Whyte knocks out Browne in six

Whyte knocks out Browne in six

Dillian Whyte (23-1, 17KOs) produced the knock out of the year in his sixth round victory over Lucas Browne (25-1, 22KOs) under the big tent in Greenwich, London.

First and foremost I want to congratulate the medical staff at the O2 Arena for the way they reacted to the knockout, thankfully the Australian left the ring on his feet. He will spend the night in hospital as a precaution and be monitored throughout the night before hopefully being discharged in the morning.

Whyte dominates 

In a one sided demolition the 29-year-old from Brixton was tagging the big Ozzy at will. With Browne’s guard down all night and absolutely no head movement, Whyte was able to connect with numerous power shots.

The ‘Body Snatcher’ as Whyte is also known managed to keep Browne on the back foot by throwing the double left jab. It prevented his undefeated opponent from landing his heavy right hand.

The 38-year-old looked out of his depth from the get go and the writing was on the cards from the first round when he sustained a bad cut to his left eye that was getting worse as the fight wore on.

Every round was pretty much the same with Whyte constantly hitting a human punching bag. Browne was taking a beating and it looked to me as though he’s nose was broken around the fifth.

Highlight reel knockout 

Just before ‘Big Daddy’ stepped out for round six, his seconds must have been contemplating pulling their man out especially if he continued to sustain the sort of punishment he was receiving.

In the end it was Dillian who produced one of the best one punch knockouts I have seen in while. The Jamaican-native missed with a right hand but came back with a thunderous left hook that caught Browne bang on the side of the head and flattened him out cold.

Referee Ian John Lewis was busy forcing Whyte back to his corner before he noticed Browne completely unconscious on the canvas. The fight was immediately called off and the paramedics raced into the ring to give Browne oxygen.

Celebrations were cut short as the whole arena waited for Lucas Browne to regain consciousness. The Sydney man did return to his feet and give the crowd a wave before leaving immediately on a wheelchair. Kudos to Dillian Whyte for maintaining his composure once he realised the severity of the situation.

Wilder or I’m coming to America to kick off!

In the interview after the fight the ‘Lone Wolf’ was quick to call out the WBC champion Deontay Wilder. A pumped up Whyte said, “Listen, Deontay Wilder where you at? June, where you at Wilder let’s go! Let’s go!”

”I’m ready! Let’s get it Deontay! Let’s go. No more excuses. Let’s do this, June live at the O2. Let’s get it. I’m number one baby!”

Whyte continued ”I’ve proved to everyone that I’m world class. Loads of people have been writing me off.”

”I just beat a former world champion in six rounds tonight so that should tell you where I’m at”.

When asked about a potential match up with the winner of Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker next Dillian replied, “He [Joshua] should forget that. Listen, the WBC are good people, they’re loyal people and they seem to stick to their words.”

”People are tiered of Wilder fighting these half way guys. Joshua ain’t gonna fight him next so his next fight is me. If he fights someone else I’m going to go to America and kick off.”

Joshua-Wilder? More like Joshua-Whyte 2

One thing is for sure Dillian Whyte did prove himself tonight and I believe that he deserves a shot at a world title. Billy and Sal will curse me for saying this but Whyte should be Wilder’s next fight and not Joshua.

For one, AJ has a difficult assignment against Parker so there is absolutely no assurance that Joshua comes away next weekend with all his titles in tact.

If Parker does pull off a major upset then a rematch will take place in August. Even if Joshua wins, I’m sure one of the governing bodies will force a mandatory fight in the summer or Joshua loses on of his titles.

To be perfectly honest I don’t care if we have to wait until the end of the year for Joshua-Wilder. Just as long as it happens this year. But to be even more brutally honest, I believe in Dillian Whyte and I don’t see him as an underdog against Wilder I actually see him as a slight favourite.

Whyte proved tonight that he has the skills to neutralise a big right hander and his dangerous left hook is back.

On that note, I leave you with this….

….Joshua vs Whyte 2 for all the titles at Wembley Stadium at the end of the year.

Just my two pennies worth.


Massive boxing and English football fan from South East London, England.

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