Nick Webb: It’s how you come back that shows who you are

Nick Webb: It’s how you come back that shows who you are
"It’s just another string to my bow and another problem for my opponent." Nick Webb

English Heavyweight Nick Webb (13-1, 11KOs) discussed his second-round destruction over Dorian Darch (12-8-1, 1KO) and a “lesson learned” against Dave Allen plus his plans for the rest of this year with Talkin Boxing with Billy C.

On September 29 at a leisure centre in Berkshire, the just turned 31-year-old made a quick return to the ring when he stopped Welshman Dorian Darch in just two-rounds.

It was the perfect response after a first career defeat to Dave Allen just 2-months ago on the Whyte-Parker undercard:

“The biggest thing for me was not to get caught by any over hand rights” Webb said with a chuckle.

The aim was to: “Not get caught with anything, work easy and get him out of there.”

A combination and a perfectly timed liver shot sucked the wind out of Darch who was in no fit state to continue:

“That was my honey-punch. I’ve had a few injuries and lost strength in my arm, so it was good to get back to hitting and hurting with it again.”

As Webb already alluded to, the over-hand right was the shot that he was caught with against Allen. It’s a punch that the Chertsey heavyweight has already made adjustments to avoid in the future. Webb approached the Darch fight with a slightly different philosophy and even switched to southpaw:

“I was keeping my left arm up in orthodox, but southpaw is something that we’ve been working on in the gym, which gives me a lot more confidence when using it. I’ve never really used it in a fight before, but I feel pretty good in the southpaw position now. It’s just another string to my bow and another problem for my opponent.”

It was from switch-hitting that created the space for Webb to finish Darch off:

“I think I confused him a bit by turning to southpaw. As soon as he tried to put on some pressure, I switch back to orthodox and let a combination go and hurt him.

“The big thing that I learnt from my last fight is that I can’t just go in a thousand percent, throwing two hundred punches a round. I need to take my time, choose my punches and work behind the jab, then every now and then you’ve got to take a risk.”

Nick Webb defeats Dorian Darch in his comeback fight

During the defeat to Dave Allen, the surrey-puncher was tagged with a few looping right-hands so were there any alarm bells ringing:

“No, that was the problem as I got caught with them I thought I can take these all-day long. I didn’t think anything of it, I thought I’m not worried about his power or that big shot. But then obviously he caught me in the right place and I’ve gone down.

“That’s a big lesson learned for me, to not take my opponent too lightly and take unnecessary shots, boxing is about hitting and not getting hit.”

Heavyweight boxing is one of the most exciting divisions in the world because of its unpredictability which is one thing Webb will not take for granted now, after being in complete control he lost because of one big shot. As the Englishman said recently, ‘he pulled that shot out of his ass’:

“I say that, but he was looking for it and it wasn’t a lucky shot as he was trying to go for it. But, with the power he threw it at and how it came out of nowhere, that’s why I say he pulled it out of his ass. It was a magic shot for him.”

Both took the fight at short notice, which shows you the type of guy’s they are. Not many heavyweights in the top 10 domestically would take a risk like that, especially a fighter that was undefeated like Webb was at the time. In hindsight, maybe Webb rushed back:

“I was heavy, inactive, coming out of an operation and I wasn’t even sparring, just a bit of pad work and straight in for the fight. Nothing prepares you more than sparring. I could come out with a million and one excuses but at the end of the day he beat me with the best shot and he won, so end of.”

A single defeat will not define Webb’s career, if anything it will help him correct his mistakes and make him a better fighter. The big feller was still in positive mood:

“At lot of people just think about me as a brawler who comes with big punches, but I was able to box a bit and show that part of my game to, I just got caught,” Said Webb while taking his afternoon run.

“Out of all the great heavyweights, they have all had a loss in their career and it’s how you come back that shows who you are. It’s a big learning curve for me and one that I’m going to take in my stride and just keep coming back stronger and stronger.”

Webb and Allen embrace after their fight

After a very frustrating 2017 due to injuries and fights falling through the 6’5″ heavyweight has already clocked up more fights this year than the whole of the last. The English title was a strong possibility against one of the young proteges but that never materialized for whatever reason:

“I went through a year of my career trying to fight these guys. Me and Nathan Gorman for example, had a match for the English title but he’s team kept turning it down so did [Daniel] Dubois’ team, so I wasted a year of my career waiting on them fights and I never got any of them. Then when I did come back, I got a win on Matchroom, got engaged, got injured and then I came back and fought Dave Allen.

“Last year was a big waste of my time and I’m very annoyed. All these boys are trying to keep their ‘O’ so are fighting journeymen or has-beens. I think we are at a stage now where you’re going to start seeing all the heavyweights start meeting each other because there is nowhere else to go, so it will be interesting.”

One fight that would be very interesting would be the rekindle with amateur foe Joe Joyce who was always a thorn in Webb’s side during a successful amateur career that ended with a record of 21 wins in 27 fights. I’m sure Webb would like to set the record straight and have a crack at Joyce in the pros, if that opportunity came about:

“He’s definitely a guy that I need another rematch with. He’s doing big things at the minute in America and good luck to him, but I want to meet him at some point in my career.

“I need to get my revenge against Allen in a rematch first and then nothing can hold me back when moving on to someone like Joe Joyce.”

So, what is the plan for the rest of the year:

“I’ve fought for a British eliminator and came up short, so now I’ve got to reassess”, said Webb.

“For me, it’s a build-up fight against a journeyman or the polish guy [Kamil Sokolowski] that beat my stablemate Naylor [Ball] so I wouldn’t mind getting revenge for him. Then obviously I’ve got my eye on that rematch. I just need to do what I did before, be lighter, in better shape and don’t take him for granted.”

Where does Webb see himself in the year 2020:

“In 2020, I would have been British champion and be fighting for a world title.”

You can follow Nick Webb on Twitter and Instagram @itsanickting

Thank you, Nick, for taking the time to speak with me on behalf of Billy C Boxing and we hope to have you back soon. We would like to wish you the very best for the rest of this year and beyond – looking forward to seeing you in action again very soon,

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