Daxx Khan

Boxing Continues Edging Towards It’s Former Glory In 2024!


With an extended time passed and so much taking place during my hiatus, I find myself trying to decide “Where to begin?” Should I review Oleksandr Usyk’s win over Tyson Fury on May 18th to become the sports first “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion” since Lennox Lewis defeated Evander Holyfield in 1999?

The rise of Naoya Inoue who has not only become boxing’s most dominate fighter under 126lbs, since Ricardo “Finito” Lopez dominated the Minimum and Jr, Flyweight divisions throughout the mid 1980’s and 1990’s. List his conquest, balance out if Inoue is the most accomplished fighter under 135lbs since Roberto Duran? If so then Inoue is deserved of both his moniker “The Monster” and top three “Pound for Pound” status.

The sports growing number of top tier fighters willing to risk their “0”, so long as its an opportunity to face their divisions proven best?

Should I focus on the sports increasing number of “Undisputed Lineal” division champions? The sanctioning bodies who abuse their power, use every loophole in their continuously changing rulebooks, as a way to strip fighters of titles. Simply for not facing sub-par mandatories, in order to generate higher sanctioning fees?

One thing I have learned throughout the decades is, “Topics will change from Day to Day and Week to Week” leaving no shortage of material. While we are often disappointed with the sports scenarios, preview of what’s to come and results that follow. The sport is a never ending “Reality Series” holding no boundaries, nor does it allow time for editing. When combining the intertwined stories that unfold before us and those not uncovered until years later.

It’s hands down “The Greatest Unscripted Show On Earth” that no matter how many times we watch, brings us the same excitement as it did the first time. In my personal opinion, despite the number of entertainers in every aspect, who has made the claim. BOXING ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL be the one show that has no equal!

While deciding which current topic, to focus on next in detail or speculate what’s to come. I’ll continue enjoying the moment, despite unrealistic expectations from those sitting in “The Cheap Seats”, Who shout out and dictate across social media “How To Right The Wrong’s”. The sport is currently in a state, fans have been begging for since our previous “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion”.

Should boxing’s current trend between the sports best and those just underneath continue. They will have laid down the map our next generation of fighters, wanting to emulate their success. Have their names mentioned alongside during debates WILL follow.

Its a map leading boxing back to its “Glory Days and Above”, despite itself.

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