitschko’s his TV contracts Fury finally shut up. I went straight to the ER because my ears were bleeding.

Tyson Fury could be a dangerous champion should he defeat Klitschko but is he the type character we want as heavyweight champion?  If Tyson Fury wasn’t fighting for a living he would be in a field somewhere mumbling about George and tending rabbits. Tyson Fury as heavyweight champion would only add to boxing’s ever growing WWE atmosphere. At least in pro wrestling rings the top names don’t show up looking like a middle-aged woman who forgot her bra.

Tyson Fury he once told me in an interview after David Price was knocked out by Tony Thompson, “If I lost to a 40yr old man I would hide my face and never be seen again” hopefully he follows through with that statement if he loses to Klitschko.

Klitschko doesn’t turn 40 until March so Fury who has all the answers more than likely sticks around claiming “I never said anything about losing to a 39yr old”.

Fury claims he would be a dominate champion that fights anyone, yet so far his resume is far from impressive. Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte meet in December would Fury make his first defense against the winner? Joshua managed to do what Fury could not and dispatch Kevin Johnson, Whyte destroyed Brian Minto with one arm, and Minto is just as good if not better than Chisora so both would be worthy challengers for him.

He claims all the established heavyweights are “S***”, exactly where the heavyweight championship’s credibility will be if he pulls off the win.





Changing of the guard- Who is next to exit and who will emerge as boxing’s next ring kings?

By: Daxx Khan - September 17, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Jr exiting the sport was big news, yet I have a feeling that by the end of 2017 two more of boxing’s biggest names and most dominate superstars of the last decade are headed out. My only curiosity is “Who will replace them as part of boxing’s next generations Ring Kings”?

Current heavyweight Kingpin Wladamir Klitschko and middleweight champion Miguel Cotto both have big fights coming up in the next two months, they also both show subtle signs of retirement looming around them.

Klitschko has not come close to defeat in over a decade, the only titles he has not possessed continuously are ones he willingly has not chased after, mainly the WBC title that his brother Vitaly possessed while active.

Klitschko will face his most anticipated opponent in years on October 24th Tyson Fury. While Fury poses a threat for several reasons especially the size differential most feel Klitschko will come out victorious. A semi-new father and family man now Wladamir will turn forty this March, having nothing left to prove especially if victorious against Fury, I expect he follows fellow Emmanuel Steward protégé Lennox Lewis path towards retirement.

Just as Lewis retired one fight after defeating Mike Tyson, Klitschko takes one more fight after a win over this Tyson then hangs up his gloves while still champion. The hottest prospects to most likely take over Klitschko’s position are either former Olympic Gold medalist Anthony Joshua or his biggest rival Dillian Whyte. That answer will be clearer after the duo meets this December.

Miguel Cotto the current WBC middleweight champion is Puerto Rico’s biggest superstar and one of this era’s most beloved champions. He faces Canelo Alvarez this November in a highly anticipated mega fight. At 34 Cotto is young for this era but he has been through some wars and no longer shows the passion he once did.

While team Cotto and those around him continue selling “Freddie Roach has turned him into the fighter he once was”, I personally do not buy into it. I also don’t believe Cotto ever fully recovered physically or mentally from the Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao beatings.

That belief is brought on by the fact Cotto has not faced one opponent known for their power since his 2009 loss to Pacquiao, he did rematch and defeat Margarito in 2011 but Margarito’s face a year prior had already been severely damaged by Pacquiao. Making me believe Cotto waited for an opportune time to gain revenge for what Margarito did to him in 2008, though I can’t blame him.

Sergio Martinez the man Cotto won his middleweight title from had power but was also fighting on one leg taking away much of the risk. Just five months ago Cotto was on the verge of being stripped of his title for not willing to defend against his mandatory challenger Gennady Golovkin the WBC interim, WBA Super World and IBO world middleweight champion.

Cotto maneuvered negotiations around the issue while Golovkin faced other opponents, defeated Daniel Geale in June then stated in his post-fight interview “Do I look like a middleweight”?

That does not sound like a champion willing to risk his title and health against a man known for removing people for their senses.

Canelo is a legitimate challenger who possess some genuine power and has the ability to upset Cotto, he is also a career junior middleweight with obvious weaknesses Cotto can exploit such as a lack of footwork and speed. He certainly does not possesses Golovkin type power. If Cotto stays out of range he can win a points decision while avoiding danger.

Meanwhile Golovkin will face fellow division champion and an almost equally murderous puncher in David Lemieux in October. The winner there will be Cotto’s mandatory, should he get by Canelo with his titles (I think he more than likely will), Cotto has run out of options. Canelo was his last chance at avoiding his mandatory.

Cotto is no fool he knows his legacy is already set in stone, right now he is fighting for guaranteed financial security and his fight against Canelo will help reassure that. Cotto is also a proud man, he is not looking to end his career from looking up off the floor or be publicly stripped of his title for not facing the winner of Golovkin and Lemieux.

With the financial security he seems to be looking for intact after his upcoming pay-per view against Canelo, I don’t see him risking the type beating he will more than likely receive from Golovkin or Lemieux for a fraction of the money.

Look for Cotto to exit stage left after a successful PPV win over Canelo, if enough money is generated win or lose possibly a rematch before he calls it a career. I personally would not fault him it has been a spectacular career thus far why take un-needed risk, up to this point he has never backed away from a challenge. Golovkin or Lemieux could leave him harmed long after his career ends.

Puerto Rico one of the world’s most popular countries in terms of producing boxing superstars after Cotto retires will be seeking a new superstar. The apparent heir to that position is currently undefeated super featherweight title holder Jose Pedraza, who just happens to hail from Cotto’s hometown of Caguas.

Pedraza is an aggressive exciting power puncher that attacks the body, has pure boxing ability and continues showing an improvement in each outing. He is a likable humble young man who is very reminiscent to a young 140lb version of Miguel Cotto. He is who I would place my money on as Puerto Rico’s next superstar.

The sport is transitioning faster than we think, with emerging young hungry fighters boxing’s overall landscape will be changed before we know it. I doubt too many of the sports top names who claimed their first title prior to 2005 still be thriving by the decades end. This is where boxing gets exciting not only in the ring but finding out if the fighters we seen promise in live up to their potential.

Since Mayweather has officially departed, all signs point to Klitschko and Cotto being the next to exit that list, hopefully both on a win and still champions. Each man has worked hard for their spot in history and deserve our respect. If either Miguel Cotto or Wladamir Klitschko are still active this time in 2017, show up to the event look over to press row, remind me of this article and I will eat my hat.





Santa Cruz defeats Mares - Ceja stops Ruiz in five

By: Daxx Khan - BillyCBoxing.com - August 30, 2015

Saturday night live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California PBC presented two world class championship bouts broadcast on ESPN, headlined by Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares.

Santa Cruz the undefeated two division champion was looking for a strap in division number three but Mares a former three division world champion had plans of his own.

With the WBA Super World featherweight title and vacant WBC Diamond featherweight belt at stake neither would be giving an inch to the other. It was nonstop action from the opening bell as Abner Mares rushed from his corner taking the fight to Santa Cruz, it was a relentless first round as both men looked to establish dominance.

Up until the fifth round I had it even on my card at two rounds each, Santa Cruz started finding his range in the 5th taking control of the fight. After being cut due to an accidental head-butt in round six Mares continued applying pressure but was being clearly out landed.

On the inside Mares was able to push Santa Cruz back and get his best work done but Leo’s volume on the outside kept building up a lead in points. Mares after the midway point had his moments in rounds seven, nine and eleven as he drove forward using sheer will but could not maintain sustained momentum.

Just as the fight started furiously it ended the same way with both men throwing nonstop punches up until the final bell.

It was a difficult fight to score clearly and came down to what you prefer volume or pressure. I scored the contest 116-112 in favor of Leo Santa Cruz based on his work rate, in total he threw 1,057 punches compared to Mares also impressive output of 980 total punches.  The judges scored it 117-111 twice and 114-114 in favor of Leo Santa Cruz, giving him the win by majority decision. Leo Santa Cruz improved to 31-0-1 (17), Mares in his second career loss drops to 29-2-1 (15).

The nights co-feature was an interim WBC Super Bantamweight title contest between former interim Bantamweight title holder Hugo Ruiz and former world title challenger Julio Ceja.

Ruiz imposed his will early and dropped Ceja for the first time in his career during round three and on my cards was ahead four rounds to none when the fifth began.

In the fifth Ceja well behind on the cards dropped Ruiz who after beating the count fell victim to a non-stop assault from Ceja forcing referee Raul Caiz to halt the contest at 2:34 of the round.  Julio Ceja improved to 30-1 (27), Hugo Ruiz now stands at 35-3 (31).

In Undercard action
Super Middleweight- Alfredo Angulo 24-5 (20) def. Hector Munoz 23-16-1 (15) via TKO 5.
Lightweight- Alejandro Luna 19-0 (14) def. Yakubu Amidu 21-8-2 (19) via TKO 4.
Welterweight- Jessie Roman 20-2 (9) def. Hector Serrano 18-4 (6) via UD 8.
Middleweight- Brian Carlos Castano 10-0 (8) def. Jonathan Batista 14-7 (7) via DQ 4 (Low blows)
Middleweight- Alan Emmanuel Castano 9-0 (5) def. Tom Howard 8-5 (4) via TKO 4
Welterweight- Anthony Flores 9-0 (5) def. Curtis Niko Morton 3-5-3 via MD 6
Super Middleweight- Paul Mendez 19-2-2 (9) def. Andrik Saralegui 8-3 (6) via RTD 2
Featherweight- Jose Gomez 3-0 def. Manuel Rubalcava 2-14 via UD 4.
Bantamweight- Isaiah Najera 1-1 def. Antonio Santa Cruz 0-1 via MD 4.




Daxx Khan's Fights of the Week - 08-27-2015

Daxx Khan break down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & RAdio program on 08-27-2015.









Bryan passes test defeats Rossy - Perez upsets Cabrera

By: Daxx Khan - BillyCBoxing.com - August 29, 2015

Friday on Showtime from the D Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada in an outdoor event with temperatures of 100 degrees, Don King presented a night of heavyweight action headlined by veteran Derric Rossy and undefeated prospect Trevor Bryan.

Rossy entered the contest coming off a win over previously undefeated prospect Akhror Muralimov and had a huge experience advantage over Bryan not only in total career bouts but level of competition.

During his eleven year career Rossy has faced such names as Ray Mercer, Eddie Chambers, Kubrat Pulev, Audley Harrison and Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov. Bryan who had an impressive amateur career as a professional his biggest named opponent to date entering the contest was 44yr old veteran Elieser Castillo.

Round one was exciting and fast paced, after Rossy was dropped early from a barrage of big shots, the two would trade punches nonstop until the bell sounded. Rossy despite the knockdown got the better of the rounds remainder. The pace would continue during round two as both fighters took big shots and laded ones in return with no lull of action.

The pace would slow down in round four and just as it seemed as the heat began taking its toll on both men heading into the midway point they would produce an action packed 6th round.

Once the 8th started both men were justifiably exhausted, Bryan would be the aggressor for the remaining rounds, Rossy gave him different angles and pushed him to new limits mentally and physically. Even when physically spent neither stopped giving it their all to the very end and in my opinion was one of the most entertaining heavyweight bouts of the last few years, including championship bouts.

At the final bell the judges seen it 97-92, 98-91 twice in favor of Trevor Bryan who claimed the NABF heavyweight title for his efforts. Bryan improves to 16-0 (11) while Rossy now stands at 30-10 (14).

The night’s first televised bout between Joey Dawejko and Natu Visinia was a short simple affair as Dawejko stormed over unleased a flurry that dropped Visinia once, then after he rose Dawejko continued the assault ending things at 1:15 of round one. Dawejko improved to 16-4-2 (9) while Visinia now stands at 11-2 (9).

Undefeated super middleweight and former two time Olympian for the Dominican Republic boxing team Juan Ubaldo Cabrera faced Decarlo Perez in the night’s second televised bout. Cabrera won the first three rounds handily but seemed to fade under the hot lights in the hot desert weather shorty after.

Decarlo Perez a replacement opponent who had just a week to prepare took advantage of Cabrera’s fatigue and with superior conditioning out boxed the former Olympian from round four on. The final scores read 97-92 and 98-91 twice in favor of Perez who improved to 15-3-1 (5). Juan Ubaldo Cabrera in his first loss now stands at 23-1 (15).





Bute scores stoppage win after long layoff, Alvarez remains undefeated

By: Daxx Khan - August 16, 2015

On the NBC Sports Network Saturday at the Belle Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada PBC broadcast its second card in two days, attempting to follow up the excitement created Friday on Spike TV at New Jersey’s “Prudential Center”. Saturday’s card co-promoted by Interbox and GYM promotions filled with former title holders and upcoming prospects drew an enthusiastic Canadian crowd.

The night’s first televised bout was a tough affair between Eleider Alvarez and Isidro Ranoni Prieto for Alvarez WBC Silver Light heavyweight title. I don’t think anyone especially Alvarez despite the unbeaten record of Prieto expected a tough fight.

Alvarez despite being the better boxer was caught with hard shots and big right hands that shook him up, Prieto seemingly an unrefined fighter never took a step backwards and threw every shot with bad intentions.

There were a few slips where Prieto went down from throwing haymaker shots that had him off balance but was never hurt and none were counted as official. He would pursue Alvarez with bad intentions all night long making every shot one that might end the night.

Alvarez used his experience jab and footwork to score points, keeping the slower Prieto chasing him. After some rough moments where he was forced to hold in order to gain some distance to work behind the jab while avoiding danger Alvarez gained a unanimous decision victory.

All the cards read 117-111 in favor of Alvarez, while he did enough to win in my opinion the scores were very generous, I had it scored 115-111 in Alvarez favor.

Prieto after a very impressive showing hopefully earns himself more television exposure and decent payday. If his team improves Prieto’s accuracy he could be a factor in the division.

Eleider Alvarez improved to 18-0 (10), Isidro Ranoni Prieto in his first loss now stands at 24-1-3 (20).

The evening’s main event was a light heavyweight bout between former IBF super middleweight champion Lucian Bute and Andrea Di Luisa. The contest started slowly with Bute looking very uncomfortable perhaps due to the long layoff of over 19 months.

Andrea Di Luisa was a game opponent who pressed the action making Bute fight on the inside through three rounds. Bute landed a big left hook in the fourth that dropped Di Luisa for an eight count, after he made it back to his feet Bute unleased a flurry that forced the corner of Di Luisa to throw in the towel.

With his win Lucian Bute now stands at 32-2 (25), Andrea Di Luisa falls to 17-3 (13).     

Undercard Results:
Welterweight- Yves Ulysse Jr 9-0 (6) def. Ryan Wagner 5-3 (2) via TKO 2.
Light Heavyweight- Erik Bazinyan 9-0 (6) def. LeeAnthony Spitzka 6-2 (6) via TKO 3
Super Bantamweight- Vislan Dalkhaev 3-0 (1) def. Saul Tejada 6-6-2 (1) via TKO 5
Heavyweight- Bogdan Dinu 13-0 (9) def. Ed Perry 20-6-2 (11) via TKO 2.
Super Middleweight- Caleb Plant 9-0 (8) def. Zoltan Sera 20-6 (12) via TKO 1.





Cunningham and Tarver fight to a draw - Glowacki comes from behind and shocks Huck

By: Daxx Khan - August 15, 2015

Friday Night on Spike TV Premier Boxing Champions broadcast from the “Prudential center” in Newark New Jersey. Headlining the card was former light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver against former Cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham.

The nights co-feature and first televised bout was the American debuts of Germany’s current Cruiserweight Kingpin Marco “Kapt’n” Huck vs undefeated Polish contender Krzysztof Glowacki for Huck’s WBO cruiserweight title.

The fight started with both two men sizing each other out producing little action, until Glowacki landed a big shot to the temple and shook Huck up at the bell. As the second started Huck appeared to be un-phased by the big shot he absorbed but was still the less active fighter. It would not be until the middle of round three did Huck begin to start letting his hands go.

With the pro-Polish crowd cheering Glowacki on as the fourth started and Huck down three rounds on my card action picked up. Huck started throwing combinations and Glowacki power punches with bad intentions, during the fifth round Huck emerged as the fighter we have become accustomed to seeing, throwing hard punches and imposing his will.

The 6th round had the Prudential center on its feet when Huck dropped Glowacki early with a huge hook, most watching thought the fight was over. Glowacki to his credit would get up and trade toe to toe until the rounds end.

Marco Huck would continue applying pressure and building up points over the next several rounds, Glowacki falling behind on the cards refused to give an inch or step backwards.

When the championship rounds began, Huck was ahead on my cards landing two and three punch combinations, Glowacki appeared to be slowing landing single shots and trying to weather the storm. Huck’s experience of fighting in deep waters seemed to be a major factor.

Then in the 11th round when it seemed as though Glowacki would need a knockout to win, he landed a crushing right that dropped Huck.
Huck would make it back to his feet but seconds later after a vicious Glowacki onslaught his long credible reign as Cruiserweight champion would end.

Krzysztof Glowacki along with gaining the WBO Cruiserweight title improved to 25-0 (16), Marco Huck now stands at 38-3-1 (26).

The main event between Steve Cunningham and Antonio Tarver had a tough act to follow, with the crowd still jacked up from the opening bout between Huck and Glowacki they expected excitement.

The tempo of the bout never changed from start to finish, Cunningham was more active working behind the jab while Tarver looked for counters. There would only be a brief moment of excitement during the first eleven rounds, it was in round four when Cunningham was hit by a lazy hook from Tarver, while he was not hurt from the punch he was off balance and almost went down.

The crowd booed often up until the midway point when they finally accepted there would be no excitement. Once the uneventful affair finally ended scores read 115-114 for Tarver, 115-113 for Cunningham and the other card read 114-114 ending in a split draw.

Tarver improved to 31-6-1 (22), Cunningham now stands at 28-7-1 (13).

Hopefully both fighters who have had impressive careers and I respect give up this hopeless dream at capturing a heavyweight title. In an era even weak as our current one either would be dominated by any top 3 level heavyweights, let alone one of the hard hitting athletic champions.

In off air action
Heavyweight- Artur Szpilka 20-1 (15) def. Yasmany Consuegra 18-2 (14) via RTD 2.
Super Bantamweight- Luis Rosa 21-0 (10) def. Giovanni Caro 24-17-4 (19) via TD 6 6.
Featherweight- Kamil Laszczyk 21-0 (8) def. Oscauris Frias 16-1 (6) via UD 8.
Heavyweight- Travis Kauffman 29-1 (21) def. Richard Carmack 13-7 (11) via TKO 1.
Super Welterweight- Jarrett Hurd 16-0 (10) def. Jeff Lentz 5-1 (1) via TKO 7.
Super Lightweight- Mikkel LesPierre 10-0-1 (4) def. Kevin Womack Jr 7-7-3 (5) via UD 6.
Middleweight- Maciej Sulecki 21-0 (6) def. Jose Miguel Rodriguez Berrio 21-9 (13) via TKO 1.




Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 08-13-2015

Daxx breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 08-13-2015.









Derevyanchenko dominates - Khytrov lucky with a late stoppage

By: Daxx Khan - August 8, 2015

In Atlantic City on Friday night DiBella Entertainment, New Legend Boxing and Fight Promotions Inc., joined forces and presented fans with the August 2015 edition of “ShoBox”.  

The nights feature would be a middleweight bout between undefeated former Olympian Sergey Derevyanchenko and veteran Elvin Ayala.
As Ayala tried to use movement and his longer jab to keep Derevyanchenko off him during the early rounds he would quickly find himself being walked down.

The fights tempo remained the same throughout with Ayala in retreat and Derevyanchenko attacking nonstop. The only thing to Ayala’s credit at the end of the fight was he managed to bring Derevyanchenko further than any of his pervious opponents to date.

Final scores read 80-71 twice and 80-72 all in favor of Sergey Derevyanchenko who improved to 6-0 (4), Elvin Ayala now stands at 28-7-1 (12).

The co-feature was between undefeated middleweight prospect Levgen Khytrov and Nick Brinson.

In the first 3 rounds Khytrov applied constant pressure but did not seem to have an answer for Brinson’s jab and movement, every shot he landed was answered by Brinson twice.

In the fifth with Brinson ahead on my cards he started to show some wear from the non-stop pressure and increasing volume of Levgen, as the round ended Brinson was holding and breathing heavy.

Khytrov dominated the sixth and seventh rounds hurting Brinson several times, Brinson was lucky to survive Khytrov’s seventh round assault that had referee Earl Brown looking closely at his condition.

The nonstop eighth round assault of Khytrov forced Brinson to take a knee with 29 seconds left hoping he could gain some time to recoup and finish the fight, referee Earl Brown despite the attempt by Brinson had seen enough and called a halt to the affair.

When the fight was halted scorecards read 68-65 and 70-62 in favor of Brinson while another judge seen it 66-66 even. It was a close call for both men in victory and defeat.

The night’s opener was an eight round junior welterweight bout between undefeated fighters Regis Prograis and Amos Cowart. Prograis a natural welterweight was able to impose his will on Cowart who has fought mainly as a lightweight from opening bell. With a stiff jab and combinations Prograis dominated the bout, on occasion Cowart tried to counter but did so from too far away and never managed a meaningful rally.

In the 7th Prograis was landing six and seven unanswered blows at a time, I don’t think anyone would have objected if referee Sparkle Lee had stopped the contest. The only thing anyone could credit Amos Cowart for is the fact he never appeared hurt or took a step backwards.
Final Scores read 79-71 and 80-72 twice. Regis Prograis who landed 60% of his power punches improved to 15-0 (12) while Cowart now stands at 11-1-1 (9).

In Undercard action
Welterweight- Noel Murphy 3-0 (2) def.  Stacey Anderson 0-3 via TKO 1.
Lightweight- Anthony Burgin 9-1 (2) def. Justin Johnson 7-9-4 via TKO 1.
Heavyweight- Joey Dawejko 15-4-2 (8) def. Robert Dunton 11-15-1 (6) via TKO 1.
Middleweight- Thomas Lamanna 17-1 (7) def. Joshua Robertson 7-9 (2) via UD 8.
Super Middleweight-Avtandil Khurtsidze 31-2-2 (20) def. Melvin Betancourt 29-3 (22) via TKO 1





Daxx Khan's Fights of the week - 08-06-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing with Billy C TV & Radio program on 08-06-2015.








Payano defeats Warren in an ugly affair; Jackson dominates

By: Daxx Khan - August 3, 2015

Sunday night at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida Premier Boxing Champions broadcast on Bounce TV. It was a quality broadcast without all the extra pizazz we have come to see and dread on their other network TV versions.

They focused on the fighters in the ring, the announce team was very professional and viewers were spared from the excessive back stories of other PBC sponsored fighters.

The cards main event was between undefeated former Olympians Juan Carlos Payano and Rau'shee Warren. They met for Payano’s WBA Super world and vacant IBO bantamweight title. The bout was a foul filled affair where referee Frank Santore Jr could hardly maintain control.

Warren uncomfortable with Payano’s pressure would constantly turn the back of his head towards Payano bringing about some rabbit punches causing an early point deduction. Warren would hit low hold excessively, head-butt and in the 9th push Payano down to the canvas then hit him while he was down.
After a two point deduction for an intentional foul, Warren stopped shoving Payano but continued holding and added in the occasional elbow.

At times, Warren fought without antics he was very effective, landing solid combinations and flurries. His overall performance and how he dealt with pressure from an opponent showed he is not ready to be an elite level fighter. When the final scores were read Judge’s Alex Levin and Thomas Nardone scored it 113-111 for Payano while Carlos Sucre seen it 109-115 for Warren.  The cards were almost bad as the fight itself was. Juan Carlos Payano improved to 17-0 (8), Warren in his first loss now stands at 13-1 (2).

In the nights first televised bout John Jackson def. Dennis Laurente via UD 10. Boxing well from start to finish Jackson showed vast improvement since his 2014 loss to WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee. With a solid jab, quality footwork and well timed power punches the non-stop pressure of Laurente never seemed to trouble Jackson. The left hook to the body followed by an uppercut that Jackson landed often, is a dangerous two punch combination that will trouble many fighters as he moves up the ladder.

This fight in my opinion was Jackson’s best display of boxing ability mixed with accurate power punching so far, the judges agreed as final scores read 100-89 on all three cards. Jackson advances to the next round and improves to20-2 (15) while Laurente drops to 49-6-5 (30).

In the second televised bout of the night super welterweight Jorge Cota defeated Yudel Johnson after 10 action packed rounds.
During the first round both men were hurt and momentarily rocked, setting the bouts tempo. At the end of round two Johnson was knocked out of the ring by Cota just as the bell sounded. A replay showed Cota’s punch was in motion prior to the bell sounding but did not land until after making it an unofficial knockdown. There would not be a dull moment afterwards as Johnson was more accurate but Cota inflicted more punishment. Johnson went down twice in the 9th and started round ten on shaky legs.

That’s when Jorge Cota dished out a one sided beating hitting Johnson with hard hooks, overhand rights and just about anything else he threw. Johnson would barely survive and walked back to his corner looking dejected once it was over. Final scores read 95-92 and 96-91 twice all in favor of Cota who improved to 25-1 (22), Johnson now stands at 17-2 (9).

In Undercard action
Super welterweight- Daquan Arnett 14-1 (8) def. Joshua Conley 11-1-1 (6) via SD 8.
Super welterweight- Miguel Cruz 10-0 (9) def. Travis Hartman 13-23-1 (10) via TKO 2.
Welterweight- Bryant Perrella 10-0 (9) def. Eduardo Flores 21-18-3 via TKO 2.
Welterweight- Fabian Andres Maidana 8-0 (6) def. Peter Oluoch 14-10-2 (8) via UD 8.
Super welterweight- Javontae Starks 13-0 (7) def. Carlos Galvan 10-3-1 via SD 8.





By: Daxx Khan - July 26, 2015

At the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on HBO Main Event’s presented Sergey Kovalev against Nadjib Mohammedi for Kovalev’s unified IBF, WBO and WBA Super World Light Heavyweight titles.

Mohammedi started the first round with constant movement that gave Kovalev little opportunity to land a solid power shot. While Kovalev could not land a solid power shot because of Mohammedi’s movement he did outland him three punches to one.

Mohammedi was knocked down early in round two from a Kovalev right hand, the remaining time would be sloppy because Kovalev became anxious, shoving Mohammedi down several times.

Kovalev ended the affair in round three after a series of brutal shots, Mohammedi after going down barely beat the count and looked worse for the wear when he did get up. His body language appeared as though it would be best for referee Kenny Bayless to end the affair, without debate from Mohammedi or his corner Kovalev scored the official stoppage at 2:38 of round three.  Kovalev in his 6th title defense improved to 28-1 (25), Mohammedi now stands at 37-4 (23).

In a cruiserweight co-Feature former light heavyweight champion and Kovalev’s previous victim Jean Pascal took on undefeated Yunieski Gonzalez.

In the first four rounds Pascal was continuously caught with big shots by his stronger opponent that rocked him, perhaps giving him flashbacks of his stoppage loss to Kovalev last March. Instead of boxing Gonzalez he chose to make his night difficult by trying to trade punches.

Pascal would start using his superior boxing ability in the 5th, with Gonzalez showing signs of fatigue Pascal would win the round. Gonzalez continued to pressure Pascal in round six but Pascal had his moments, when Pascal did land flush shots they left an impression because Gonzalez was beginning to tire.

The 7th and 8th rounds were very close, Pascal the more accurate puncher, Gonzalez certainly landed the harder blows. The 9th round closed with Gonzalez beating Pascal on the ropes looking as if he would soon wilt. The entire 10th round was non-stop trading by both men, Pascal looking for one big punch to change things in his favor while Gonzalez landed harder more telling blows.

Pascal was slightly more accurate throughout while Gonzalez was more active by over 200 more punches and landed the more damaging blows. The final scores on all three Judges’ cards read 96-94 in favor of Jean Pascal, they were almost criminal cards. Pascal on my card won 3 rounds at most, Eric Cheek one of the Judges who scored Mauricio Herrera vs Jose Benavidez inaccurately in favor of Benavidez was one of those Judge’s so I suppose it should be expected.

The Judges robbed this young man of his rightful decision and it was just another embarrassment for the officiating we see time and again in boxing.  Jean Pascal improved to 30-3-1 (17), Yunieski Gonzalez now stands at 16-1 (12).

In Undercard action
Super Lightweight- Joel Diaz Jr 19-0 (15) def.  Alejandro Rodriguez 24-18-1 (14) via. TKO 4
Light Heavyweight- Sullivan Barrera 16-0 (11) def. Hakim Zoulikha 21-8 (10) via. TKO 8    
Heavyweight- Rodney Hernandez 8-2-1 (1) def. Brice Ritani Coe 4-4-1 (3) via SD 6
Heavyweight- Cassius Chaney 3-0 (2) def. Edward Ramirez 1-3 (1) via. KO 1



By: Daxx Khan - July 26, 2015

Saturday night at the Palms Casino and Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada on NBC Sports, Mayweather Promotions featured a main event between Beibut Shumenov and BJ Flores for the interim WBA World cruiserweight title.

 Shumenov a former WBA Light Heavyweight title holder would be fighting for the second time with well-known Cuban trainer Ismael Salas. Interestingly enough Salas also trained Danny Green who handed Flores his lone loss in 2010.

Prior to his cruiserweight transition Shumenov had been struggling to make the 175lb light heavyweight limit, he had also been training himself for his last few bouts before teaming up with Ismael Salas. When he lost his WBA Super World light heavyweight title to Bernard Hopkins in April of 2014, Shumenov decided some changes were needed in his camp if he was going to excel further. When the night was over that decision showed dividends.

The first four rounds were “Swing” rounds as both men traded momentum. Flores would land the harder shots in the first and third while Shumenov used his footwork and jab to win rounds two and four.

The next four rounds each man fought cautiously, neither wanted to get caught with a big punch by being reckless. Flores was able to land more power shots and close a little of the distance Shumenov had been keeping by using footwork.

The 9th round was one where Flores played stalker and looked for one big punch, though Flores while looking for a big punch was following Shumenov not cutting the ring off.

Shumenov moved around jabbing to the body and showed superior boxing ability but may have lost the round due to not letting his hands go enough.

When the 10th round started Shumenov seemed to have found his rhythm and was frustrating Flores who had started throwing single shots at a time, Shumenov when he let his hands go was doing it in two’s and three’s. In the final two rounds Flores swung wide and wild, Shumenov remained composed and stayed boxing with movement landing single shots then moving from a counter.

The 12th ended with Flores landing his best punch of the night and had Shumenov falling backwards towards the ropes, Shumenov regained his composure and threw one last punch before the bell sounded. The only question now was “Would the Judges favor Flores come forward attack or Shumenov’s hit and move style”?

All three Judges favored Shumenov’s superior boxing ability and scored it 116-112 in his favor. Shumenov improved to 16-2 (10) while Flores drops to 31-2-1 (20).

In a bout for the vacant USBA cruiserweight title
Cruiserweight- Isiah Thomas 15-0 (6) def. Jordan Shimmell 19-1 (16) via. UD 10.               
Super Featherweight- Claudio Marrero 19-1 (14) def. Rico Ramos 24-5 (12) via. KO 3       
Cruiserweight- Andrew Tabiti 11-0 (10) def. Roberto Santos 12-2 (5) via. UD 8
Cruiserweight- Michael Hunter 9-0 (6) def. Mike Bissett 9-8 (7) via. TKO 1
Super Lightweight- Ladarius Miller 8-0 (1) def. Kevin Womack Jr 7-6-3 (5) via. UD 6





Daxx Khan's Fights Of The Week - 07-23-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 07-23-2015.








ShowBox action from the Sands Casino Resort- Douglas and Magomedov shine, Odom and Szili get blasted

By: Daxx Khan - July 18, 2015

On Showtime Friday night in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania four televised bouts would put on a good evening of entertainment. Three of those four contest were between undefeated fighters trying to make a statement and step to the next level.

The main event was between undefeated middleweights Antoine Douglas and Istvan Szili. It was all Douglas from the opening bell. Szili came forward trying to pressure Douglas and paid for it every second. At the end of round two Szili barely beat the count after being caught with a shot that put him face down.

The moment round three started Douglas attacked and ended the affair with two more knockdowns before the midway point.
Antoine Douglas improved to 18-0-1 (12), Istvan Szili drops to 18-1-2 (8).

The night’s first televised bout was a light heavyweight contest between Jerry Odum and Samuel Clarkson. Odom’s only loss going in was a DQ against Andrew Hernandez last January, that loss was avenged two months later with a third round stoppage. This bout seemed like a perfect “Step up” fight for Odom if he looked spectacular.

Odum started strong, looking relaxed working Clarkson’s body. Clarkson who had stated in his pre-fight interviews “I will work my uppercut” did just that. Clarkson threw the uppercut accurately hurting Odom every time it connected. Odom tasted the canvas three times before referee Shawn Clark finally seen enough, stopping it at 1:15 of the third. Samuel Clarkson improved to 15-3 (9), Jerry Odom now stands at 13-2 (12).

The second televised bout was an action packed affair between undefeated super bantamweights Adam Lopez and Eliecer Aquino. A flash knockdown suffered by Aquino in round one made it appear as though things might end quickly but he would get up and rally an impressive comeback. The two fighters traded momentum, Aquino scoring with his overhand right, Lopez the uppercut.

It was Lopez’s first round knockdown of Aquino that edged it out for him, Judge’s Dave Braslow and Kevin Morgan seen it 96-93 while Steve Weisfeld scored the fight even at 95-95.

Adam Lopez improved to 13-0 (6) while Aquino in his first loss stands at 17-1-1 (11).

The most interesting bout on paper at least was a middleweight affair between undefeated fighters Derrick Webster and Arif Magomedov. At 6’4” Derrick Webster looked the part, a long range boxer would could keep the 5’11” Russian prospect Arif Magomedov away by simply using his jab.

Arif Magomedov would walk right through anything Webster offered, applying pressure from start to finish attacking the body. As Webster wore down from the constant pressure he went into survival mode, going down in the 7th and 10th rounds. The contest ended up as a showcase performance for Magomedov.

All three judges had it the same 99-89 in favor of Magomedov who improved to 16-0 (9). Webster drops to 19-1 (10).

In Undercard action:
Super Middleweight- Rob Brant 16-0 def. Ernesto Berrospe 10-8 via. TKO 3
Middleweight- Ricky Nuno 2-0 def. Tim Kunkel 0-1 via. KO 3
Super Middleweight- Botirsher Obidov 1-1-1 def. Christopher Brooker 3-1 via. SD 4
Super Lightweight- Samuel Teah 6-1 def. Ray Velez 3-8-1 via. UD 4
Super Bantamweight- Emmanuel Folly 5-0 (4) def. Jose Garcia 0-3 via. KO 2






Daxx Khan's Fights of the Week - 07-16-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 07-16-2015.








Klitschko versus Fury- WWE meets UFC October 24th

By: Daxx Khan - July 10, 2015

Two years ago I would have been excited to hear that Wladamir Klitschko versus Tyson Fury was official, too bad neither man has been exciting in a long time. While everyone loves a heavyweight title fight, since this was announced I have had nightmares. My nightmares envision a hybrid of the WWE and UFC from start to finish. I have literally woken up in a cold sweat thinking “In one night the division’s prestige could be erased in full”.

It starts with pre-fight press conferences and promotion.

Tyson Fury as usual plays the “Bad Guy” role, making absurd comments, promising to end Klitschko’s career just like he has the last three years. Every time he enters a venue to greet the media for question and answer sessions, “OHH WHAT A RUSH” blast over the speakers with the “Road Warrior’s” entrance music. Except instead of a member of team Fury leading the way “Hornswoggle” walks in singing an Elvis tune.

Klitschko for his part in the pre-fight build up will always remain the composed dignified champion. His only comments to the press will be “On fight night he will pay for his disrespect”. Depending on his schedule older brother Vitaly will stand in the background looking menacing providing a “If you’re smart you will behave yourself” glare.  

On fight night both men will make elaborate ring entrances for the crowd. Wladamir enters to his older brothers “Hell’s Bell’s” by AC/DC with a giant bell slowly following him. Tyson Fury’s will be more carnival type with dwarfs, bearded ladies and fire blowers. Each man will receive roaring ovations from those on hand.

As the ring announcer introduces the fighters, Fury will take off his robe looking as though he trained by drinking pints at the local pub, Klitschko as always will appear in fantastic condition. That’s when the excitement will end.
Fury starts the bout begging Klitschko to attack, when caught with a punch he pretends to be hurt then suddenly flex as if he were “Lex Lugar”. Women and children will look away in disgust as his hairy sagging chest flounders around and even “Hornswoggle” seems disturbed.

After a few punches, the duo ends up in a clinch, rabbit punches and elbows start flying, eventually Klitschko hip tosses Fury to the canvas. Referee Ian John Lewis threatens to deduct a point from Klitschko until older brother Vitaly jumps on the apron. Vitaly grabs Lewis by his bow tie and threatens to power bomb him onto the arena floor, eliminating any further threats of a point deduction.

A few wide punches get thrown before each fighters decides they don’t want to risk being punched, after going into a clinch they end up on the canvas by the 5th round. That’s when they resort to their MMA ground game.

 Gasping for air, each man attempt’s an “Omoplata” submission, since neither knows how to apply one correctly they end up giving each other “Indian Burns”. Ian John Lewis he allows this to go on for almost an entire round before, Big John McCarthy signals, “Stand them up”.
Finally after seven rounds each fighter sit’s barely able to take a breath, unable to make it off their stool, it ends in a double count out. The normally flooded social media has one trend on Twitter “#DidThatJustHappen” without a single word typed next to it. The crowd on hand slowly walks out silent.

As the TV networks are going off air only Shannon Briggs remains standing alone inside the ring yelling “Let’s Go Champ.”

Wladamir Klitschko for all the skills he possesses rarely chooses to use them. He has become happy with cruising his way to points decisions. In his last bout against Bryant Jennings he appeared disinterested and bothered by Jennings movement. The fact referee Michael Griffin deducted a point in the 10th for excessive holding seemed to confuse Wladamir, he gave an expression that almost said “I don’t understand they allow this in Germany”.

Tyson Fury has not lived up to his potential, his career highlight moment was a win over Steve Cunningham. Starting the fight aggressive and taunting Cunningham by yelling “Come On” with his arms held wide open, Fury was dropped by an overhand right during the second round. With his pride stung he resorted to holding and fouling until Cunningham was exhausted, scoring a stoppage in round seven. Since he has faced subpar competition and recycled opponents. Fury has yet to fight the best Europe has to offer let alone any of the top heavyweights in the world.

Two oversized heavyweights, with suspect chins and total opposite personalities should make for a good fight, except “Exciting fights” and these two men don’t go hand in hand.

I don’t know what will be worse Wladamir Klitschko keeping his hold on the heavyweight division or Tyson Fury becoming champion? Either way the division as a whole won’t progress.

The saying is “If you dream enough those dreams can become a reality”. I hope the reality here is my dream on how this fight turns out ends up being from too much spicy food at dinner.   





Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 06-25-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio program on 06-25-2015.








Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 06-18-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 06-18-2015








Daxx Khan's fights of the week - 06-11-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and gives his predictions on his top three fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 06-11-2015.








PBC on NBC June 6th- A card that was not quite so Premier!

By: Daxx Khan - June 7, 2015

Saturday afternoon on NBC Premier Boxing Champions provided an installment of fights that were anything but “Premier”.

In the feature and what was supposed to be a showcase bout, former four division belt holder Robert Guerrero took on lightly regarded Aaron Martinez.

Despite his one sided 12 round beating just 3 months ago by WBA welterweight title holder Keith Thurman, Guerrero was expected to shine against the 19-3-1 Martinez.

Once the bell rang expectations quickly changed from “Shine” to “Hope for a win”.

Martinez entering on a 14 month layoff applied pressure early pinning Guerrero against the ropes dropping him in the 4th from an accumulation of punishment.

Guerrero was able to beat the count gain his wits about him, then start racking up points of his own by digging deep. Despite winning middle rounds with superior boxing he never took total control of the fight.

Every time Guerrero gained momentum Martinez landed a big shot that would make him stray from his game plan, often landing the most meaningful blow of a round he was losing.

Final scores read 95-94, 94-95 and 97-92 in favor of Guerrero who won a split decision. Guerrero improved to 33-3-1 (18) while Martinez drops to 19-4-1 (4).

My final scorecard read 95-94 in favor of Martinez and could not disagree much with Judge Eddie Hernandez who seen it 95-94 in favor of Guerrero. Guerrero after being knocked down won most of the middle rounds outside being caught by a few counters by boxing smartly. Judge Jerry Cantu who had it 97-92 in favor of Guerrero should never be involved in anything more than a local club show again.

In what should have been the main event multi division world champion and always exciting Vic Darchinyan faced WBA Featherweight Champion Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar. 

The 39yr old Darchinyan who has been fairly inactive the last 2 years and was stopped in 2 of his last 3 fights started strong. After a close first 3 rounds slightly favoring Cuellar, Darchinyan would stun the champion several times in the 4th.

Darchinyan despite showing glimpses of his former glory was caught by Cuellar with a series of big rights in the 8th that dropped Darchinyan. Despite beating the count his corner tried to have the fight waved off but could not get referee Tom Taylor’s attention.

Darchinyan would take a few more unanswered shots before the ref would jump in and save him. Giving Cuellar the TKO win at 1:04 of the 8th round. Darchinyan drops to 40-8-1 (29) while Cuellar now stands at 27-1 (21).  

In Undercard action-
Middleweight- Alfredo Angulo 23-5(19) def. Delray Raines 19-11-1(14) via KO5.
Heavyweight- Dominic Breazeale 15-0 (14) def. Yasmany Consuegra 17-1 (14) via TKO3. Breazeale was out landed more than 2-1 in terms of punch stats, Consuegra down 3 times.
Featherweight- Marvin Sonsona 19-1-1 (15) Jonathan Arrellano 15-5-2 (3)
Super Welterweight- Oscar Molina 13-0 (10) def. Todd Manuel 10-6-1 (1) via UD8.
Super Lightweight- Alejandro Luna 18-0 (13) def. Cristobal Cruz 40-17-4 (24) via UD8.
Lightweight- Victor Betancourt 18-1 (8) Juan Ruiz 24-17 (7)
Welterweight- Jessie Roman 18-2 (9) Donald Ward 9-5 (4)
Welterweight- Fabian Andres Maidana 7-0 (6) def. David Nelson 3-4 (1) via KO1.
Welterweight- Anthony Flores 8-0 (5) def. Joaquin Chavez 9-15-3 (2) via UD4.






Daxx Khan's Fights Of The Week - 05-28-2015









Federsov (L) faces Dennis (white trunks with red stripe) in Boxcino HW Final


Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 05-21-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his top three fights of the week during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio program on 05-21-2015.









Gennady “GGG” Golovkin- Boxing’s most exciting under appreciated champion

By: Daxx Khan - May 19, 2015

Current IBO, WBC Interim and WBA Super World Middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin increases his global star power with every win. Saturday night on HBO in Inglewood California Golovkin scored his 20th straight stoppage, 33rd professional victory and 30th inside the distance after halting highly respected prospect Willie Monroe Jr. Yet despite his string of knockouts and undefeated record the Kazakhstani Phenom still strives for legitimacy.

Golovkin who holds the highest KO ratio of any middleweight champion in history at 90% is often discredited by media, fans and even other fighters for two reasons. One would his level of competition thus far secondly the fact he seems to be very hittable. Each of those two questions are valid to a point but some seem as if they are reaching a little too far.

Golovkin nor his team never claimed defense was one of his best attributes. On the opposite side Golovkin does not have awful defense either. He uses a high guard and rolls with punches taking steam off them. Due to the fact GGG easily gets reddens gives a false impression on how much abuse he is truly taking.

Fighters from Kazakhstan have high cheek bones, they swell easily. Vassiliy Jirov and Beibut Shumenov two other well know fighters from Kazakhstan often appeared to be in wars when they dominated as well.

In terms of opposition Golovkin has yet to face the biggest names in or around the middleweight division but his resume is not full of second rate opponents either.

GGG’s last ten opponents have a combined 286-34 record with 158 knockouts. Three are former world champions while another three are former world title challengers. Only one of those ten Nobuhiro Ishida was coming in off a loss yet he had a 3 inch height and 2 inch reach advantage. In his combined 383 pro and amateur bouts Golovkin has never been down or hurt.

Golovkin possesses incredible footwork and is always in punching position, even when on the receiving end of a punch he is capable of landing one back with power. Daniel Geale and Willie Monroe Jr were both landing a shot of their own when Golovkin knocked them down.

Only a fighter with impeccable balance is capable of dropping his opponent while being hit flush himself.

This is an era where reigning world champions fight in either Catchweight bouts or at a maximum of twice per year. Golovkin averages three fights per year, in 2013 he fought four times and in under 6 months has fought twice in 2015.

Miguel Cotto the middleweight divisions WBC and Ring champion has fought only four times since 2012. Cotto lost two of those bouts, and one win was against a journeyman the other an injured Sergio Martinez. Cotto will fight for the first time in a year on June 6th against former world champion Daniel Geale. A man Golovkin already stopped and was criticized for facing in the first place.

How can the so called “Lineal” champion be given a pass for facing an opponent already beaten by the man people label “Unproven and overrated?”   

Is Golovkin an all-time great? Until his career ends we can’t say for sure but he is damn good! Could it be that because GGG stops his opponents in sensational fashion people tend to overlook the technical ability he displays?  

Super Middleweight Andre Ward often mentions GGG and states he would beat him without question yet Ward seems to only fight on leap years.

Ward doesn’t not mind opponents dropping down or moving up in weight to face him but he seems unwilling to do the same. Unless Ward is doing commentary for HBO I don’t think he leaves Oakland if boxing is involved.

The only other fighter criticized more than GGG is boxing’s “Pound for Pound” king Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even though Floyd does not stop his opponents like GGG does he puts on masterful displays of boxing ability winning soundly in every outing.

Mayweather boxing’s top rated fighter and highest paid athlete in all of sports is never given full credit for his performances. Critics will find a way to down play every Mayweather opponent and performance, it’s as though Floyd is punished for being too good.

Golovkin while not the draw Mayweather is nor has he accomplished as much seems to be getting that same treatment.

Every opponent scheduled to face GGG and every critic is certain he will be exposed once the bell rings. Yet he remains undefeated and 30 of those opponents have needed help getting on their feet. After the fight is over those same opponent’s suddenly become over rated, second rate or past their best.

How can every opponent that “Was the one” to beat him prior to fight night fall from grace so quickly after being counted out?

Maybe instead of looking for flaws boxing should appreciate the excitement Golovkin produces because fighters like GGG don’t come along very often. Then again there is always YouTube and Facebook, you know the two places on the internet that produce countless boxing experts, helping them decide how an active fighter stacks up against past greats.


Even if they base their opinion off 10 minute clips recorded on a camera pointed towards some TV screen from 20 feet away.   





Daxx Khan's Fights Of The Week - 05-07-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down and predicts his three best fights scheduled for this weekend during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 05-07-2015.








Guyana’s first world champion Andrew “Six Heads” Lewis passes away being struck by car

By: Daxx Khan - May 6, 2015

It was sad to hear early Monday morning that 44yr old former WBA Welterweight title holder Andrew “Six Heads” Lewis passed away Sunday May 4th in his native Guyana. Lewis reportedly was riding his bike in a high traffic area when struck by a car and then transported to a local hospital where they pronounced him dead shortly later.

Lewis the first world champion from Guyana resided in Brooklyn NY during much of his career. Turning professional in 1993 Lewis moved to the United States in 1996. On February 17th 2001 he stopped James Page during the 7th round of an action packed fight to claim the vacant WBA 147lb title. Guyana declared a “National Holiday” in his honor after the victory.

April 28th 2001 Lewis would make a successful defense of his title by outpointing Larry Marks before meeting Ricardo Mayorga on July 28th. His bout against Mayorga was declared a No Contest due to an accidental head-butt during the 2nd round.

Lewis would face Mayorga again in March of 2002 and lose his title via TKO at 1:08 of the 5th round, scores at the time read 38-38 twice and 39-38 in favor of Mayorga.

Lewis would challenge one more time for a world title in 2003 lasting only 2 rounds before then WBO title holder Antonio Margarito stopped him at 2:31 of the round. Afterwards Andrew would return to Guyana and fight 4 more times regionally before retiring in 2008.

While Lewis time at the championship level was short fans will always remember his famous moniker “Six Heads” as it’s often included on boxing’s top 25 nicknames of all time.

All of us from the Talkin Boxing with Billy C TV & Radio show and the BillyCBoxing Network, would like to offer our condolences to the entire Lewis family in their time of loss.





Premier Boxing Champions on NBC from Brooklyn

By: Daxx Khan - April 12, 2015

Saturday night in Brooklyn NY, at the Barclays Center Premier Boxing Champions broadcasted on NBC with a card full of big names, upcoming prospects and veterans of the sport all looking to shine.  

Headlining the event was a showdown between the two top rated 140lb fighters in the world Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson at a 143lb catch weight bout. Co-Featured was WBO Champion Andy Lee against former title holder Peter Quillin in a non-title affair due to the fact Quillin failed to make weight.

The Main Event between Garcia and Peterson left fans without an answer to a looming question “Who was the better of the two champion’s?”

Officially Garcia came in at 142 ¼ and Peterson 143, by fight night Garcia hydrated to junior middleweight and was 157lbs while Peterson as astonishing 165lbs!

Early on Peterson would frustrate Garcia with movement, while Danny was the aggressor he was not able to land anything significant. With his nose bleeding and eyes swelling Garcia’s frustration over Peterson’s constant movement became evident during the 4th as he gestured for Lamont to stop moving and trade. It wasn’t until the 6th did Peterson slow down enough for Garcia to get in some work.

Round’s 8, 9 and 10 seen a role reversal as Peterson turned aggressor while Garcia spent his time in retreat picking up a slight cut near the right eye.
Garcia had success in the 11th but frustration would again surface when he shoved Peterson to the canvas and was warned by referee Harvey Dock. Peterson closed the round landing 3 big shots that had Garcia looking like a beat fighter.

In the 12th and final round Peterson kept Garcia on the back foot, shots Danny did score had little effect. As the final bell sounded Garcia was in full retreat while Peterson imposed his will.  

Garcia looking beaten and battered was given a majority decision win with scores of 115-113 twice by Judges Kevin Morgan and Steve Weisfeld, while Judge Don Ackerman had it 114-114.

This was the second Catchweight bout in a year for Garcia who many thought was given a gift in 2013 when he faced Mauricio Herrera. After the bout when asked if he would like to face Peterson again Garcia replied “Yes but at 147lbs”. Perhaps giving a hint his days at Junior Welterweight are coming to a close soon.

The Co-Main event between Andy Lee and Peter Quillin was an exciting affair. Lee went down in the last minute of round one then almost again in the final seconds being saved by the bell. A knockdown would be ruled for Quillin in round 3 though called incorrectly by referee Steve Willis (Replay would show that Quillin stepped on Lee’s foot).

Quillin after being caught by some solid blows in the 4th gained respect for Lee’s power, fighting more cautiously in the 5th and 6th he suffered his first career knockdown during the 7th.

Lee seemed to handle Quillin’s power better as the affair went on and win later rounds. The final two rounds were a toss-up but in the end judge Guido Cavalleri seen it 113-112 for Lee, Judge Eric Marlinski 113-112 Quillin and Judge Glen Feldman 113-113. Declaring it a split draw.

Lee now stands at 34-2-1 (24), Quillin 31-0-1 (22).

Both fighters were gracious in their post-fight interviews crediting each other for a job well done, neither having issue with the scoring.

In Undercard action-
Welterweight- Felix Diaz 17-0 (8) def. Gabriel Bracero 23-2 (4) via UD 10.
Welterweight- Errol Spence Jr 16-0 (13) def. Samuel Vargas 20-2-1 (10) via TKO 4. Spence dropped Vargas in the second and finished the fight at 1:45 of the 4th.
Light Heavyweight- Marcus Browne 14-0 (11) def. Aaron Pryor Jr 19-8-1 (12) RTD6 when Pryor couldn’t answer the bell for the 7th.    
Welterweight- Viktor Postol 27-0 (11) def. Jake Giuriceo 17-3-1 via UD 8.
Super Bantamweight- Heather Hardy 12-0 (2) NC 3 Renata Domsodi 12-6. Hardy was dominating the fight when it was stopped due to a cut Domsodi suffered by an accidental head-butt.
Super Welterweight- Luis Collazo 36-6 (19) the former WBA Welterweight title holder defeated Christopher Degollado 12-5 (10) via TKO 2.
Super Welterweight- Prichard Colon 14-0 (11) def. Daniel Calzada 11-14-2 via TKO 9.
Super Bantamweight Ryan Burnett 9-0 (7) def. Stephon McIntyre 2-8-2 via KO at 2:59 of the first round.

It was a good night of action and in my opinion the best card in the Premier Boxing Champions series thus far in terms of excitement. The scores in the Main event ruined the overall quality of the broadcast and if such outcomes continue could end the PBC trend earlier than those involved hoped for. 






Daxx Khan's Fights of The Week - 04-10-2015










Flash Elorde


History before History Part 2- The Super Featherweights!

By: Daxx Khan - April 8, 2015

My initial installment of “History before History Is Made” on May 2nd between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao highlighted some other historical bouts of the past. First was the record setting 1965 bout between Floyd Patterson and George Chuvalo, when they met it was boxing’s highest grossing non-title fight to date.

The 1915 “Great White Hope” bout between Jack Johnson and Jess Willard where after 26 brutal round’s in the outdoor sun Johnson finally succumbed to a larger younger Willard.

The 2006 bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Zab Judah when Floyd after a shaky start took Judah’s undisputed welterweight title ushering in the era of a new “Pound for Pound” star. In this installment I will highlight several fighters from the division where it all started for both men fighting May 2nd “Super Featherweight”.

Yes Manny Pacquiao had already won titles in several weight classes prior to his short stay at “Super Featherweight” but that’s where his historical rivalry with Juan Manuel Marquez began in 2004 and he jumped into the mainstream.

In 1998 Floyd Mayweather Jr. won his first world title against Genaro Hernandez making 7 defenses before moving up in weight. Despite both men’s accomplishments at 130lbs they will be remembered for what took place at welterweight and above more than anything.

The fighters below all fought in other weight classes and some achieved more after leaving the division but while there they either ended up as boxing “Royalty” or were literal “Supermen”.

Azumah “The Professor” Nelson- 1979-1998 WBC Feather/Super Featherweight champion.
With an overall career record of 36-6-2 (28) Nelson is a Hall of Fame inductee considered by many to be the best 130lb fighter in history. Nelson was a master boxer with a granite chin and solid power. 24 of his 47 career bouts were title fights, his lone stoppage loss came at the hands of Salvador Sanchez in his first attempt at winning the WBC Featherweight world title, 2 weeks prior to Sanchez’s death in a car crash.

Nelson also took part in some of the era’s most notable rivalries. Going 1-1-1 against Jeff Fenech, holds 2-0 over Gabriel Ruelas and 1-2-1 against Jesse James Leija. All 3 are boxing legends in their own right.

Nelson would lose his world title in 1997 to the man Floyd Mayweather won his first title from Genaro Hernandez before retiring in 1998. After a brief one fight appearance in 2008 against Jeff Fenech when both were long past their best Azumah faded off to his native Ghana living in an almost royal status.

Hector “Macho” Camacho- 1980-2010 WBC Super Featherweight/Lightweight, WBO Super Lightweight Champion.
On August 7th 1983 in his 22nd pro bout Camacho would become world champion for the first time after destroying 2 time title holder Rafael “Bazooka” Limon for the vacant WBC 130lb belt. Camacho only defended the title once before moving up to lightweight but it was as at Super Featherweight “Macho Time” was born.

A lightning fast jab, blinding combinations, elusive footwork and killer instinct set Camacho apart from everyone else in or near his weight class during his peak. Camacho’s elaborate ring entrances and outfits helped garner him attention usually reserved for larger divisions. When Hector Camacho stepped inside the ring it was more than a fight it was an event. In his 30 year career Camacho massed a 79-6-3 (38) record against some of boxing’s best of not just his era but all time.

Never stopped in his pro career and only down once against an undefeated larger, younger Oscar De La Hoya at welterweight Hector lived a dangerous life outside of boxing. Many believe his losses had more to do with not training than being beaten by a better man. Four of his six defeats came at welterweight and above, two long past his prime.

Though only ¼ of his career was spent at 130lbs and accomplishments were minimal Camacho never faded out of the spotlight from day one. After his 2012 death from a gunshot wound people who referenced Camacho’s greatness as a fighter did so using his attributes at Super Featherweight.

Gabriel “Flash” Elorde- 1951-1971 Undisputed lineal, WBA/WBC Super Featherweight Champion.
Younger fans may not know this but Elorde was boxing’s first great Filipino fighter. Having two reigns as Super Featherweight Champion his first came when there were only 8 weight classes and one champion per division. Elorde’s first reign was from 1960-63 then he held the WBC and WBA’s inaugural versions from 1963-1967.

Elorde was not the swarming awkward power puncher Manny Pacquiao is, instead he was a more refined defensive fighter. Elorde went 1-1 with Sandy Saddler winning the first bout and losing the rematch via TKO due to a cut in Saddlers last title defense. Flash twice challenged and lost to lightweight champion Carlos Ortiz but was able to gain some success at higher weights, while he never won a world title past 130lbs he always remained a top contender, his overall career record read 89-27-2 (33).

Elorde passed away in 1985 at the young age of 49 from lung cancer, 7 years prior to his induction into the International Boxing Hall Of Fame. His two grandsons Juan Martin and Juan Miguel are current professional fighters in the Super Bantam and Super Featherweight divisions.   

Brian Mitchell- 1981-1995 WBA/IBF Super Featherweight Champion-

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa Brian first claimed world gold in 1986 when he stopped Alfredo Layne by 10th round TKO to become the WBA 130lb champion. It wasn’t until September of 1989 in his 9th title defense did United States fans have an opportunity to see Mitchell live. He faced Irving Mitchell in Lewiston, Maine, winning by 7th round TKO.

He would return to the U.S. 2 years later for a unification bout with IBF champion Tony Lopez. The bout took place in Lopez’s home state of California and ended in a draw, many felt if the bout had been anywhere else Mitchell would have won. The pair would meet once again in California on September 13th 1991 almost 3 years to the day after he halted Irving Mitchell. This time Brian left no questions and won a unanimous decision by scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113 making him the unified WBA and IBF Super Featherweight champion. Brian would vacate the titles and 2 more times before retiring in 1995.

He is often overlooked by mainstream fans in the United States because his limited appearances here but make no mistakes about it Mitchell was a true “World Champion”. With a career record of 45-1-3 (21) Brian did what very few world champions have “DEFENDED HIS TITLE AROUND THE WORLD”.

Brian Mitchell participated in 14 world title bouts and never lost one. After retiring from the ring he opened a gym in South Africa where he helped Harry Simon win a 154lb world title and Cassius Baloyi to multiple Super Featherweight world title reigns. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009.  

All four of the above fighters began their journey into boxing immortality at 130lbs during strong eras. Looking back at their careers it makes me wonder “How would Floyd Mayweather Jr or Manny Pacquiao” have fared against any of the 4 if they faced them at their primes when they fought at Super Featherweight. There is a better than average chance Mayweather would have lost his coveted “0” and Pacquiao might have been made to look ordinary rather than the wrecking machine he was known as in lower weight classes. Of course I can only speculate and weigh the career performances of all men while they fought in that division.

In my next installment “Super Fights” that delivered and how I think Mayweather Vs Pacquiao will compare once the bell rings.





Premier Boxing Champions CBS Debut- Adonis win’s in not so “Super” fashion, Beterbiev makes statement with destruction of Campillo!

By: Daxx Khan - April 5, 2015

Saturday afternoon on CBS Premier Boxing Champions presented its 3rd installment since airing early in March on NBC, then Spike TV a week later. While both cards were good featuring such names as Keith Thurman, Andre Berto, Robert Guerrero and John Molina Jr, Saturday’s card in my opinion was the best so far.

In a packed Pepsi Coliseum, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada where boxing fans are perhaps some of the most enthusiastic worldwide viewers were treated to Knockouts and quality displays of boxing ability.  

Adonis Stevenson def. Sakio Bika
In the Main Event Adonis Stevenson put his WBC and Ring Light Heavyweight titles on the line against former WBC Super Middleweight title holder Sakio Bika.  The fight as any Bika bout was a rough tumble affair, Bika took more punches than landed but had his moments. When Bika was able to pin Stevenson on the ropes he landed his best shots. Stevenson though was able to catch Bika with the same right jab straight left combination time and again.

Despite being dropped in the 6th and 9th rounds Bika stayed on his feet robbing Stevenson of his promise of a knockout. Final scores read 116-110, 115-110 and 115-111 all in favor of Stevenson who must go to purse bid for a unification bout against WBA, IBF and WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev as mandated by the WBC.

It was an action packed bout that showed Stevenson has a better chin than what most believe but he is very predictable. There was nothing in the bout that led me to believe he outboxes Kovalev or upcoming Artur Beterbiev who was on the undercard against Gabriel Campillo. While it is no secret Sakio Bika’s chin is one of the best in the sport Stevenson’s power was also shown to be overrated. Stevenson improved to 26-1 (21) while Bika drops to 32-7-3 (21).

Artur Beterbiev Def. Gabriel Campillo
Former amateur standout and hard hitting upcoming light heavyweight prospect Artur Beterbiev improved to 8-0 with all 8 wins coming by stoppage after dominating former world title holder Gabriel Campillo. Beterbiev dropped Campillo in the first then continued his assault with relentless aggression.

Campillo managed to get his jab working for about 30 seconds of the first round after climbing off the canvas then was left on the defensive. Every punch to the body and head landed by Beterbiev left an impact. At 2:15 seconds of the 4th round Beterbiev trapped Campillo on the ropes and ended the night after a brutal combination. Beterbiev showed composure along with all around ring generalship in his dominate performance, Campillo not the fighter he was 3 years ago is still a world class opponent. The victory sent a message to the light heavyweight division “ATRUR BETERBIEV IS REAL AND A THREAT”.  Beterbiev after the fight when asked if he is ready for a world title bout stated “I don’t come in looking for the knockout I just come looking for the win, I am going to take some time and think about what’s next”. Campillo drops to 25-7-1 (12).

In Undercard action-
Super Welterweight- Custio Clayton 3-0 (2) def. Ronald Berti 4-4-1 (1) via TKO 1:48 of the 2nd.
Heavyweight- Oscar Rivas 16-0 (11) def. Oezcan Cetinkaya 21-10-2 (14) via TKO at 1:31 of the 1st.
Welterweight- Kevin Bizier 24-2 (16) def. Fouad El Massoudi 12-5 (1) via MD 8. Scores read 78-74 twice and 76-76
Super Welterweight Julian Williams 19-0-1 (11) def. Joey Hernandez 24-2-1 via UD 10. All three scorecards read 100-89.
Super Welterweight- Sebastien Bouchard 10-1 (3) def. Denis Farias 19-7-2 (1) via UD 6. Scores read 78-74 twice and 79-73.
Super Middleweight- Roody Rene 1-2-1 def. Shakeel Phinn 1-1 (1) via UD 4. Scores read 40-36 twice and 39-37.
Super Bantamweight- Vislan Dalkhaev 2-0 def. Adel Hadjouis 7-4 via UD 4. Scores read 40-36 on all 3 cards.




Brook dominates Dan in first Defense- Call’s Out Amir Khan

By: Daxx Khan - BillyCBoxing.com

Saturday night just months after possible career ending injuries suffered in a knife attack that severed a large portion of his leg IBF welterweight title holder Kell Brook returned to the ring against challenger Jo Jo Dan. With a packed house in his hometown of Sheffield, England, Brook dominated the game Dan dropping him 4 times before his corner decided he had enough.

Make no mistake Jo Jo Dan is not the elite of boxing’s welterweight division but he is a game fighter with better than average skills.  Entering the fight his only 2 losses were to Selcuk Aydin by points in Aydin’s home country of Turkey, one of those was a much disputed split decision most feel was generous for the hometown fighter. Since 2011 the last time Dan faced Aydin he has won 5 straight including 2 over fellow Canadian countryman Kevin Bizier.

The bout started with Brook taking control with his jab and creating distance, his punches were accurate and hard. In the second round Brook scored the first knockdown of the night when he snapped Dan’s head back with a short crisp uppercut. After that it was just a matter of time before the fight ended because Brook was never on the defensive, Dan never stopped trying showing huge heart but could not deal with Brook’s superior skill and power.

Heading back to his corner at the end of round 4 referee Earl Brown took a close look at Dan asking if he wanted to continue stating “You need to show something or I will have to stop the contest”. Dan’s corner after a few moments of discussion among themselves decided there was no need to subject him to more punishment as there was no inclination he would be able to turn things around in his favor.

With the win Brook improved to 34-0 (23) while Dan dropped to a respectable 34-3 (18). After the bout Brook expressed his appreciation for the support of hometown fans in attendance plus the fact he had made a clear cut return to the ring without any evidence of his injury causing issue.

“I can’t believe less than a year ago they said I might never walk again here I am tonight boxing and defending my world title”.

When the ring announcer asked Brook what he would like to have happen next in his career his reply was direct.

“Who do the fans want me to fight? I want to fight Amir Khan next if the fans want to see it”

"If you're watching, Amir Khan, then get in here with me. I know you're delicate around the whiskers".

Khan has been calling Kell Brooks name out for some time now and if he is willing to sign promoter Eddie Hearn is willing to make the fight happen. It would be a huge bout in the UK especially where both fighters have a large fan base. After attempts at getting a bout with either Floyd Mayweather or Miguel Cotto have fallen through Khan will have little option but to accept Kell’s challenge or lose face.

If Brook vs Khan does not materialize a unification bout between Kell Brook and WBA divisional title holder Keith Thurman is one fans worldwide would unquestionably like to see happen. Both are undefeated and have dominated every opponent to date.

In Undercard action
Middleweight Sergey Khomitsky 30-11-3 (13) upset unbeaten prospect Adam Etches 18-1 (15) via 4th round KO.
Super Bantamweight- Gavin McDonnell 13-0-2 (4) def. Oleksandr Yegorov 13-1-1 (6) via UD 12.
Welterweight- Frankie Gavin 22-1 (13) def. Bogdan Mitic 20-7 (13) via UD 10.
Super Flyweight- Khalid Yafai 14-0 (9) def. Cristofer Rosales 10-2 (7) via UD 8.
Featherweight- Jordan Gill 13-0 (2) def. Barrington Brown 6-10-3 (2) via UD 6.
Super Featherweight- Stephen Smith 21-1 (12) def. Jacek Wylezol 11-9 (6) via UD 6.
Flyweight- Charlie Edwards 2-0 (2) def. Mikheil Soloninkini 3-8-1 (1) via TKO 3.
Bantamweight- Kyle Yousaf 2-0 def. Stefan Slavchev 6-14-1 (4) via UD 4.
Super Lightweight- Leigh Wood 14-1 (7) def. Laszlo Fekete 9-7-1 (7) via TKO 1.







Boxing History before History is about to be made!

By: Daxx Khan - March 24, 2015

With the upcoming May 2nd bout between Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao we all know boxing history will be made in more ways than one that night. It will not only be the highest grossing fight in the sports history but more than likely most watched live bout in the history of boxing. It’s certainly the most anticipated bout of this era. Yet to make history there needs to be history otherwise it’s “Just another day in life”.

Long before Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao became this generations top two pound for pound fighters, before they were international superstars, before the two men turned professional or they were even born boxing had a rich history full of memorable moments.  In fact despite what some fans think even during the careers of both other fighters have made history of their own, just as if not more significant than what these two will create May 2nd outside revenue.

So leading up to May 2nd and the “Fight of this Century” I am going to highlight memorable moments of the past created by other fighters. Some because of the action that took place inside the ring, the revenue they generated and impact they had on the sport as a whole. Even some that have had an impact on both the careers of both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s rise to superstardom.  

February 1st 1965- Former World Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson and Former Canadian Heavyweight Champion George Chuvalo faced off in a packed Madison Square Garden for 12 rounds. Patterson was on a 3 fight win streak and Chuvalo a 4 making this bout significant for both men as they were closing in on a world title shot. Despite this not being for a world title it was a time when heavyweights ruled boxing and both men had a big fan following so there was not only a demand for tickets but closed circuit TV in theaters as well.

Patterson won a unanimous decision by scores of 6-5, 8-4 and 7-5. It was up to that point the highest grossing “Non-Title Fight” in boxing history. The live gate was in excess of $166,000 plus an estimated $600,000 in theater TV viewing across the country.

Nine months later Patterson would lose his title bid against Muhammad Ali via 12th round TKO, Chuvalo would lose a 15 round decision to Ali in March of 1966.  

January 7th 2006- Before Floyd Mayweather was the top earning and top ranked pound for pound fighter in boxing there was a another fight fans had been wanting to see him in. It was against then undisputed welterweight champion Zab Judah. As Floyd was making the transition from Super Lightweight to Welterweight Judah took a stay busy bout against journeyman Carlos Manuel Baldomir.

Looking past Baldomir Judah didn’t take the fight serious enough and was upset via 12 round unanimous decision. The loss almost derailed the Judah vs Mayweather bout and would have if Baldomir was able to pay the sanctioning fees for all 3 of Judah’s titles. Unable to pay the fee for the WBA, IBF and WBC titles Baldomir chose to pay the WBC sanctioning fee making him the WBC and Ring Magazine Welterweight champion.

Since Mayweather vs Judah was still in demand they would meet three months later for Judah’s IBF and the vacant IBO welterweight belts. Mayweather would win a 12 round unanimous decision on April 8th then dethrone Carlos Baldomir on November 4th to claim the WBC and Ring versions as well. In May of 2007 Floyd would face then Pay per view King Oscar De La Hoya, win a split decision and take his WBC Super Welterweight title. That fight would usher in what many call the Mayweather era.

April 5th 1915- After years of trying to find a man to dethrone the elaborate, flashy and often arrogant Jack Johnson who rubbed “White America” the wrong way anytime he had an opportunity just to show no one told Jack Johnson what to do. The man from Kansas known as “Pottawatomie Giant” Jess Willard was able to get the job done.

After 26 brutal rounds underneath the hot sun in an outdoor venue at Oriental Park, Havana, Cuba an out of shape Johnson succumbed to Willard losing his title at 1:26 of the round. Up until his death Johnson claimed he threw the fight using a picture that showed him appearing to shade the sun with his eyes while lying on his back as evidence.

The 6’6” Willard would only defend his title once in 4 years before being dethroned by Jack Dempsey in 3 one sided rounds that had Willard down 7 times in the first alone.

Who knows how the history of the sport would have altered if the outcomes of these bouts were different? One thing is for certain each one because of the way they turned out became important parts of not only the careers and legacies of the men involved but those who have followed them.

In my next installment I will highlight the 3 most significant bouts in Super Featherweight history the division Floyd Mayweather Jr won his first world title back in 1998 against Genaro Hernandez.




By: Daxx Khan - March 13, 2015

WBA, IBO and WBC Interim Unified Middleweight Champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will face fast rising Willie Monroe Jr May 16th at The Forum in Inglewood California much to the dismay of many boxing fans. While the fight itself isn’t a bad matchup the boxing public was expecting more. When I say more I don’t mean to sound as if Monroe is not a worthy challenger but despite everything GGG has accomplished the last few years fans expected to hear the names Miguel Cotto or Andre Ward.

Miguel Cotto the current WBC and Ring middleweight champion is considered by many as the top man at 160lbs because he won his titles from lineal champion Sergio Martinez last June. Golovkin and his people had hoped they would meet Cotto next but it seems as though team Cotto isn’t agreeing to face anyone let alone Golovkin.

Golovkin the rightful #1 challenger to Cotto’s WBC title earned that position when he blew out former Interim title holder Marco Antonio Rubio last October in 2 rounds. Meanwhile Cotto was rumored to either be entering negotiations with Floyd Mayweather Jr in a rematch or Canelo Alvarez. Once it was pretty much official even before the announcement Mayweather and Pacquiao would finally meet fans were sure Cotto would be meeting Alvarez.

Due to whatever reasons though it is believed Cotto delayed the negotiation process causing Alvarez walked away leading to a James Kirkland showdown on May 9th. Since the Alvarez and Kirkland fight was announced Miguel Cotto has been the invisible man. Fans seemingly turned their attentions towards a possible Golovkin and Ward showdown.

Despite a lot of demand from the public and talk from Andre Ward who seems to find every reason to detract from anything GGG does chances of Golovkin Vs Ward were likely to happen as “Tony the Tiger Vs Diggum The Frog” . Ward has not fought since November of 2013 and despite his new signing with Roc Nation he seems content with his HBO announcing gig rather than any in ring appearances.

While Cotto and Ward were making up their minds or finding a way to not make up their minds GGG went about his business and put on a clinic against highly respected Martin Murray February 21st. Going into the fight fans and critics were stating Murray would be Golovkin’s toughest challenge to date after all he had only 1 loss and that loss was to Sergio Martinez in a fight mass audiences watching felt Martinez was given a gift. After the one sided affair between Golovkin and Murray detractor’s suddenly decided Murray was a built up fighter brought in to make Golovkin look good.

Gennady Golovkin is a guy who can’t come out ahead in the opinions of boxing critics no matter what he does. Even Teddy Atlas decided to jump in the bashing of Golovkin when last week during Friday Night Fight’s as he ranted about GGG needing to step up his level of opponents.

Yet what no one is willing to recognize is no one is rushing to sign against Golovkin! The few who have called him out he has answered the call. Curtis Stevens, Martin Murray and now Willie Monroe Jr.

Monroe Jr is a good fighter who might not possess a lot of power but he is a smart technical fighter. In 2014 Monroe won the ESPN middleweight “Boxcino” tournament with wins over 3 very tough prospects two of who were undefeated.

In just 4 months Monroe defeated Donatas Bondorovas, Vitaliy Kopylenko and Brandon Adams. The whole idea of the “Boxcino” is to discover a new star in the sport, it is the same tournament where two division champion Acelino "Popo" Freitas began his journey towards becoming a star in 1997. The Boxcino has done its job by putting Monroe Jr in a spot to shine and now he will have his chance.

Fans and critics of course are already bashing the fight on social media. What people are seemingly refusing to recognize is GGG has again done what Cotto and Ward the men they want him to fight most aren’t.

Answering Challenges! Ward most recently dismissed the current #1 Super Middleweight in the world Carl Froch’s invitation to meet him again over in the UK. Where the payday and fan attraction would be significantly higher than it would be in Oakland. His reasoning is “I beat him once”. I guess big money and an open challenge is easier to dismiss if you’re getting paid to sit behind a desk and talk.

Last summer in Canastota at the International Boxing Hall of Fame during the “Billy C Hall of Fame Special” right outside Graziano’s restaurant and Inn I stood right there when Monroe said he wanted to fight Golovkin. He has been vocal about wanting the fight on numerous occasions since. Now he will have his chance on May 16th.

The Boxcino has once again done its job and helped a fighter reach an opportunity to challenge for a world title, should he win Monroe Jr will be a big star, if he loses he will be credited for going after the challenge.

Gennady Golovkin is doing what a champion is supposed to and fight all comers worthy of fighting for a world title. I can name 5 current champions defending their titles against lesser opponents than Monroe Jr. The fighter from Rochester, New York is on a 9 fight winning streak. He is the same size as Golovkin with a bigger reach. He has an amateur pedigree and comes from a boxing family. Yet critics will find a way to not only criticize Golovkin for taking the fight but Monroe Jr as well.

No matter who wins or loses this is a fight that shows what boxing is about. A champion defending his title against a challenger with a winning record against good names who has called him out.

It may not be the fight boxing fans had been hoping for but then again who else has been in a rush to fight either one Golovkin or Monroe? There has been a lot of talk but no one has been sending out the contracts. May 16th we can expect to see both fighters give it their all and the best man will come out the winner. I personally have no complaints with that.




Daxx Khan's Fights of the Week - 03-12-2015









Premier Boxing Champions NBC Debut-Let’s Hope the Follow up Act Deliver’s more!
By: Daxx Khan - March 8, 2015

The card was filled with more than just some upcoming prospects looking to take that next step towards mainstream exposure it was recognizable names against recognizable opponents. Multi division world champions in Adrien Broner, Robert Guerrero and Abner Mares. A current title holder in WBA Welterweight champion Keith Thurman and a tough as nails former world title challenger in John Molina Jr all appeared in televised action.

First up former world title challenger John Molina Jr and former three division world champion Adrien Broner met at an agreed upon 142lb catch weight, officially Molina weighed in at 140lbs and Broner 141.

Round one was a slow feeling out round with neither doing much. Broner would control the majority of the rounds once he opened up as Molina was extremely inactive with his punches. When Molina did let his hands go in the 3rd he had success but the offensive burst were few and far between. Molina landed some hard shots in the 5th and seemingly stunned Broner but Broner would take away any momentum built up by Molina dominating the 6th-10th rounds. Molina did land some hard over hand rights in the 10th that had Broner backing up but again he just did not throw enough to change the tempo in his favor.

In rounds 11 and 12 Broner was on cruise control and rightfully so because there was no need to take chances he was already so far ahead on the cards. Final scores read- 120-108 twice and 118-110.

Molina while no one expected him to be able and match boxing skill with Broner we did expect a better effort from him. Referee Robert Byrd did the worst refereeing job of 2015 thus far by interjecting himself on a regular basis when there was no need, both fighters fought a clean fight. Broner improved to 30-1 (22) while Molina drops to 27-6 (22).

Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero- WBA Welterweight title bout.
The current WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman and former three division title holder Robert Guerrero entered the fight with bad blood. Thurman had been promising a devastating KO win over Guerrero in 4 rounds or less while Guerrero felt disrespected by that promise.

Round one had both fighters throwing hard shots there was little feeling out between the two, Thurman’s speed was the difference. In the second round Thurman threw every punch with bad intentions but was unable to hurt Guerrero who remained composed. The 3rd round belonged to Guerrero as he out boxed Thurman and laded the more meaningful blows, at one point in time the two fighter’s heads clashed and Thurman immediately had a large hematoma above his left eye. The 4th round had Thurman seeking that KO he promised but despite landing big shots Guerrero stood strong and landed his own fair share of power punches. In the 5th Thurman stopped looking so hard for the power shots as Guerrero began to land more frequently maybe even deterring Thurman slightly.

After some adjustments made by Thurman he used his legs more and dominated the 6th-9th rounds even cutting and dropping Guerrero in the 9th. In the 10th Guerrero came back and waged war pinning Thurman on the ropes for most of the bout, Thurman was very ineffective off the ropes. In the 11th Guerrero pursued Thurman who seemed tired and again showed he did not feel comfortable when on the ropes. The final round showed Robert’s heart as he did not stop looking for a last minute turn around but Thurman moved smartly and was too far ahead on points. Final Scores read 120-107, 118-109 and 118-108 all in favor of Thurman who improved to 25-0 (21). Guerrero now stands at 32-3 (18).

The bout was so taxing on both men it was reported they were taken to a local hospital together after the bout.

In the final televised bout former three division world champion Abner Mares took on former Olympian Arturo Santos Reyes. This supposed to be a showcase fight for Mares and help secure a rematch with Jhonny Gonzalez who took Mares WBC World featherweight title in 2013 in less than a round. Instead it was a struggle that made Mares look like an ordinary fighter nowhere near the caliber he was 3 years ago. He struggled in every round other than the first yet final scores read 96-93, 98-91 and 99-90 in favor of Mares who now stands at 29-1-1 (15). Reyes drops to 18-5 (5).

In Undercard action-
Super Welterweight- Ladarius Miller 6-0 (1) def. Ryan Picou 2-7 via UD 4 all three judges scored the bout 40-36
Featherweight- Mario Barrios 8-0 (4) def. Justin Lopez 5-3 (5) via TKO 3
Lightweight- Robert Easter 13-0 (10) def. Alejandro Rodriguez 22-16-1 (13) via TKO 2
Super Bantamweight- Jorge Lara 27-0-1 (19) def. Mario Macias 26-15 (13) via TKO 1

Overall it was a mediocre night of boxing with a decent job done by Sugar Ray Leonard at the announce table, Laila Ali and BJ Flores also did a quality job reporting from the opposite corners on what took place between rounds.

The overhead 360 view camera was a nice addition for fans watching at home as well. The only down points of the broadcast team were Marv Albert’s commentating that came off as biased at times and Kenny Rice who kept referring to Deontay Wilder as “THE” heavyweight champion of the world as if Wladamir Klitschko had retired. Hopefully future cards provide better quality action or what we have is nothing more than ESPN Friday Night Fights with bigger names.






Daxx Khan's Top Three Fights Of The Week - 02-26-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down his top fights of the week during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 02-26-2015.








Daxx Khan's Top Fights of the Week - 02-19-2015

Daxx Kahn picks and breaks down the four Heavyweight fights for the first round of the Boxcino Heavyweight Tournament during the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 02-19-2015.









Broadway Boxing’s- “Homecoming at the Hilton”
By: Chris Murray - Photos by: Daxx Khan - Ringside - 02-20-2015

Lou Dibella and True Legends staged the most recent incarnation of Broadway Boxing at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, NY. The 10 bout card featured several local fighters creating an electric atmosphere throughout the night.

In the main event, Port Chester’s own, Bryant “Pee Wee” Cruz faced off against Jorge Pazos in an eight round junior lightweight bout. From the opening bell, a partisan Cruz crowd chanted “Pee Wee” relentlessly as the fighters were introduced. The fight opened with Cruz displaying his blistering hand speed as he landed several combinations on the very sturdy, Pazos. Things took a very dramatic, and unexpected turn when Cruz’s homecoming almost became tragic as Pazos landed a catastrophic left handed bomb that dropped Cruz badly and left him staggering to the wrong corner at the end of the second round. This development did little to stop the unwavering support of the crowd. If anything, it added fuel to their engines.

This support seemed to carry Cruz the rest of the way as he would regain his senses, and outbox Pazos throughout the remainder of the fight as Pazos seemed content to throw one big shot at a time while Cruz used his mobility, jab and combination punching to control and ultimately defeat a tiring, Pazos. The scores on the cards were 78-73 twice and 77-74 for the undefeated winner, Bryant “Pee Wee” Cruz. Cruz moves to 14-0 with 7 KO’s while Pazos drops to 14-8 with the defeat.



In what was billed as the second main event, Brooklyn’s own Frank Galarza Jr. fought Raul Munoz in a junior middleweight affair. From the opening bell, Galarza dominated the action landing anything he wanted, and scoring a devastating knockout with an overhand right that caused the ref to wave off the fight at 1:16 of the first round and left Munoz staggering around the ring trying to find his way back to Kansas.

Bronx Born Peter Dobson outclassed fellow Bronx native Tyrell White in a four round bout. The end came by TKO at 2:58 of the third round as Dobson dominated the action throughout while White struggled to keep Dobson off him while keeping his pants on. Dobson moves to 3-0 with the TKO.

Local attraction, Alex Vanasse made his pro debut against Richard “The Sniper” Ballard in a scheduled four rounder. In what turned out to be a battle of wills over skills, Vanasse survived a second round stoppage to stop a tired Ballard at 2:08 of the forth round as it appeared “The Sniper” simply ran out of bullets. Vanasse moved to 1-0 with 1 knockout.

Dibella product, Chris Galeano thoroughly out boxed Javier Loya over six very one sided rounds to score a unanimous decision with the scores of 60-54 coming from all three judges. Galeano improved to 7-0 but has yet to score a knockout in his professional career.

Super Middleweight
Highly decorated amateur, and future prospect, Sergey Derevyanchenko took on Vladine Biosse in a scheduled six rounder. The end came quick as Derevyanchenko landed early and often, connection on a barrage of punches pinning the outgunned Biosse to the corner. The referee stepped in and called an end to the one sided destruction at 1:32 of the second round. Sergey moves to 4-0 with 3 KO’s as Biosse is left to ponder his future in boxing.



Light Heavyweights
Former title challenger, Cedric Agnew took on Samuel Clarkson in a eight round light heavyweight attraction. Agnew dominated the first two rounds of the fight scoring a brutal second round body shot knockdown that appeared to have Clarkson ready to go but Agnew failed to capitalize. For the remainder of the fight, Agnew seemed content to plod forward, and throw one shot at a time as Clarkson’s busier, more effective work rate appeared to rule the day. In the upset of the night, Clarkson scored a split decision victory with scores of 76-75 twice for Clarkson and 76-75 for Agnew. Clarkson scores the biggest victory of his career moving to 13-3 while Agnew is left to figure out where it all went wrong.

Veteran middleweight challenger, Avantadil Khurtsidze took on the undefeated, yet completely untested Philip Penson in a scheduled eight round bout. Khurtsidze dominated the action throughout ultimately getting a stoppage at 1:00 of round four. Khurtsidze did what he was supposed to do in this fight and moved to 30-2 with 19 knockouts.

Junior Welterweights
Oxnard based and Robert Garcia trained Andrew Ruiz faced off against Evincii Dixon in a scheduled six round fight. Ruiz controlled most of the action in this fight utilizing a brutal body attack to take the fight to Dixon. While Dixon had his moments in the fight, Ruiz won by split decision with the scores of 58-56 twice for Ruiz and a head scratching 59-55 for Dixon as the fight was not as close as the scores suggest

In the opening bout of the evening, Ivan Baranchyk knocked out David Thomas in what was a brutally, one sided two rounds of action. Thomas was dropped in the first and ultimately left on the canvas to seek medical attention after being dropped horrifically in the second round. Baranchyk moves to 4-0 with 3 knockouts with the win as Thomas simply lives to see another day after suffering a devastating knockout.






Team Braekhus is running out of excuses not to Rematch Hallback- All excuses have been Negated and Passport is in order!

By: Daxx Khan - February 13, 2015

Four division and current World Boxing Federation Female Welterweight world champion Chevelle Hallback has already cemented her place in boxing history as one of the best female fighters to put on a pair of gloves. Having faced everyone willing in or around her weight, there is no question that Chevelle’s accomplishments will be talked about for many years to come.

In 2011 after suffering a couple of hard fought decision losses overseas to Cecilia Braekhus and Myriam Lamare (Fights where Braekhus took the most punishment of any other career bout and Lamare couldn't even attend her own post-fight party due to injury ) Chevelle took a break from the sport; though not a willing break.

With a lack of top name fighters willing to face Chevelle, only one name remained on her mind: Cecilia Braekhus! Knowing what mistakes were made in the Braekhus fight and fact that Cecilia refused to engage Hallback anytime she was in close, the current WBF female world welterweight champion has asked for a rematch time and again just to be ignored.

Sauerland Events, who promotes Braekhus, has provided a laundry list of reasons why the rematch could not take place and after every excuse, mainly the one where team Braekhus stated repeatedly “She has a fight coming up”, Hallback waited patiently for the phone to ring. The phone didn't ring but Sauerland Events & the rest of Team Braekhus provided a new excuse: “Chevelle Hallback has been inactive for too long”.

So in June of 2014 she remedied that issue by stepping into the ring against former world title challenger and WBC International female super bantamweight title holder Dominga Olivo. Hallback showed no signs of inactivity and demolished Olivo in under 2 rounds. Two months later Hallback followed up her performance when she faced the always tough former WBC Female Silver Welterweight champion Victoria Cisneros for the vacant World Boxing Federation female Welterweight title in 8 rounds.

Dominate in both her return bouts, rejuvenated, active and a world champion Hallback figured she had fulfilled all criteria team Braekhus required for the rematch. Well, that would be the case except for one small detail: BRAEKHUS IS SUDDENLY CONSIDERING MOVING DOWN IN WEIGHT!  

Once team Hallback was given that information they made it abundantly clear that she too would be willing to move down a weight division to make the rematch happen. That’s when inbound calls & emails to team Braekhus stopped being accepted. Braekhus even un-friended Hallback in hopes to continue to hide.


The question now is: why won’t Cecilia Braekhus and her team just be honest and say “We don’t want the fight because we are afraid of Hallback. Did you see what Cecilia looked like the next day after the last one?”  

Chevelle Hallback has met every demand from team Braekhus, she has revitalized her career, won a world title and stated CLEARLY she will fight “The First Lady” at any weight she desires. Chevelle Hallback and her team, last I knew, haven’t had their phones shut off. Chevelle’s passport is in order, she is in shape and has looked phenomenal inside the ring.

Team Braekhus can call collect if they want and in case they forgot the number I will be more than happy to pass it along. Right now anywhere from 135-147lbs OR for the sake of unit conversion 61.235-520.2704 Kg’s “Fist of Steel” is ready to go.





Brandon Adams looks to win the Boxcine Jr. Middleweight Tourney


Daxx Khan's Top-Three Fights - 02-12-2015

Daxx Khan breaks down the four scheduled fights for the Boxcino Tourney scheduled for Friday night on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio program on 02-12-2015.









By: Daxx Khan - February 5, 2015

On a Cold Wednesday afternoon in NYC at Madison Square Garden’s Chase Theater Wladamir Klitschko and Bryant Jennings continued their press tour for the upcoming April 25th bout between the two fighters. On hand to speak from team Klitschko were Wladimir Klitschko the unified heavyweight champion, Bernd Boente of Klitschko management and Tom Loeffler of K2 promotions.

His opponent undefeated Bryant Jennings had with him manager James Prince, Promoter Gary Shaw and David Itskowitch of Roc Nation sports.
James Prince the manager of Jennings would state at the podium that “Bryant Jennings is going to win every minute of every round.”

Gary Shaw stated that “Team Klitschko wanted Bryant to be Wlad’s Sparring partner three years ago we declined because we wanted to fight him not spar with him.”

He also referenced Klitschko’s age “He is 39 years old and we may just see an old Wladimir Klitschko in the ring April 25th”
The crowd laughed as Klitschko corrected Shaw by reminding him he is only 38 and in no way old.

Many were surprised that Shannon Briggs who has made a habit of breaking into Klitschko press conferences never did make an appearance. On the subject of Briggs Shaw stated, “Jennings is no Shannon Briggs.”

When it was Bryant Jennings turn at the podium he kept it short and simple, sounded confident but in no way arrogant.

“On April 25th history will be made and it will be made by me. When people ask what the outcome of a fight is going to be I always say by Knockout. One of us has to lose but I don’t think it’s going to be me.”

During the champions turn at the podium he was confident but also in a very upbeat mood even joking around and making Rocky Balboa references about Jennings.

“I see how Bryant Jennings acts walks, shakes hands and speaks. He has the qualities of Rocky Balboa from Philadelphia.”

Klitschko also stated that this is the biggest moment in the career of Bryant Jennings, he credited his challenger for making so much progress in his career despite having a later start than most fighters of the era.

One interesting topic Klitschko brought up was the fact that Jennings actually was the mandatory challenger for newly crowned WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. In regards to Jennings refusing the Wilder fight to face Klitschko he stated the following.

“Did he actually choose me because he wanted to fight the strongest opponent or the weakest? Am I the strongest or the weakest? As the champion, of course, I have to say I’m the baddest man on the planet in boxing.”

After everyone thanked the media in attendance they promised to put on a good show and entertain the fans April 25th. Then a customary stare down afterwards.

This should be a very entertaining fight and the fact it is a heavyweight championship being contested at Madison Square Garden only adds to the appeal.

Will Wladamir retain his title and take one step closer towards breaking Joe Louis' record? Will Bryant Jennings bring him the majority of titles still not owned by an American heavyweight?

Whoever wins it will have some significance for the sport of boxing one way or another. Those who find the heavyweight division dead or boring are getting ready to witness a


What more can we ask?





Daxx Khan's Top Three Fights - 01-29-2015

Daxx Khan talks about his top three fights scheduled for this weekend on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 01-29-2015.








Castellanos decisions Juarez in all action bout!

By: Daxx Khan - January 27, 2015

Monday night on Fox Sports 1, Golden Boy Promotions hosted an event broadcast from the Cowboys Dance Hall, San Antonio, Texas headlined by two featherweights at a “Crossroads” in their career. Former Olympian Rocky Juarez and Robinson Castellanos battled 12 grueling rounds for Juarez WBC Silver Featherweight title a belt formerly held by Castellanos. Juarez won the belt in May of 2014 from the man who defeated Castellanos for that title Rene Alvarado. Each man who had 10 losses entering the bout needed the win badly not only to keep their boxing career alive but to garner a world title shot against current WBC Featherweight world champion Jhonny Gonzalez.

Castellanos at 5’5 ½” seemed so much taller than the 5’ Juarez due to his lanky build and he fought like a taller fighter using his jab followed by combinations. Juarez when he jabbed was able to make Castellanos backup but his jabs were inconsistent and he often looked too hard for a big punch to change the bouts tempo rather than box. While both men had the same amount of losses Juarez had never been stopped and Castellanos lost 5 of his 10 by stoppage, maybe those numbers gave Juarez indication he could take advantage of Robinson’s suspect chin.

After nonstop action with Castellanos getting the better of things more often than not when the 12th round began both men were exhausted and bleeding. Yet Castellanos despite already having a sizable lead on the cards dug even deeper and dropped Juarez twice. Those two knockdowns added with one from an earlier part of the fight called incorrectly by referee Jose Guadalupe Garcia cemented Castellanos victory. Final scores read 118-106 twice and 118-107 all in favor of the once again new WBC Silver Flyweight title holder.

It was a tough loss for the always game Rocky Juarez who had stated going into the bout that if he lost retirement was more than likely. Castellanos an exciting volume puncher will get an opportunity to fight for a world title, though he has never beaten a fighter the caliber or who has the power of Jhonny Gonzalez. If he is able to perform like he did against Juarez Monday night he will be a tough challenge for the current champion.

Robinson Castellanos improved to 21-10 (13) while Rocky Juarez now stands at 30-11-1 (21).





By: Daxx Khan - January 25, 2015

Last night at the 1stBank Center, Broomfield, Colorado on HBO, Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado faced off in the “Rubber Match” of their trilogy. Each man entered winning one of their prior encounters. Rios in October of 2012 won by 7th round TKO, Alvarado in March of 2013 won a 12 round unanimous decision and the WBO Super Lightweight title.

The fight failed to meet expectations of the duos previous encounters in fact it was not even competitive. Rios battered Alvarado who seemed content just standing there to be used for target practice from the opening bell. When Alvarado did throw a punch in return they were so wide Rios who is not known for his defensive ability easily avoided them.

Bloodied after the first round Alvarado seemingly lost desire to even compete and would just stand in the pocket for Rios to hit from top to bottom. Perhaps Andre Ward who was at the announce table put it best.

“Tonight Mike Alvarado is being hit every place it’s possible to be hit by a pair of boxing gloves during a fight”
After being knocked down in round 3 Alvarado headed back to his corner on wobbly legs bloody and swollen. When the ringside physician took a look at him and held up two fingers Alvarado stated he seen “4”. That was enough for referee Jay Nady to end the affair giving Rios the win by stoppage upon advice from the doctor.

Brandon Rios improved to 33-2-1 (24), Alvarado now stands at 34-4 (23).

In The Co-Main Event undefeated Super Middleweight Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez faced Maxim Vlasov in a light heavyweight contest. Ramirez who has campaigned his entire career as a Super Middleweight and will continue doing so made his first appearance over the 168lb limit and remained unbeaten by outworking the Russian boxer.

Despite Vlasov landing the more accurate shots his power was not enough to deter Ramirez at any point. The tempo of the fight never changed, Ramirez used volume and combinations to keep Vlasov from mounting any sustained offense other than his straight right hand. Despite Vlasov being more accurate numbers favored Ramirez in the end giving him the win. Final scores read. 96-94, 97-93 all in favor of Ramirez who improves to 31-0 (24), Vlasov now stands at 30-2 (15).

In Undercard Action-

Welterweight- Abner Lopez 22-4 (19) def. Aik Shakhnazaryan 15-1 (6) via UD 8. With scores of 78-73 twice and 76-75.

Welterweight- Konstantin Ponomarev 27-0 (13) def. Steve Claggett 20-3-1 (14) via UD 8 with scores of 77-75 twice and 78-74.

Light Heavyweight- Oleksandr Gvozdyk 5-0 (4) def. Cory Cummings 18-8 (13) via TKO 2 at 1:10 of the round.

Super Welterweight- Jeremy Ramos 7-1 (3) def. Rene Marquez 4-2 (2) via TKO 3 at 1:51 of the round.

Super Welterweight- Zsolt Daranyi Jr 3-0 (3) def.  Luis Marquez 0-1 via TKO 1 at 41 seconds of the round.






Daxx Khan's Three Fights To Watch - 01-22-2015

Daxx Khan gives his thoughts during his segment on the Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program on 01-22-2015.










By: Daxx Khan - January 19, 2015

In the two days following Deontay Wilder’s win over Bermane Stiverne for the WBC heavyweight title I once again see a fair share of boxing fans and select media beating that same old drum as they get on that same beaten up Bandwagon bus.

“We have a new heavyweight champion who is going to run the division and take out Klitschko the second he gets the chance.”

This scenario happens again and again to the point it’s not hard to understand why boxing never gets that fighter they are looking for. Boxing once again is placing expectations over accomplishment. Boxing is once again predicting what will happen instead of letting it happen. If the fighter does not meet demands they will be forever attached to what was thrust upon them and be blamed for falling short despite any other accomplishments.

Less than a week ago Deontay Wilder was billed by a vast majority of people as a fighter whose record was padded, could not take a punch and could do nothing inside the ring other than punch. Yet after a win over Bermane Stiverne those same people act as if though those words were never spoken.

Don’t get me wrong I am glad Wilder won and he showed he is more than a one trick pony. He worked his jab, stuck to his game plan, moved well, showed head movement and most of all contrary to what many thought he did not fall apart once he realized his opponent was not going to be knocked out. He was able to go 12 full rounds something people thought he was incapable of. Now we need to look at the other side of things.

Bermane Stiverne offered little other than showing his chin is granite. He threw an pathetic amount of punches, did not attempt to cut the ring off and when he tried to implore his “Catch and Shoot” style that has been so successful in past bouts Wilder either kept his range or Stiverne was too wide. This of course is not to detract from Wilders victory because he did his job well but many questions were left unanswered.

We still do not know if Wilder can take a punch because he was not offered one to absorb. We don’t know if he can bounce back from adversity because he was not put in a situation where he needed to. While he did go 12 rounds he did not go 12 rounds with an opponent who offered him inside work. Stiverne did not lean on Wilder, push him back, attempt to wear him out in any way so the later rounds would be ones he was trying to overcome fatigue while still mounting offense of his own.

Wilder went in and took the WBC title off a fighter whose reign lasted the same amount of time as Buster Douglas reign did with one exception. Stiverne did not win his title from a fighter ½ the caliber of even an unfocused Mike Tyson he beat an out of shape Chris Arreola. Stiverne won the WBC title he never established his championship reign because he never defended his belt.

Wilder is a young fighter still coming into his own, he is getting better each time out and that is a plus, but it is unfair to declare him “Savior of the heavyweight division”. ESPECIALLY when the man who rules the division is a 6’6” Ukrainian who has dominated for a decade. A man who has proven he can bounce back from a loss, one who has knocked out top caliber opponents in their prime, one who has shown that when knocked down he will get back up. A fighter who has not come close to losing since 2004 and shows no sign of being in decline.

If Wilder loses in his next fight or 2 fights from now even against Klitschko should the fight happen people will say “He was over rated”, “Wilder never could take a punch that’s why his record was padded”. Suddenly Bermane Stiverne’s win over Arreola and fact he never made a single defense of his belt will be talked about. The people talking will be those who said last week “Wilder has been handfed and is a product of hype” and said Sunday “Wilder will take over the heavyweight division nobody can beat him”.

To give an example of how much people tend to switch their opinions without giving thought to their words, this is what someone I know who was in attendance told me about a group of people sitting next to him.  

“Prior to the fight they said Stiverne will knock Wilder out in 3 rounds, after the fight they looked down where Larry Holmes was sitting and said Holmes had a good jab but nothing like the one Wilder has if they met in Larry’s prime Wilder would have beat him using the jab alone”.

They literally said that one of the best heavyweights of all time with possibly the best jab of all time would lose to Wilder less than 30 minutes after they said Wilder won’t last 3 rounds against a fighter who had yet to defend his title. If that’s not going from one extreme to the other in record time I don’t know what is.

Maybe Deontay Wilder is the future of the heavyweight division but let’s give him time to get there, right now the future is wide open but if people continue putting these expectations on him and he stumbles at all he will never be able to shake that stumble.  Klitschko even after dominating for a decade is still labeled as having a “Glass Jaw”. He can’t get past the ring walk without the announce team mentioning his three stoppage losses as if it is mandatory.

A year ago Marcos Maidana went from slugger to the man who exposed a declining Floyd Mayweather in a matter of one night. Less than 8 months later after Floyd dominated the rematch he was suddenly a “Hand Picked Opponent”.

Shawn Porter after beating Devon Alexander for the IBF welterweight title and literally walking through Paulie Malignaggi was Floyd Mayweather’s biggest threat. After Kell Brook out boxed him Porter went to “One dimensional slugger” in a matter of 45 minutes.

Fans and critics will ask fighters to “Walk on Water” and if they do suddenly they are “Water proof”. Then one day if they are seen coming in from the rain soaking wet the only thing those same people have to say is “The spot he walked on was only 2 feet deep in the first place”. In boxing sometimes the worst thing to do in your career is “Win” because in the end you always end up “Losing”.

As for Wilder himself there are still big questions but make no mistake he has the goods. I picked him one the air during TalkinBoxing with Billy C Thursday night before the fight took place. Now it is time to let him develop and if we don’t expect too much he just might deliver more than we expected before all is said and done.   




Anthony Joshua-Kevin Jonson January 31st bout cancelled due to injury

By: Daxx Khan - January 12, 2015

Former Olympic Gold Medalist and highly thought of undefeated Heavyweight prospect Anthony Joshua was scheduled to face Kevin Johnson January 31st at the O2 Arena in London in what would have been his toughest test to date as a professional. According to reports released today Joshua injured his back and has a Pars Stress Fracture causing the fight to be delayed. The injury should heal itself after some rest and physical rehabilitation.

Joshua stated that he is very disappointed and was eager for the fight to take place.

“I trained so hard over Christmas and the press conference with Johnson was so lively that I was really looking forward to putting in a great performance"

Joshua versus. Johnson was supposed to be the main event for the evening but now the Co-Main event between lightweights Kevin Mitchell and Daniel Estrada has been moved to the feature spot.

Also on the card is a Light Welterweight battle between undefeated Tommy Martin and Ricky Boylan for the vacant BBBofC English light welterweight title.

Light Welterweight John Wayne Hibbert will defend his WBC International light welterweight title against Tyler Goodjohn, Middleweight John Ryder will defend his WBO Inter-Continental middleweight title against Les Sherrington and a slew of upcoming local fighters are also set to be on the card.

Joshua has also stated he wants to get back into action soon as possible, rumors are if all goes well a return date of April is already being talked about.





Roc Nation’s First Show Met with Mixed Reviews

By: Daxx Khan - January 9, 2015

Friday night at the Madison Square Garden Theater Roc Nation put on its first show headlined by Dusty Hernandez Harrison and Tommy Rainone for the vacant WBC Continental Americas welterweight title. The attendance was better than average including quite a few celebrities aside from Jay Z and Rihanna. In the crowd was New York’s own Rosie Perez sitting next to Michael K Williams. Also taking in the action was heavyweight contender Bryant “By-By” Jennings who posed for pictures with fans.

Harrison and Rainone did not mesh well inside the ring often becoming tangled and even at one point both men hit the canvas. After some hitting and holding referee Harvey Dock rightfully warned both fighters during the 4th round. Rainone used ring movement along with veteran tactics to frustrate Harrison who was the bigger puncher while Harrison sought harder shots.

When Harrison would get in close to unload Rainone would hold and Harrison would resort to hitting behind the head, Harvey Dock who would often be out of range could not see the rabbit punches and admonish Rainone for holding not.

The tempo of the fight never changed Rainone would frustrate Harrison, hold when in close, Harrison would hit to the top and back of the head, Harvey Dock would separate the fighters and it would happen all over again.

After a disappointing main event Dusty Hernandez Harrison improved to 25-0 (13) Rainone drops to 22-5-1 (4). Scores read 100-90 twice and 99-91.

The co-main event was a war for the Vacant WBA International and WBC Silver Middleweight titles between Tureano Johnson and Alex Theran.

Johnson was the aggressor throughout and never let off the gas attacking Theran with vigor. When able Theran did counter but once he let loose a shot or 2 Johnson would come on stronger putting Theran back on the defensive. After suffering knockdowns in the 4th and 5th rounds Theran twisted his ankle at some point in time and was examined by the ringside physician prior to the 6th. The doctor and Theran’s team all agreed it was best to halt the action declaring Johnson the winner.

Tureano Johnson improved to 18-1 (13) while Alex Theran dropped to 17-2 (10).

In Undercard Action-
Welterweight Chris Van Heerden 22-1-1 (11) def. Cecil McCalla 20-1 (7) via. SD 10. Scores read 97-93, 96-94 and 91-99. Though from my view point Van Heerden should have won on all three cards. Van Heerden gained the vacant IBF International welterweight title with the victory.

Super Middleweight Andrew Hernandez 8-0-1 (1) def. Jerry Odom 12-1 (11) via. DQ 4 (Odom disqualified for hitting Hernandez after he was down)

Welterweight Kenneth Sims Jr 5-0 (2) def. Christian Steele 4-12-2 (1) via. UD 6

Featherweight Eduardo Martinez 5-0 (1) def.  Rigoberto Miranda 0-3-2 via. UD 4

Welterweight Wellington Arias Romero 5-0-1 (3) def.  Lee Kreisher 3-7-1 (2) via. KO 1

Light Welterweight Dustin Fleischer 1-0 (1) won his pro debut stopping Frank Jordan 0-3 in the first round.





Karl “Dynamite” Dargan and Tony “Lightning” Luis meet January 30th in FNF headliner
By: Daxx Khan - January 8, 2015

Slowly Karl Dargan is becoming a name to watch out for, the 29yr old from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania undefeated in 17 pro fights has shown improvement in each outing. Dargan can punch, trade and without question box. With Naazim Richardson as his trainer you would expect nothing less seeing how that is the same man who has worked with top names of this era such as Steve Cunningham, Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley. All three well known “Thinking Man’s Fighters”. Dargan at this early stage shows resemblance of all three in terms of adapting to situations as they occur inside the ring. There is also a bit of that legendary “Philadelphia Toughness” inside Dargan as he showed against Angino Perez last September.

Dargan after being put down in round three climbed off the canvas then dropped Perez twice during round five, scoring a TKO victory. When he faces Tony “Lightning” Luis January 30th on ESPN’s Friday Night Fight’s Dargan will need to use all his skills to get the win.

Luis the 26yr old out of Canada is no walkover. He has claimed several minor and regional titles in his 7 years as a professional. The first thing people who have not seen Luis in action before notice are his impressive hand speed and footwork. Despite having only 7 of 16 wins by stoppage his power is also deceiving especially early.

Luis who last fought in July of 2014 enters the fight coming off a unanimous decision victory over then undefeated Wanzell Ellison. Prior to the Ellison bout Luis lost a disputed decision to currently unbeaten lightweight prospect Ivan Redkach in January of 2014. Also like Dargan Luis has proven he will fight through adversity. Against Redkach he down in the 1st then cut from an accidental head-butt during the 6th. Neither of those situations deterred Luis from not only fighting until the final bell but looking to win.

This should be a great matchup between two boxers on the cusp on entering contender status. Similar in size and possessing similar speed it is a well thought out matchup that should maintain a fast pace throughout. As stated both have proven their heart inside the ring by getting up off the canvas so it would not surprise me one bit if we see some occasional moments where the 2 fighters stand center ring and trade shots.    

Picking a winner is a hard choice because they both bring certain qualities that can carry them towards victory. One thing is for certain this is the type fight that fans look for because it answers questions on where a fighter stands in terms of overall progress and what to expect down the road. Maybe the best part of this matchup is we are being given something different than the “Showcase” events that are being delivered far too often. 2015 is already showing us some promise of an entertaining year starting out on Free Television with two young hopefuls.