Anthony Joshua exclusive: Deontay Wilder has tremendous power but Joseph Parker is the more dangerous fighter – Part 2

Anthony Joshua exclusive: Deontay Wilder has tremendous power but Joseph Parker is the more dangerous fighter – Part 2

These are the thoughts and words of Joshua expressed to a free English newspaper that is publish everyday during fight week.

There has been a lot of talk this week about what lies ahead after I fight Joseph Parker on Saturday night — that’s always the way in boxing.

But looking beyond a fight like this is both a big mistake and an unnecessary distraction.

That said, I get the conjecture as the heavyweight division is booming at the moment with a lot of star names and attractions.

But you can never look beyond the man standing in the ring opposite you. Yet I do understand the bigger picture and the fact that winning the WBO belt is another step towards unifying the division.

Parker was the one who agreed the deal to fight so I have to respect him for stepping up as it genuinely could have been Deontay Wilder.

Wilder got a win against a credible fighter in Luis Ortiz at the start of the month but, after nine years as a pro, he’s supposed to do that.

It was his 40th fight. By my 40th fight, no one should be giving me any problems. I should be a seasoned professional.

Instead, he goes around America shouting “bomb squad” and that he is the WBC world heavyweight champion but, only when he’s ready to sign the contract, will we find out what he’s really about.

If I had to compare both fighters, I would say Parker is the more dangerous opponent.

Wilder has an unpredictable style and explosive power whereas, with Parker, he has a bit more of an all-round game as you can talk about his speed, stamina and his good chin.

He doesn’t throw many combination punches but he throws more than Wilder. There has never been one champion in the heavyweight division who relied solely on power and one punch so the stats and facts suggest that Parker is the tougher fight.

Of the others, Dillian Whyte did well at the weekend and everyone knows the history between us in the amateurs and at the O2, in 2015, and people would want to see a rematch.

Dillian was saying that he would love to fight me three, four or five times as we bring the best out of each other and I don’t back down from someone who wants to go to war. Although I’m hunting for the belts, he’s ranked with the WBC and is chasing down Wilder as well — so either way I’m looking to get my hands on that belt.

Tyson Fury has got a lot of people talking recently about the big news he is going to announce but I don’t spend any of my time thinking about him.

People want to see him back in the sport and he is calling out big names for his first fight back but, give it a couple of bouts and people will realise how boring he is again.

My only interest is to unify the heavyweight division so he isn’t even a potential opponent for me as he has no belts and hasn’t been remotely active.

Saying all this, plans for the future depend on getting the job get done on Saturday and I’m not looking past that… I can’t.

Everyone is interested in what is going to happen in 2018 and beyond but my full focus is on Parker. Then it’s properly time to talk about the bigger picture.

Massive boxing and English football fan from South East London, England.

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