Joshua-Wilder and the Green eyed Monsters

Joshua-Wilder and the Green eyed Monsters

Due to the quiet weekend of boxing we have gained financial experts across the globe as negotiations between team Joshua and team Wilder continue to develop.

I do work in finance five days a week and I could quite easily give you a breakdown of gate receipts and pay-per-view figures plus television rights which gives you a rough idea of what a fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder could earn if the fight is ever agreed. But I really couldn’t give a monkeys toss quite frankly.

This is boxing and what a fighter earns is none of my business I just want to see good, clean and fair fights so percentage splits and flat rate offers is something I like to leave in the office. Any financial negotiations should be discussed behind closed doors anyway with the purpose of the fight being at the forefront of discussions.

As a fan of boxing all I ask is that the best fight the best for my viewing pleasure. The financial element is completely irrelevant to me apart from when I have to dip into my own pocket to watch a big PPV fight.

I want to see big Josh take on the repulsive American just as much as the next fan but instead we are getting into a ridiculous financial war on social media.

Wilder fans have been very vocal about what their man is worth and are disgusted with Eddie Hearn for offering a flat rate of $8.8 – $15m. In fact the figure has changed so many times that I have absolutely no idea what the exact figure is but it’s a lucrative deal for Wilder nonetheless.

One thing is for sure, Wilder did collect $2.5m against Ortiz which was his biggest pay day to date. It’s not Joshua’s fault that he earns that in endorsement deals alone. After 40 professional fights he has never been a PPV fighter in the States which indicates to me that he doesn’t have a large fan-base. So why reject such a handsome offer with the added incentive of fighting for 5 world title belts and a rematch in the US?

As the ‘Bronze Bomber’ quite clearly has a small band of followers that love to troll on social media and are now experts on percentages, I will lay it out on their terms. I’m guessing that only 50% of them would actually pay for the fight while the other half watch on illegal website streams.

I have seen some ridiculous statements throughout the years I have followed this great art of contact sport but never have I seen such utter ignorance before. It shouldn’t surprise me that a Wilder fan related the Hearn offer to child abuse – I know an unusual analogy to say the least – because their hero is being short changed in their eyes. I mean they are following a guy that openly said he wanted a dead body on his record on a morning breakfast show.

Could you imagine if Joshua said something like that on This Morning to Scoff? AJ would be looking at a 6 month ban by the BBBofC before the day was done.

Getting back to the point at hand, reports indicate that the fight will generate $100m hence why articles suggest Wilder only being offered 20%. If this fight can generate this sort of dosh then Joshua has already said he would take a $50m flat rate.

So how about Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon give AJ $50m and they take the rest? The reason why is because I can categorically say that this fight will not reach such heights. So the $40m that team Wilder suggest he deserves is just a smoke screen. They are asking for 40% of an over estimated figure.

I would say the more accurate projection would be somewhere around $50m mark. Then minus the sanctioning fee costs that the Russian will demand for not taking the mandatory defence which is probably in the region of £5-6m. The amount that Joseph Parker earned in his fight with AJ.

My conclusion on this whole saga is that Wilder and his cronies are nothing more than a bunch of money grabbing toss pots that are only interested in cash. They use social media to create a circus that some of their illiterate fans buy into hence we get this pathetic nonsense that is not only destroying boxing but any chance of successfully agreeing a deal.

All I advise is that you do not buy into the BS that numerous websites try to feed you when it comes to percentage splits. A lot of what is written will try to convince you that Joshua is ducking Wilder and this is so far from the truth it’s unbelievable.

If anything it’s Wilder pricing himself out of a great deal. I expect this drama to continue until it’s too late for a fight to be negotiated. Expect Wilder to continue fighting less then stellar opponents while Joshua continues to challenge himself.

Massive boxing and English football fan from South East London, England.

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