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Bill Calogero has been involved in the pro boxing business for over 35 years as a manager, promoter, advisor, match-maker, boxing historian, writer, TV & radio host and boxing personality. Billy has written and published a book about the United State’s First American Heavyweight Champion, Tom Molineaux.

About the “Talkin Boxing With Billy C TV & Radio Program

The “The Billy C Show” TV & Radio show made its debut during the summer of 2003. When the show first started, it was broadcast live, once per week from Snoops Boxing Gym in Poughkeepsie, NY. The show ran for one hour. The concept of the show was simple, two guys sitting around Talkin Boxing. The spark grew into a flame.

In a very short time, the show increased to two hours once per week. As the word spread and the “The Billy C Show” show became the hottest boxing only talk show the industry had ever seen, the show was crowned as the Un-Disputed Heavyweight Champion Of Boxing Talk Radio.

The spark, which turned to a flame, is now a roaring fire. Upon popular demand, the show runs live, every day from 8:00-10:00am  EST via the Internet on www.BillyCBoxing.com, It’s simulcast on FM & AM Radio Stations across the US and Canada. Talkin Boxing With Billy C was part of the Daily line up for the “Fight Now TV Network”, Fite TV, Holyfield TV, LDLTV and several others. It is also offered on several Sports Networks via the Internet. In addition, the show is available via PodCast, which currently boasts over 250,000 combined podcast subscribers and On-Demand. The show is also available on it’s own YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/talkinboxing

Currently, the “The Billy C Show” Radio Program is the model boxing talk radio program that all others try to copy. Billy C has the best available guests on the show regularly. He focuses on getting everyone who is involved with the sport on the show.

Young prospects, World Champions, Hall Of Famers, Promoters, Managers, Publicists, Writers, Trainers, Nutritionists, Ring Card Girls, etc, etc. If you are involved with the sport of Pro Boxing, the “The Billy C Show” wants to talk boxing with you!

Aside from the top-quality guests, listeners hear the latest boxing news and opinions of the best people the boxing business has to offer.

Regular contributors from around the world include-

Daxx Khan– World Boxing Federation United States Rep, Journalist and BillyCBoxing.com Columnist. Every Monday at 6pm Daxx presents his Weekend Scheduled Roundup and “3 Fight’s Not To Miss” segment where he breaks down the top 3 fights of the upcoming weekend.

Alex Pierpaoli- from “Fist Things First” who with Billy C presents the “Blast From The Past” segment that highlights fighters of Yesteryear.

Larry Hazzard- Hall of Fame inductee who was third man in the ring for over 40 world title fights and serves as New Jerseys Head Of Boxing

Sal Cenicola– Former contender and Guinness book record holder for longest layoff between fights, Sal after a 25 year break from boxing made a return to score a win over an opponent 15 years younger.

Sal provides insight only a fighter who has been in the ring and experienced the action could.

Emily Harney- Famed Boxing photographer provides insight on the sport from a perspective that can only be seen from the boxing ring apron up close to the action.

The show has regular segments that educate listeners on the history of the sport, as well as current breakdowns and analysis of all the current fighters. Fan favorites include-

“Billy C’s Reading Class”, “The Great Fights”, “This Day In Boxing History”, “Legend Vs. Legend”, “Head To Head”, “Billy C’s TV Rating’s”, “The Round Table”, “It’s Too Early For A Trivia Question, Question” and MORE!

New Segments are added on a regular basis not too mention contest for listeners to win prizes!

The “The Billy C Show” TV & Radio Program is a boxing only all boxing talk show that presents boxing in an informative, opinionated and very entertaining way. It’s the ONLY show in the history of boxing that runs 2 hours a day, five days per week.

Along with the “The Billy C Show” TV & Radio Program, there is the Billy C Boxing Minute and Two Minute Boxing Report’s that get aired on AM & FM Radio stations coast to coast in between sports reports.

In addition to producing a “ready to go” show, which is available to ALL radio markets and time slots worldwide via syndication, the “The Billy C Show” team provides promoters with their onsite Trivia Challenge Booth to add fan value. This is arranged on a per show basis. Options include a basic “answer a boxing trivia question correctly and win a prize” format, to a full blown “be part of the radio show and record fans right at the venue” format.

The “The Billy C Show” crew can produce; broadcast and or record live boxing events at a very affordable price.

Billy C specializes in play-by-play and color commentating for all live boxing events for radio, television and internet broadcasts broadcast by TalkinBoxing.com or any other broadcast, video or television firm.

Billy C is also available as a ringside guest, celebrity, or to cover any boxing event for print in publications and or the internet.

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