Truth Is… Broner Is A Tune Up

Truth Is… Broner Is A Tune Up

Last week a lot was made of Timothy Bradley stating that he wants to take a tune up fight later this year when he plans to return to boxing from a long layoff where he has been taking care of business outside of the ring including commentating some Top Rank cards. The amount of time he will have taken off will be a year and five months if he returns around the time frame he has been mentioning (Sept.). All of the attention was given in response to his comments about who he said he wanted for a tune up fight, Adrien “The Problem” Broner who is a four division champion albeit by way of fighting weak champions in each of those divisions and never unifying any of them. To give credit where credit is due, Broner had a couple of fights he did well in against what may have been thought of as upper level competition at that time. I believe what some fans give him the most credit for in chat rooms, or on podcasts etc. is for the close fight he had against Paulie Malagnaggi who had a WBA welterweight title but clearly was never truly a top 5 welterweight and an extremely overrated fighter himself in my opinion.

I know some will say after he took a beating in his first WBA welterweight defense against former light welterweight champion Marcos Maidana that Broner was just to small for that division. The problem with that argument is he can’t make weight for any division lower than that anymore so that pretty much leaves him fighting in the welterweight division which brings me full circle. Broner in the welterweight division probably doesn’t beat anyone in the top ten or so which includes Pacquiao, Thurman, Brooke, Porter (who already defeated Broner easily), Spence Jr., Garcia, Lamont Peterson, Bradley, Khan, Vargas, Berto, Felix Diaz, and sooner or later Terrance Crawford. Personally I do not think he beats any of them although there are perhaps one or two fights he could be competitive in.

So the point is Bradley calling Broner a tune up is not to be seen as a slap in the face to Broner, it is what I would call a reality check for Broner. A truly needed reality check for someone who fools his fans into believing he wants to fight top guys but then prices himself out just so he can take on the Granados’ of the world and even then barely squeaking out a win. So good for Bradley for speaking the truth but I am pretty certain it’s all for not because I believe Broner just wants to keep his name semi-relevant on Twitter etc. and then move on to fight another C level opponent. That leaves me wondering who Bradley’s next fight will be against. Broner’s history tells me what kind of fighter he will be up against next, the thought of which does not excite me whatsoever. I can’t say I jumped off that train as I for one didn’t get on it to begin with and now in hindsight I am happy I never took the bait.

Steven “The Bad Guy” McCowan

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