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Saucedo defeats Fredrickson, Vargas, Bauza and Jones score wins in Vegas 6/30/20

Tuesday June 30th Top Rank on ESPN from the MGM Bubble in Las Vegas Nevada, presented a four fight card as part of their “Summer Fight Series” headlined by former world title challenger Alex Saucedo and veteran Sonny Fredrickson. On paper this looked like a close match-up when comparing styles, Saucedo a come forward brawler and Fredrickson a tall lanky boxer with movement. The fight itself was a different story as is often the case.

When the bout started Saucedo came forward using head movement and combinations to stun Fredrickson several times near the rounds end. Over the next several rounds Saucedo continued his assault as he kept Fredrickson on the back-foot. At times Fredrickson would land a solid jab or right hook that caught Saucedo flush, Saucedo would then revert back to his brawling style to swing momentum back in his favor.

As the bout passed the midway point, it was apparent Fredrickson would need to do something drastic a knockdown or two at minimum if he had any hopes of winning on the judges cards. The high punch and pressure of Saucedo though never allowed Fredrickson to sustain any extended momentum giving Saucedo a wide points win. Official scores read 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92 all in favor of Alex Saucedo who improved to 30-1 (19). With the loss Sonny Fredrickson now stands at 21-3 (14).

In the nights co-feature Super Lightweight Josue Vargas thoroughly out boxed Salvador Briceno over ten rounds, final scores read 100-90 twice and 99-91 all in favor of Josue Vargas who improved to 17-1 (9) while Salvador Briceno drops to 17-6 (11)

In under-card action

Super Lightweight- John Bauza 14-0(5) def. Lawrence James Fryers 11-3(4) via UD 8

Middleweight- Isiah Jones 9-2(3) def. Donte Stubbs 6-1(2) via UD 6

Moloney Dominates Baez, Nova and Gonzalez score wins in Vegas

Top Rank on ESPN broadcast their second fight in three days from the “Bubble” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the nights main event was a bantamweight contest between Jason Moloney and Leonardo Baez. The contest was billed as battle of the twins due to both Moloney and Baez having twin brothers who also fight professionally. It was a tremendous effort on Moloney’s part, to make sure there would not be a repeat of what took place on Tuesday night when Jason’s brother Andrew lost his WBA 115 lb title against Joshua Franco.

Jason Moloney started the fight strong staying in the pocket then proceeded to outwork and out land Baez throughout. It was not for lack of effort on behalf of Baez but the volume, shorter punches and willingness to trade by Moloney overwhelmed Baez throughout. With the exception of round two, Jason Moloney would dominate every round especially to the body of Baez while working off the jab.

At the end of round seven, the corner of Baez dealing with two cuts, seeing their fighter absorb more punches than he threw wisely stops the fight giving Jason Moloney his twenty first win.

Jason Moloney now stands at 21-1(18) while Leonardo Baez drops to 18-2 (9).

In the co-feature undefeated lightweight prospect Abraham Nova defeated slick boxing Avery Sparrow by unanimous decision. While Sparrow started out strong controlling the first half of the contest leaving Nova baffled on how to slow Sparrow down, in the sixth round a hard body shot did just that. It would then be Abraham Nova who pulled ahead for the remainder of the contest as Sparrow continued trying to shake off being stunned in round six.

When scores were announced Judges seen it  99-91, 97-93 and 96-94 all in favor of Abraham Nova who improved to 19-0 (14),  Avery Sparrow suffering his second career defeat now stands at 10-2 (3)

In a rugged eight bout, undefeated Featherweight prospect Orlando Gonzalez took on veteran Luis Porozo. The hard hitting Gonzalez dominated and dropped Porozo in the second and seventh rounds en route to a unanimous decision.

With the win Orlando Gonzalez improved to 15-0 (10) while Luis Porozo now stands at 15-2 (8).

In the four round heavyweight opener Kingsley Ibeh 4-1(4) def. Waldo Cortes Acosta 5-3(2) via TKO 4.

Franco defeats Moloney claims 115 lb WBA title

Tuesday night on ESPN live from the MGM grand “Bubble” in Las Vegas Top Rank presented a WBA “Regular” super flyweight title contest between champion Andrew Moloney and Joshua Franco.

The champion Andrew Moloney started out strong with his jab in succession, with his movement and repeated jab winning early rounds. It appeared as though Franco had no answer for Moloney’s style until the midway point of the contest. It was then Franco was able to apply effective pressure and land his combinations.

Once Franco placed Moloney on his back-foot he continued landing combinations at will. There would be a cut suffered by Moloney from a clean punch by Franco in round ten then a knockdown scored by Franco in the eleventh. The final round would have both fighters having their moments and finishing strong.

When the decision was announced judges seen it 115-112 and 114-113 114-113 all in favor of Joshua Franco.

With the win Joshua Franco now the “Regular” WBA super Flyweight champion improved to 17-1-2(8) while Andrew Moloney in his first career loss now stands at 21-1(14).

In the Co-Feature former world title challengers Christopher Diaz and Jason Sanchez faced off in a ten round featherweight contest. It was a hard fought contest with both men having their moments, Diaz using his jab to set up combinations while Sanchez pushed the action looking to trade inside.

As the fight wore on it was Diaz superior boxing skills that allowed him to keep Sanchez one step behind. Once the bout was over judges seen it 98-92 twice and 97-93 all in favor of Christopher Diaz who improved to 26-2(16) while Jason Sanchez now stands at 15-2(8).

In under card action

Super Lightweight Miguel Contreras took on Rolando Vargas in a six round contest. The experience of Contreras proved to be too much for the game Vargas who suffered a bloody nose and cut on the side of his right eye due to an accidental headbutt.

With the win Miguel Contreras improved to 11-0(6) while Rolando Vargas now stands at 5-1(5).

In heavyweight action Helaman Olguin 8-3(3) def. Adam Stewart 8-1-1(5) via MD 6

Navarrete dominates in stay busy bout on ESPN

Saturday night in Mexico City on ESPN, WBO Super Bantamweight champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete made his second ring appearance of 2020, his opponent was little known journeyman Uriel Lopez. This non title affair would be a preview of Navarrete’s inevitable move to Featherweight and while some may have criticized the opponent choice for Navarrete, with the recent pandemic creating a limit in opponents available and venues to perform in. A ready and willing Uriel Lopez would fit the bill nicely for boxing’s busiest champion. The event itself despite being located in Mexico, with the country not yet officially reopened was not sanctioned by their commission.

The contest started out with Navarrete using his jab to gauge distance, every punch landed to the body and head of Uriel Lopez drove him backwards. As rounds wore on Navarrete began mixing up his attack, punches landed on Lopez echoed in the empty venue giving clear indication of how hard Navarrete hits.

It had become a completely one sided affair by the fourth round in favor of Navarrete. While Lopez gave his best efforts after beating the count from a body shot in round six, a nonstop barrage of punches from Navarrete forced a halt to the action in round seven.

With the win Emanuel Navarrete improves to 32-1(28) while Uriel Lopez now stands at 13-14-1(6)

Since winning the WBO Super Bantamweight title in December of 2018, Emanuel Navarrete has fought seven times including five title defenses. While Navarrete might not be the most polished fighter in or around his division, his activity and increasing dominance in each outing makes Navarrete a dangerous fighter for anyone. That includes undefeated 126 pound champions Josh Warrington, Shakur Stevenson, Gary Russell Jr and Xu Can.

Assuming of course boxing politics can be sorted faster than a Covid 19 quarantine and those fights be made.

In Undercard action

Featherweight- Carlos Ornelas 26-2(15) def. Edwin Palomares 12-4-1(3) via KO

Featherweight- Sergio Alfredo Chirino Sanchez 15-1(9) def. Gustavo Alan Pina 8-3(5) via KO 3

Flyweight- Ivan Armando Garcia Carrillo 6-0(3) def Roberto Palomares 5-4-1(1) via UD 6

Flores Jr dominates Ruiz, Collard upsets Kaminsky in Vegas.

The second of three cards broadcast from the “Bubble” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas aired on ESPN Thursday, the “Main Event” originally was scheduled to be between former two division world champion Jose Pedraza taking on former world title challenger Mikkel LesPierre. A “Covid-19” test taken upon arrival in Las Vegas for the manager of LesPierre resulted in a negative result, a second test conducted after official weigh-ins returned a positive result and due to safety placed both fighters and teams out of the event.

The teams now have to stay quarantined in Vegas until another test can be conducted, if the test are positive they can either remain in Vegas or drive back to their perspective hometowns. This was a disappointment for both fighters who understood things like this can happen and look forward to meeting down the road hopefully in July.

The Co-Main main event would between undefeated lightweight prospect Gabriel Flores Jr and veteran Josec Ruiz would become the nights feature bout.

It was a one sided affair that showed the progress of Gabriel Flores Jr who is “Top Ranks” youngest fighter ever signed at age sixteen. While Josec Ruiz was durable and never stopped trying he didn’t have the pedigree to compete with Flores Jr.

There were no real highlight moments of the contest outside a second round knockdown of Ruiz. It would be a steady pace for the remainder, Flores boxed from a distance and force Ruiz to be uncomfortable while being picked apart by Flores jab.

The official scores read 100-89 on all three cards in favor of Gabriel Flores Jr who improved to 18-0 (6), Josec Ruiz now stands at 21-3-3(14).

It was a dominate display of boxing by Flores Jr but despite the win, his ignoring the corners instructions on switching up his attack will need to be worked on. If he had followed instructions, there is a high chance he would of scored a stoppage win.

The nights most action packed bout took place between undefeated super middleweight prospect David Kaminsky and Clay Collard.

While Collard came in unofficially as the “B-Side”, this fight would be a continuation of his success amassed between May of 2019 and Thursday night. In that time Collard who turned professional in 2017 then took a two year layoff from boxing, returned then went 5-2-3 (2). Inside those numbers it would show three of his five wins come against undefeated opponents, two of his three draws against undefeated opponents as did both losses.

This fight would be a continuation of that success, Collard used volume and an unorthodox style to keep the less experienced Kaminsky off his game. As rounds passed the face of Kaminsky who never stopped trying began to swell immensely and his best work would be performed when Collard slowed his pace.

When the fight was over, Judges scored the bout 58-56 twice in favor of Collard and 58-56 in favor of Kaminsky giving Collard another upset win by split decision. With the win Clay Collard improved to 7-2-3(2) while David Kaminsky now stands at 6-1(3).

The nights opening bout took place between twenty year old Bantamweight prospect Robert Rodriguez and Adrian Servin. This was a short notice fight for Servin who aside from nine days notice also jumped up in weight.

The short notice and weight jump was a bad combination for Adrian Servin who found himself under constant attack in round two and unable to keep Rodriguez from moving forward.

A knockdown would be scored by Rodriguez and once the fight resumed, Rodriguez bullied Servin against the ropes forcing referee Robert Hoyle to halt the action at 2:48 of round two.

With the win Robert Rodriguez improved to 8-0-1(4) while Adrian Servin now stands at 9-1-1(3).

In other action

Super Lightweight Victor Rodriguez improved to 3-0 (1) after dominating Justin Horsley 0-2 over four rounds.

Super Featherweight Frevian Gonzalez Robles improved to 3-0 after out boxing Jose Martinez 2-1(1) over four rounds.

Magdaleno and Lopez score wins in Vegas

Thursday June 11th 2020, Top Rank presented its second show at the MGM Grand “Bubble” in Las Vegas since the Covid-19 Pandemic was declared three months ago. In the main event former WBO Super Bantamweight title holder Jessie Magdaleno took on veteran Yenifel Vicente. The co-feature would be between featherweights Adam Lopez and Luis Coria.

It was a tough main event between Magdaleno and Vicente filled with knockdowns and fouls. While Vicente pressed forward all night he was repetitive looking for the same one two combination to land, this allowed him to be easily countered by Magdaleno who dropped Vicente in the first and fifth with counter punches.

As the fight wore on Vicente became frustrated, he would land low-blows in rounds four and ten that cost him a total of four points. A final low blow at 1:38 in round ten after several deductions, would encourage referee Robert Byrd to halt the contest giving Jessie Magdaleno a disqualification win.

With the win Jessie Magdaleno improves to 28-1 (18) while Yenifel Vicente drops to 36-5-2 (28).

The co-feature between Adam Lopez and Luis Coria would be an action packed bout for its duration. It would begin with Coria coming out applying pressure that placed Lopez on the backfoot. In the third round Lopez began taking control with an accurate and active jab. While Coria kept coming forward and throwing punches, Lopez movement and jab would win him the middle rounds.

We seen the momentum change once again in round eight, Lopez faded and his punch output lowered, Coria maintained his pace and punch output placing Lopez on the ropes. When the bell sounded to end the contest Lopez while more active on the punch count took a severe beating as both eyes were near closed shut.

The judges would see the contest 96-94 twice and 95-95 in favor of Adam Lopez, who along with improving to 14-2(6) is now the NABF Featherweight title holder, Luis Coria now stands at 12-3 (7).

In Under card bouts 
Lightweights Eric Mondragon 3-0-1 (3) and Danny Sanchez 6-0-1(2) fought to a majority four round draw. it was an exciting fight where both men traded knockdowns in the first round and momentum throughout.

Bantamweight Gabriel Muratalla 3-0 (3) stopped Fernando Robles at 2:33 of a one sided round one.

Ryan Roach’s Fighter Locker signs promising U.S. Army boxing prospect Daniel Bailey, Jr. to managerial contract

BOSTON (June 11, 2020) – Ryan Roach’s Fighter Fight Locker announced today that it has inked decorated U.S. Army boxer Daniel Bailey, Jr. to an exclusive managerial contract.

Born in Miami, the 24-year-old Bailey has had more than 100 amateur matches and he is currently the No. 10 ranked bantamweight in the United States.

Bailey joined the U.S. Army in 2015 and he is currently a Specialist 4th Class stationed at Fort Carson, which is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He qualified to be a member of the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP), created to give elite Soldier-athletes to perform at the International level while also serving in the military.

WCAP members such as Bailey are allowed to train and compete throughout the year at Fort Carson, which is close to the state-of-the-art U.S. Olympic Paralympic Training Center, where they train with non-military elite athletes and coaches. Bailey has been able to train and compete with America’s top amateur boxers and spar with the likes of world champions Terence Crawford and Jamel Herring, among the most notables.

Bailey’s leading performances include 2012 Ringside World National Champion, Title Boxing Classic National Champion, and Florida state PAL Champion; 2018 & 2019 Colorado Golden Gloves Champion; and 4-time U.S. Army Champion.

“I’m ready to go,” Bailey said. “I’ve been training in a garage during this (pandemic).I want to start my legacy and can’t wait to get going. It’s time for me to transition into boxing full-time, but I also want to attend college and major in sports management. My main strength is my work ethic. The Army taught me discipline and to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal at any cost.

“I was being pursued by some managers, but they weren’t telling me what I wanted to hear, which is family first. I honestly believe that Ryan Roach is like that and he wants his fighters to be champions inside the ring and successful outside of it. He has the best interest in his fighters. I’m very, very excited to be working with Ryan.”

“Signing a top 10, blue chip prospect like Dan was very important to my stable is a major accomplishment,” manager Ryan Roach commented. “Aside from being an excellent fighter, he is also a great person, and soldier serving his country. Dan had other managers pursuing him and I’m honored he chose me. I am excited to start this journey and watching Dan achieve his goals inside and outside the ring.”

Bailey will be discharged early next year from the U.S. Army. The personable soldier-boxer fully intends turn pro and continue living in Colorado Springs.

“I want to start my own legacy and keep going,” Bailey concluded. “One day I want to be considered an icon in boxing, remembered long after I’m gone.”

Bailey joins Fighter Locker’s growing stable that includes a talented Ukrainian trio of North American Boxing Association (NABA) super welterweight title holder Stanyslav Skofokhod (19-2, 16 KOs), word-rated welterweight Karen Chukhadzhian (16-1, 7 KOs) and super lightweight Zoravor Petrosyan (7-0, 3 KOs). Other Fighter Locker stablemates include Dominican welterweight Juan Carlos “Merengue” Abreu (23-5-1, 21 KOs), the former IBF Youth World super lightweight champion; Lynn, MA super welterweight Khiry Todd (10-1, 8 KOs),Dorchester, MA welterweight Gabriel Duluc (15-3, 4 KOs), Troy, NY super lightweight RayJay Bermudez, Toronto, Canada welterweight Jeff “The Trouble 1” Tabrizi (8-3, 7 KOs), New Haven, CT super welterweight Jimmy “Quiet Storm” Williams (16-3-2, 5 KOs), plus former Kazakhstan National Team light heavyweight Alexey Sevostyanov and Irish National champion Paul Ryan, who will fight as a welterweight in the pro ranks. The latter two will make their pro debuts when boxing returns


Salita Promotions has joined the new normal of professional sports by signing a deal to stage a number of “no spectator” live boxing events at the legendary Kronk Gym in Downtown Detroit.

The fights, with participants and TV networks to be announced, will begin in the coming months and continue until fans can return to attending live events.

Dmitriy Salita, says he’s excited about bringing high-profile events, which will be held in accordance with all State and Michigan Commission virus-safety protocols, to the iconic Detroit boxing gym.

“The Kronk is the heart of boxing in this city and I’m happy to be bringing these high-profile events to the historic gym. Detroit has many great prospects and contenders who can now return to action in a safe virus-free environment. The fans and fighters have waited long enough and I am grateful to the team at Kronk Gym for hosting these upcoming fights.”

Kronk Gym head trainer Javan “SugarHill” Steward says staging live events at the gym was the brainchild of the late, great trainer Emanuel Steward, who would stage amateur fights and world-class sparring sessions at the gym as though they were professional cards.

“To be able to have real competitive live fights here is amazing to me,” said SugarHill. “I am very excited this will be happening. It’s an honor for an event like that to take place at the historic Kronk Gym where so many world champions come from. I picture these fights will be a lot like the classic days of the Blue Horizon. I give thanks to my cousin Sylvia Steward Williams, Emanuel’s daughter. If she hadn’t put this gym together, we wouldn’t be doing this right now. Many thanks to her and all she has done for these events to take place.”

Specific dates will be announced shortly, pending Michigan Commission approval.

Salita Promotions Acquires License to Display Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions Fight Library on Salita Promotions YouTube Channel

Dmitriy Salita continues to expand his Salita Promotions YouTube Channel by reaching an agreement and obtaining a license to display the fight-video library of promoter/trainer Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions on the Salita Promotions YouTube Channel, free of charge.

Pennsylvania-based Kings Promotions’ library includes action-packed bouts featuring world champions and exciting contenders and prospects such as former IBF Welterweight Champ Kermit Cintron, first-round KO world-record holder Tyrone Brunson, Christian Carto, Oshaquie Foster, Frank DeAlba, Marcus Bates, Raeese Aleem, three-time Olympian Anvar Yunusov, Steve Ortiz, Antuanne Russell, Antonio Russell, Paul Kroll, and Mykal Fox.

Kings Promotions was founded by world-renowned trainer, manager, promoter and matchmaker Marshall Kauffman in 1995. Kings Promotions has promoted over 120 events in the United States and abroad with its primary locations in Philadelphia, Allentown and Reading, PA. Kings Promotions events have been televised across the world on Showtime, HBO, ESPN, Fox, FS1, Spike and Telemundo.

In 2015, Kauffman was awarded Promoter of the Year by the boxing writers of America and was named Promoter of the Year in Philadelphia in 2017 and 2018.

“I am very excited to partner with Salita Promotions on this YouTube venture,” said Kauffman. “Dmitriy has always been a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to doing so much more business with him in the near future!”

The Kings Promotions library will now become part of the massive Salita Promotions YouTube Channel that already features the esteemed collections of Cedric Kushner’s CKP, Dan Goossen’s America Presents, Gary Shaw Productions and Leon Margules’ Warriors Boxing Promotions.

“Marshall is a highly successful promoter who has trained and promoted many of the most exciting prospects from Pennsylvania and around the world for many years,” said Dmitriy Salita. “His unique collection of exciting names and fights makes a welcome addition our always growing YouTube Channel.”

Check the Salita Promotions YouTube Channel for regular updates of the modern world’s greatest fighters, contenders and prospects in action.

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