Anthony Joshua exclusive: I want to get down and dirty with Tyson Fury – Part 3

Anthony Joshua exclusive: I want to get down and dirty with Tyson Fury – Part 3
Anthony Joshua fight exclusive - Evening Standard

As read out on the BillyCBoxing show on Thursday October 26th. These are the thoughts of AJ through a newspaper article published everyday during fight week;

I only had 39 fights as an amateur and people sometimes forget Saturday’s bout is just my 20th as a professional. The story was I was supposed to be a 2016 Rio Olympics hopeful and look to turn pro around now, so I’m still learning as, in theory, I should have been an amateur until 2017.

It’s been a fast-tracked process but I feel more comfortable in my skin. I’ve got the experience that I need so I don’t stress about anything because I’ve got that to draw upon.

I love it all, the motivation is strong and the hunger is there for big nights and winning more titles.

Everyone is in the mix to face me, I have so many options. Sometimes I wonder if people really want to fight me, or they just say it.

There’s a difference between fighting me because you think you can beat me and fighting me just for the pay cheque or to get your name out there.

I think I am capable of beating everyone there is but I have to keep my feet on the ground at the same time.

A lot of people talk about Tyson Fury and I getting it together in the ring and we speak — not talking like mates, just “I’m going to knock you out”, that sort of thing. Trust me, we will get down and dirty as soon as we can.

Everything you see on social media is the same behind the scenes. Fury has not got a licence at the moment but was saying he expects to have three big fights in 2018.

He brings attention to the sport so, of course, we want him to come back.

He’s not like many other champions, for example Mike Tyson, who was all-action. Fury is a different breed at 6ft 9in and really rangy.

The style to beat Fury is the Tyson style — you need a lot of energy otherwise he will play with you.

Tall boxers are often described like trees where you need to chop them down gradually but, if you don’t have success with Fury, you could get disheartened because 12 rounds with him would be a long time.

You need physical and mental strength against a Fury and that’s why I want to fight him.

I am always going to be positive about Fury and think that he is going to come back. That’s the fight that we all want, it’s a brilliant fight.

We’ve all been through tough times and I genuinely hope that he can get through this and come back because the division would be better with him in there. What you want from Fury is for him to bounce back from this, face the hearing and deal with it head on so you can move on, because we all want him back.

But Carlos Takam is the next man to face me on Saturday night, then Deontay Wilder’s potentially the next threat.

However, I also want that rematch with Dillian Whyte. I even brought his name up for Cardiff but Takam is higher ranked.

You need Whyte’s mentality in a proper fight. In shorter, amateur bouts you need skill, in a 12-round heavyweight fight you need a bit of skill and a lot of heart and guts.

If Dillian Whyte fought Deontay Wilder, he’d give him problems.

I could go on to have 40-50 fights and win them all and have a great career but in years to come, people will remember fights against Whyte along with the one with Wladimir Klitschko. That’s why I wanted the Klitschko rematch and that’s why I want the Whyte one, because we bring the best out of each other.

Who knows what’s next, though, because it’s Takam first.


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