GLB VII ~ Thunder at The Falls: Full Photo Gallery

Photos by: James Gougeon, Billy C Boxing

Bradley Wilcox

Wilcox Wins over Escobar by majority decision

Two of the boxing Wilcox brothers Steven and Bradley (left) with their coach, former Canadian Olympic Boxer, former Commonwealth and IBO World Lightweight Champion, Billy “The Kid” Irwin (far right), along with Daniel Otter (center) of Three Lions Promotions

Ryan Robinson debuts with a 2nd Round Knock-Out Victory!

Marko Szalai drops Aaron Lazcano to the canvas…

Marko Szalai defeats Aaron Lazcano by T.K.O.

Josh Lupia

Josh Lupia is victorious in his debut over Alexis Dominguez via 3rd Round Knock-Out!

Fight To End Cancer’s Jennifer Huggins (right) and a Global Legacy Boxing Ring Card Girl

Former World Heavyweight Champion and Global Legacy Boxing’s Promoter, Lennox Lewis, enjoying the festivities at his show at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The Albanian National Anthem being sung by Ana Golja prior to Kristian Prenga’s bout in the Co-Main Event

Kristian Prenga victorious over Alfredo Trevino by Knock-Out!

Global Legacy Boxing’s Promoter, Les Woods congratulating Kristian Prenga post fight

All Photos by: James Gougeon, Billy C Boxing

“The Monster” and coach Billy Martin making their way to the ring…

“Monster Mel”

The defending Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Dillon “Big Country” Carman, alongside his coach, former Canadian Olympic Boxer, Chris Johnson

For the Canadian Heavyweight Title

A Double-Knockdown!!!

Former Canadian Olympic Heavyweight Boxer, Referee Mark Simmons, clears the way to continue… While Dillon Carman smiles at his opponent Mladen Miljas in the aftermath of one of the rarest events in Boxing

Monster Finish!

The defending Canadian Heavyweight Champ, Dillon Carman K.O.’d by “Monster Mel”…

…AND NEW Canadian Heavyweight Champion… Mladen “Monster Mel” Miljas!!!

Stable-mates, WBA-NABA Welterweight Champion “Sammy” Vargas (left), Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Mladen “Monster Mel” Miljas, (center), and coach Billy Martin (right)

Global Legacy Boxing VIP Area ~ Playboy Playmate, Whitney Cole

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