Eddie Hearn: Povetkin deal close

Eddie Hearn: Povetkin deal close

Eddie Hearn has urged Team Wilder to accept their recent offer of fighting Antony Joshua in Britain or risk losing out to Alexander Povetkin.

Hearn has been in discussions with Povetkin’s World of Boxing team about a WBA mandatory challenge in parallel with Wilder’s representatives.

“I don’t like making deadlines because sometimes it gets people’s backs up but at some stage soon we have to make a decision,” said Hearn.

“We are close to closing a deal with Povetkin with (Andrey) Robinsky and World of Boxing and once the deal is closed, there is no Deontay Wilder.

Bary Hearn is currently in New York and is expecting to meet with Shelly Finkel in hope of thrashing out a deal.

“Wilder has had the latest offer from us for the last two weeks which was our improved offer and we are still talking to them and in fact, my dad is out in New York at the moment, and he might meet Shelly today,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“They have our offer so they have to accept it or move on. It’s not a case of if you don’t accept this offer the fight is dead, we will just fight Povetkin and carry on our negotiations to the next one.

“It has to be the next one, or the one after that. Joshua wants to fight. We’ve got an opportunity to go in September and Josh is keen to fight in that month and if Wilder wants it, it’s there.

“But I do still believe Wilder will take this offer.”

Povetkin’s team are waiting in the wings to strike a deal if Wilder does not accept the latest offer.

“I’ve got a very good relationship with Ryanbinskiy and Vadim and I am very honest with them,” Hearn said.

“They know exactly what’s happening here and they know they can’t stop the Wilder fight but also, we’ve got a situation where they need to know what they’re doing. We are talking at length on the deal and we will reach an agreement for the fight.

“It is a very, very difficult fight, the Povetkin fight. He’s lost once, to Wladimir Klitschko who did everything he could to try and stop him but couldn’t do it.

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