GLB VII – Thunder at The Falls: Full Report

GLB VII – Thunder at The Falls: Full Report
KaBoOoOoM!!! A Double-Knockdown!!!

Global Legacy Boxing’s return to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, was an action packed knock-out night of professional boxing! In the rock ‘em sock ‘em Main Event, in front of the watchful eyes of Canadian Heavyweight Boxing Legend, George Chuvalo, a New Canadian Heavyweight King was crowned. As Mladen “Monster Mel” Miljas (8-0, 8KO’s) knocked the defending Champion, Dillon “Big Country” Carman (now 12-3, 11KO’s) clean out of the contest in just the second round! The fight started off as a bit of a chess match, much like an important world title fight would, and considering the Canadian Heavyweight strap was on the line, understandably so.

It was Carman who actually was able to land his jab and the occasional right hand behind it, with solid power, early in the opening round. But “Monster Mel” was not interested in letting that back him up at all, and he himself looked to also be the aggressor in the contest. Which made for one of the rarest things in all of Boxing, (something I had never previously actually seen live inside a boxing ring before) a clean double knockdown! As both big men moved forward looking to land with power, they both launched huge left hook bombs at each other simultaneously. Both shots landed, right on the button, at exactly the same time, and both giants came crashing down to the canvas together. Referee Mark Simmons immediately began the double count, and it was Dillon Carman who got back up to his feet first. As he shook off the cobwebs Big Country laughed and smiled at the challenger and his former sparring partner Miljas, who in turn nodded back at the Champ as he himself rose to beat the count. Carman moved in as soon as the referee cleared the way for the contest to continue, but was unable to finish off the Monster.

In the second round, Mladen Miljas turned up the heat, and continued to aggressively move forward on Carman, which paid off when the Monster landed a massive left hook, stunning the Champion. Monster Mel followed up with a straight right hand that dropped Carman to the canvas again. Once more, the Madoc, Ontario native beat the count, rising to his feet to continue the contest. But the Mississauga, Ontario contender Miljas was relentless, and pressed forward, stalking Dillon Carman, and landed another text book left hook (that hurt Carman) straight right hand (that crumbled Carman back down to the canvas). Referee Mark Simmons, a former Canadian Olympic Heavyweight Boxer himself, immediately waved the fight off, with Carman clearly concussed so no need for a count. The official time was 1:21 into round 2.

With the victory, Mladen Miljas stays undefeated, with every professional bout finishing by K.O. and “Monster Mel” has staked his claim as the top Heavyweight in Canada. Notably, Billy Martin, Miljas’ head trainer, and Chris Johnson, Carman’s head trainer, have previously worked with both boxers. And Miljas’ second in his corner was “The Canadian Kid” Steve Molitor who had left Chris Johnson during his pro career, to work with Billy Martin. So in essence, this fight was fueled by a grudge match, not just between the two former sparring partners and stable mates of sorts. But it was also a grudge match between the Canadian coaches in the corners as well, with Billy Martin and Steve Molitor getting the one up over former Canadian Olympian Chris Johnson in the process in this fight as well…

In the Co-Main event, which opened like an Albanian rock star had just entered the building, as the crowd completely erupted during his ring entrance…Kristian Prenga improved to 6 wins, 1 loss, with 6 KO’s as he had no trouble at all walking right through Mexico’s, Alfredo Trevino (now 9-4). In the opening round the Albanian native Prenga floored Trevino with a wicked body shot, which clearly took the steam right out of the tough Mexican. And in just 46 seconds into the second round, Prenga moved in and finished the job, rocking and dropping Trevino again for the knock-out victory.

On the Undercard, Niagara Falls, Ontario native Josh Lupia, made his pro debut in successful fashion as he stopped Alexis Dominguez (now 1-2-1) of Mexico in the third round. This fight was a complete mugging, as the home town Boxer Lupia went on the attack right out of the gate, and never looked back. Dominguez hit the deck several times in the first couple rounds, as the taller and slicker Lupia controlled the action behind the reach of his jab, and solid quick combinations.

Marko Szalai of Niagara Falls, Ontario also impressed his hometown fans with his absolute destruction victory over Aaron Lazcano of Mexico City, Mexico. Szalai came into the bout with Lazcano looking for an old fashioned Mexican war in the trenches right at the opening bell. And the two did just that and went to war, with Szalai eventually getting the edge on his opponent in the first round. The second round was completely different…with Marko Szalai kicking it up to a whole other level. His faster hands, pin point precision, and overwhelming aggression, put Lazcano down twice in the second round, forcing Lazcano`s corner to throw in the towel before any serious damage was done! With the K.O. Win, Marko Szalai improves his record to 4 wins, 1 loss with 3 K.O`s.

Global Legacy Boxing, being a joint venture between Port Credit, Ontario, Canada`s Les Woods and former British born Canadian Olympian, and former World Champion, Lennox Lewis, would figure to have some British talent…and Ryan Robinson on Friday night in Niagara Falls, Canada, was definitely that talent! Robinson made his professional debut versus previously undefeated Mexican Saulo Morales (who was 1-0 going into the bout) and Ryan looked a lot more like “Sugar Ray” Robinson with his superior hand speed, footwork, agility and angles of attack! In the opening round, on foreign soil, Robinson controlled virtually every aspect of the fight, somewhat cautiously at first, but Robinson began to open up his offense as the first round wore on. Ryan Robinson wasted little time after winning his first professional round, and let his hands fly early in the second round, flooring Morales for the knock-out victory, just 28 seconds into the round!

In the opening fight of an action packed night of boxing at The Falls in Niagara, Hamilton, Ontario’s Bradley Wilcox improved to 4 wins and no losses with his majority decision victory over Gerson Escobar of Mexico, who had picked up a draw with another Hamilton Boxer, Dylan Rushton just over a month pervious, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The official scores of this contest were, 40-36, 39-37 and 38-38. However, rounds 1 and 4 easily went Wilcox’s way. And though rounds 2 and 3 were closer, Escobar did more showing off than he did actual boxing. The tough Mexican made a show of taking Wilcox’s punches and smiling like they didn’t hurt him at all, and would the return the favour with flurries of his own. But not many of those punches Escobar threw would actually land on target. Overall, a solid outing for the youngest of the 3 currently active professional Wilcox’s brothers from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada… I scored the contest 40-36 in favour of Bradley Wilcox.

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