Anthony Joshua exclusive: More sleep and a new training routine has made me sharper for Saturday’s fight – Part 1

Anthony Joshua exclusive: More sleep and a new training routine has made me sharper for Saturday’s fight – Part 1

Anthony Joshua’s fight diary is back! These are the thoughts and words of Joshua expressed to a free English newspaper that is publish everyday during fight week. I do know that you can pick up a free copy from every train station in London but I cannot say for sure if this is the case for the whole of England or the UK as a whole?

Saturday night is the first time in history that two reigning heavyweight world champions have met in Britain.

“This is all about putting everything on the line with one goal towards eventually becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. For me, this is just the next step towards that.”

“But you can’t lose sight of what is at stake. Stripped down, it’s the start of another fight week, there’s another opponent in front of me and it’s a return to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff of which I have happy memories from my last fight.”

“This time in the other corner is Joseph Parker, and the guy’s a worthy champion. He has every intention of putting on a show, he’s the current WBO heavyweight champion of the world and boasts a record of 24 wins with 18 coming by way of knockout.”

“His team firmly believe he has the ability to do it on Saturday night and, from that first press conference on Friday, you can see he doesn’t lack for confidence. He’s made it clear he has just one plan – to take all the belts home with him.”

“I can’t tell you how the fight is going to go. We are both fast, you will see good combinations from both fighters, which is unusual in heavyweight bouts. I can see comparisons between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe in this fight – it should be electric.”

“Everyone knows there’s a lot of talk before these fight, and there seems to have been a lot of attention surrounding my weight, and whether I will be coming in to this one lighter than against Carlos Takam.”

“But the funny thing is that my weight right now is similar to what I was tipping the scales at the same point before Takam, and I ended up weighing the heaviest of my career to date!”

“Really, though, the weight’s neither here nor there. It’s never been that important before in my career; the important thing is the training camp has gone well. It’s all about how I feel in myself and I’m feeling really good right now.”

“That said, there’s no complacency creeping in. I try to use each camp as a learning experience and now I understand that fight week is just as important as the camp itself. I am correcting my mistakes each camp to improve as a fighter and, as a team, we look at all aspects of training, with diet and time management not being overlooked.”

“For this camp, I have started training slightly later in the morning to increase the amount of sleep I get and I feel fitter and fresher. This is probably the first training camp where I start the fight week feeling well rested and enjoy doing the three sessions a day.”

“This has added to my confidence for this fight as I know that I have not missed a run or finished a training session early. In short, no stone has been left unturned ahead of Saturday.”

“Traditionally boxers get up early in the morning to train. The traditional pattern is a 5am run followed by breakfast and then straight into the boxing gym. I have been shifting my training patterns this time round, moving away from the traditional routine to suit the way my body works and I can really feel the benefits.”

“Going back to my weight, I heard Parker’s comments that I’m coming in lighter as I want to copy his style but that’s far from the truth.”

“We haven’t even had Parker-clones coming to sparring. My coach trains me to be better, to improve my technique and not to beat a certain style or opponent.”

“This is an advantage because I prepare for anything come fight night; if Parker tries something different in the fight, I will have worked on it in training and already have it covered.”

“I believe my sparring partners have noticed a difference as well. I remember when I used to want to tell my trainer Rob McCracken “man, I don’t have another three rounds in me” when he was pushing me to do the 15 rounds but now I’m feeling sharper and more focused and, after the 15 rounds, I’m looking around the gym seeing if anyone else wants to go three more.”

“This mentality has helped during this camp as I know the person on the other side of the ring is just as willing, and his team are also saying it’s his best camp for a long time.”

“We can anticipate what Parker is going to bring to the fight: he has fast hands and quick movement but I’ve been learning to deal with lighter and faster guys among my sparring partners, so that is why I am so confident.”

“With what’s at stake, this could be a very important year for me but I am not underestimating what I am up against this weekend.”

“I often say it but a happy fighter is a dangerous fighter. I’m that and this it’ll be two hungry young fighters putting it all on the line.”

Massive boxing and English football fan from South East London, England.

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