Rumour has it Groves vs Smith on for September 29 in Saudi Arabia?

Rumour has it Groves vs Smith on for September 29 in Saudi Arabia?

The World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) are ready to make a announcement in the next few days that WBA super middleweight champion George Groves (28-3, 20KOs) and fellow Brit Callum Smith (24-0, 17KOs) will finally meet for their final on September 29 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? 

There have been many announcements and rumours surrounding this fight for months now and both fighters must be eager to get a date and venue confirmed so they can concentrate on training and being fight ready. But Jeddah, Saudi Arabia?

It’s difficult to be critical of the WBSS as it really has been a breathe of fresh air for the sport but it’s hard to contemplate why on earth 2 British fighters should travel so far for the final? The only reason why the organisers would take the route of fighting in the 10,000 seater venue in Jeddah can only be for the money.

Considering the recent success of British fighters competing against eachother in football stadiums all over the country with attendances from 30,000 plus it does seem odd that Jeddah, Saudi Arabia would even be considered.

Cast your minds back to before Oleksandr Usyk systematically destroyed Murat Gassiev in Moscow to become the undisputed cruiserweigt champion and first Muhammad Ali trophy winner. Their final was supposed to take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia until Usyk got injured.

The contract that was signed in London between Comosa AG and The General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia to stage the cruiserweight final must have had a clause that guarantees them one of the finals which would explain the bizarre choice of location.

The most irritating thing for the boxing fans of both Groves and Smith is they will either have to pay a fortune to travel out to Saudi Arabia or have to pay for the fight and watch it at home. Maybe the WBSS are more interested in PPV sales rather then selling tickets which could also explain their decision.

To put a positive spin on things we will finally be able to see what Saudi Arabia have to offer boxing. There have been plenty of fights that have fallen by the waist line when it come to the crunch of actually agreeing a fight in the Middle East. Neither fighter will have an advantage as both come from England and the time difference is only 2-hours in front of BST.

What ever decision is made by Comosa AG you really have to tip one’s hat to them for producing an excellent season one of WBSS boxing.

Massive boxing and English football fan from South East London, England.

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